So What Does The Loss Mean?

November 7th, 2010

So the Bucs are parked at 5-3 in third place in the best division in the NFC.

Today’s game no doubt cranked out big TV ratings locally, as does every Bucs game. But this one surely logged a huge number with the hype of the Bucs and Falcons entering the game at 5-2. Now legions of local football fans and casual Bucs fans should be jumping on board the Bucs bandwagon.

Surely not all those fringe fans will. But there should be some significant numbers.

Yes, the Bucs have a ways to go, but they have explosive weapons. They’re an above average team on the rise. The national media is on board. And Tampa Bay is going to be a huge favorite to clobber struggling Carolina at home on Sunday.

Looking at the Bucs’ schedule, there could very well be another five wins on their schedule.

Oakland and Detroit, two cities facing hard economic times that rival those in Tampa (worse in Detroit, a little better in Oakland), managed sellouts today. Fans there rallied behind their improved teams. There will be something wrong around these parts if the Bucs can’t manage 15,000 unsold seats on Sunday against Carolina, versus the nearly 25,000 for the last home game.

13 Responses to “So What Does The Loss Mean?”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I sure hope more fans get behind them…but already the Morris-haters are saying he did a bad coaching job this game.

    Franly, I though Olson made some mistakes, but it was still a good game.

    Those two turnovers probably cost us the game, and both were the fault of Freeman. He’s great though and I know he won’t make those mistakes again.

  2. gitarlvr Says:

    Im telling you Joe, so many people have NFL ticket now that exactly zero transplants that come here now switch their allegiance to Tampa. It wasnt like that back when Dungy turned the Bucs around in the late 90’s. I mean hell, nowadays you don’t even need to pay for NFL ticket because all the bars have it. Even if the Bucs continue to win I doubt they are going to sell out any of their remaining home games. Maybe if they had a NY team or GB or the patriots coming in but not with the teams they have comin in here. The Bucs will have to be an obvious Super Bowl contender before enough transplants will jump on the bandwagon to start selling out RJ.

  3. Joe Says:

    It wasnt like that back when Dungy turned the Bucs around in the late 90’s.


    Joe has had the NFL Sunday Ticket since 1996. Not sure that’s the cause, but Joe sees where you are coming from.

  4. Jerry Says:

    I dont think we will ever see Raymond James sold out again for a long, long time. The bandwagon is empty, for one. And two, a lot of fans feel burned by the Glazers because they jacked up ticket prices a few years ago and are not spending money on the team.

  5. Joe Says:


    The Bucs could go undefeated the rest of the season and that won’t all of a sudden fill people’s checkbooks with cash.

  6. eric Says:

    That winning a big game on the road with the Division Lead on the line is a bit harder than it looks.

    3-5 team masquerading as a 5-3 team IMO.

  7. Pete 422 Says:

    @ gitarlvr, There are few of us, but not many. I’m a Buffalo transplant and could care less about the Bills. I’ve been a Bucs fan for 13 years.

  8. Pete 422 Says:

    This defense can’t seem to get their legs under them until the 3rd quarter. I’m thinking it is experience. It seems like the have the horses for the most part, but need a good pass rusher (a great one wouldn’t hurt) and experience.

    It seems like all we need is better play up front on the D line.

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think the D-line actually stepped up before the 2nd half today. Late in the first half, the front four (without the help of a blitz) got great pressure on Ryan and even hit him a couple times on consecutive plays. Maybe by the end of the year, they’ll be playing like that in the first quarter.

  10. Patrick Says:

    Why don’t the Glazers actually give the fans a break and buy the tickets for Sunday?! They did that last year during a wasted season, but they can’t do it during a season where we’re doing very well and bringing excitement to the fans?

    Seriously, they bought up the tickets for EVERY home game last year but they’re not doing it for even ONE this year.

  11. Pete 422 Says:

    BamBam, that is true, they did start to step up late 2nd QTR. Gosh, it is just tough getting in a hole like that. It was just too much to dig out of this week. Yeah, once they start playing like that in the first QTR, the Bucs will be in much better positions in the 4th QTR.

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yep, but I like that the adjustments are happening “in game”, instead of just at the half. They’re playing better sooner. That’s a good sign. I still don’t know why it takes the D time to “warm up” and play better. McCoy is looking better each and every week. Stylez looked pretty good.

  13. Pete 422 Says:

    BamBam, I think it is experience. This team could be scary good in 3 years if all stay healthy and on development.