Talib’s Lessons Were “Priceless”

November 26th, 2010

All kinds of Aqib Talib love was flowing from Jeff Faine during an interview on WDAE-AM 620 on Wednesday.

Faine was laying it on super thick all over the place, from Greg Olson to Alex Van Pelt to Mark Dominik to Ronde Barber to Josh Freeman to Donald Penn to the Bucs’ medical staff, and to Cody Grimm and more.

And Joe hasn’t even listened to two-thirds of the radio show yet.

That’s just fine with Joe. Hey, at 7-3 it’s all good. And Faine is loquacious and vivacious (yes, Joe’s been listening to too much Walt Frazier lately).

Faine heaped especially high praise on Talib. Joe found it most interesting how big a role Faine thinks Talib played in the maturation of Mike Williams.

“I don’t know if I’d pick another cornerback out there in the league right now. I really don’t. I love his confidence and his [bravado] and just the way that he carries himself on the field. You know, it’s impressive. He definitely has it. That’s the type of attitude and character that you need for that type of cornerback. I think he’s exactly what this young defense needs. And exactly what we as an entire team needs,” Faind said.

“It’s healthy competition for our young wide receivers. During training camp it was actually pretty chippy. It was great. It was fantastic. And it helped our young wide receivers grow up fast. Because this guy was in their face, was jumpin’ them, was covering them, was talking trash, was giving them everything that they were going to see this year. For a guy like Mike Williams to have the opportunity to go up against Aqib Talib every single day two times a day during camp, it’s priceless.  Because now the guys Mike Williams is going up against are not as good. I really feel that Aqib is on the threshold of becoming the guy in this league at cornerback.”

Talib’s surely going to have every chance to prove he’s the guy, as Faine says, at cornerback against a tough crew of receivers Sunday in Baltimore. Anquan Boldin is having his typical stellar season.

It’ll probably take a Talib interception and more big plays on defense for the Bucs to score the upset.

4 Responses to “Talib’s Lessons Were “Priceless””


    Both Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin were stripped by the Panthers’ D last week. I hope we challenge their ball security on every snap.

    We need another focused day on special teams, like we had in SF, in order to avoid turning the ball over and LG Blount needs to hold on to that pigskin tight. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will be pulling at that pigskin all day long.

  2. NorCalBucFan Says:

    Aquib is a gambler….but he is successful more often then not !

    It is sad to me that every one judges the best corner by who doesn’t get tested, while guys like Talib get tested and win all the time.

    The fact that last Sunday he was on an island with Crabtree and limited him to a catch, is a amazing !

    Revis faces a bunch of scrub receivers in his division, while Talib faces White, Smith and the Saints ridiculous passing attack…..

  3. Tuggz Says:

    haha great Walt Frazier reference!

  4. RustyRhino Says:

    Why do we care what Faine a average to good Center thinks about a CB? He sure like to run his yap…..