Raheem Talks About A Contract

November 12th, 2010

The Bucs’ head coach is 5-3 and his team is on the rise. He’s also 8-16 overall for an organization that wasn’t satisfied with 9-7 and wants to build a lasting contender.

Does Raheem Morris deserve a new contract?

Rick Stroud, of the St. Pete Times, shared some tender time with the head coach to talk about what Stroud says is Team Glazer’s one-year option on Raheem for 2011 and what the future holds.

“I’ve been Mr. One-Year Contract Boy for a long time,” [Raheem] said. “I kind of like being a free agent. It makes you hotter.

“A lot of people are not confident in that situation. But I’ve got a lot of confidence and belief in myself and in what we’re doing that things will work itself out.”

Assuming there’s a football season next year, Joe’s quite certain Raheem will return, barring a total collapse during the remainer of 2010. Joe would define a collapse as the Bucs winning just two more games to finish 7-9.

If that happened, barring an injury to Josh Freeman, Joe wouldn’t be so confident in Raheem’s future.

Perhaps that sounds harsh, but a 2-6 finish to the season and major struggles at the gate is a poor combination for any head coach.

63 Responses to “Raheem Talks About A Contract”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I have been critical of Raheem in the past, but let’s be real ? He is transforming our team into a contender! Tampa just played the Falcons within an inch of their lives at home.
    We are playing our butts off for Raheem. I say another good draft, and some well considered additions, and we are there, or close to it. I would like to see Tampa add Steve White in some capacity, and make a few changes. But I am happy with our team, and very proud of them. I say keep Raheem for another year, at least.

  2. bucfan Says:

    yes looking at it from a 5-3 record, 2-6 to finish the season would be terrible, BUT, bottom line, 7-9 is a sizable improvement from 3 wins last year, didn’t you (Joe) have us winning 7 or less? If we lose out, I would be calling for Raheem’s head, if they pick only pick up another 2 wins, I’d be upset, but as long as they were competitive in the losses. Practice is over, we have some tough games coming up. We learned a lot about this team last week, we will know a lot more come early-mid December.

    BTW, since Sunday, I have watched 2 falcons games in their entirety. It’s scary how good Matt Ryan is. We are going to have very tough games against the dirty birds for a long time to come.

  3. Buc You Says:

    I won’t bat an eye if the Glaziers don’t renew his contract.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    Buc You, sometimes I think you really need a bat IN the eye.

  5. Ash Says:

    Buc You Says:

    November 12th, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    I won’t bat an eye if the Glaziers don’t renew his contract

    Your beyond clueless. Have you watched this team at all ?Do you even know football?

  6. Sensiblebuc Says:

    Lmao BamBam

  7. Matt Says:

    Even a ‘7-9 collapse’ will get Raheem renewed. It’s as good as done.

  8. d-money Says:

    I wouldn’t bat an eye if Joe banned Buc You.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Good coach and deserves an extension.

  10. derf Says:


    WHY would you want Buc You banned? Because you disagree with his point of view? Not a very democratic view, in my opinion. I don’t agree with Buc U but I wouldn’t want to see a dissenting voice banned.

  11. Buc You Says:

    Raheem hasn’t even earned a contract. His defense is aweful. He said he had the best team in the NFC and yet his team is 3rd in the division.

    If anyone deserves a big contract it’s Greg Olsen for taking care of Freemena and the offense despite Raheem’s terrible coaching job of the defense.

    Raheem still needs to EARN a contract for next year, there are many more games to be played and he hasn’t shown anything with his defense yet.

  12. oar Says:

    Yeah sucks, I don’t agree with my wife or family all the time, and I can’t seem to get them banned from me, either! LOL!
    Some of you are acting like the women from the view! Except, instead of storming off, you would rather just ban those you disagree with!

  13. Larry Says:

    Firing Morris would make this team look completely incompetent.

    Most expected 6ish wins coming in. Now that the team’s won some, all of a sudden, 7 wins isn’t enough. What happened to all the sane, semi-patient fans? The sun down here must be doing a number on you chumps.

  14. derf Says:

    I have to admit that so far the Bucs have exceeded my 2010 expectations both in the W-L record and their offensive performances on the field. With the exception of a TOTAL meltdown (such as losing to the Carolina Kitties) I don’t see any reason why Raheem isn’t brought back. I mean things could be sooooooooo much worse. Example:


  15. Buc You Says:

    5-3 now, they could easily be 7-9 by seasons end.

    W (if L, in trouble) 10 Sun, Nov 14 vsCarolina
    L 11 Sun, Nov 21 @San Francisco
    L 12 Sun, Nov 28 @Baltimore
    L 13 Sun, Dec 5 vsAtlanta
    L 14 Sun, Dec 12 @Washington
    Push 15 Sun, Dec 19 vsDetroit
    Push 16 Sun, Dec 26 vsSeattle
    L 17 Sun, Jan 2 @New Orleans

  16. Bucked up Says:

    Better sign him up before someone else does. He could make more as a Defensive coordinator for one of the big spenders than he makes today as a head coach here. This is only his second year and he is making huge strides in my book. His stock is certainly rising as the season progresses and a few more wins will only help his case.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    After watching the Ravens play ATL last night, I feel good about the Bucs. Flacco made a couple drives, but he missed a lot, and he’s no Josh Freeaman, that’s for sure. Our D line, has to get rolling.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oar- there is a difference in a desenting voice, and someone who just hates to accomplish an agenda. I’ve had disagreements with you, Bambam, Bigmacattack, etc. Intelligent people don’t always agree. No problem. But Buc you, Tampa 2, and Thomas aren’t here to voice different opinions. They are only posting here to spred their hateful agenda. It has nothing to do with football. Reading their post, I don’t think they actually watch football. They only repeat the latest “shock jock “comments, and twist them into attacks at Raheem. I know what their real motives are. But I still don’t want to see them banned. While it maybe inhumane, I’ve always been amused by town fools and court Jesters! Ridiculing and humiliating the really dumb ones has always been hilarious! They crack me up! Plus, that ever their cause may be(yeah,right!), listening to these fools would be the best bad publicity their cause could get. No way to top these three as deterents

  19. Buc You Says:

    The Bucs defense has been scored on 29 drives out of 90. A whopping 1/3 of the total 90 drives (that’s big compared to the rest of the league)

    21 of the 29 drives have been Touchdowns!!! Seriously, they didn’t even hold them to field goals.

    20 of the 29 scores in the first half alone!

    15 of the 20 scores were Touchdowns!!!


    Game _ QTR _ PLAYS __ RESULT
    Game 1 _ 1 _ 6 __ Touchdown
    Game 1 _ 2 _ 5 __ Touchdown
    Game 2 _ 2 _ 6 __ Touchdown
    Game 3 _ 1 _ 2 __ Touchdown
    Game 3 _ 2 _ 6 __ Touchdown
    Game 3 _ 2 _ 2 __ Touchdown
    Game 3 _ 2 _ 11 __ Touchdown
    Game 3 _ 3 _ 9 __ Safety
    Game 5 _ 1 _ 3 __ Touchdown
    Game 5 _ 2 _ 10 __ Field Goal
    Game 5 _ 3 _ 9 __ Field Goal
    Game 5 _ 3 _ 7 __ Touchdown
    Game 6 _ 1 _ 7 __ Touchdown
    Game 6 _ 1 _ 9 __ Touchdown
    Game 6 _ 2 _ 11 __ Field Goal
    Game 6 _ 3 _ 8 __ Touchdown
    Game 6 _ 4 _ 7 __ Touchdown
    Game 7 _ 1 _ 13 __ Field Goal
    Game 7 _ 2 _ 11 __ Touchdown
    Game 7 _ 2 _ 8 __ Touchdown
    Game 8 _ 1 _ 9 __ Touchdown
    Game 8 _ 1 _ 4 __ Touchdown
    Game 8 _ 3 _ 7 __ Touchdown
    Game 8 _ 4 _ 4 __ Touchdown
    Game 9 _ 1 _ 14 __ Safety
    Game 9 _ 1 _ 10 __ Touchdown
    Game 9 _ 2 _ 11 __ Field Goal
    Game 9 _ 3 _ 7 __ Touchdown
    Game 9 _ 3 _ 11 __ Field Goal

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oar- there is a difference in a desenting voice, and someone who just hates to accomplish an agenda. I’ve had disagreements with you, Bambam, Bigmacattack, etc. Intelligent people don’t always agree. No problem. But Buc you, Tampa 2, and Thomas aren’t here to voice different opinions. They are only posting here to spred their hateful agenda. It has nothing to do with football. Reading their post, I don’t think they actually watch football. They only repeat the latest “shock jock “comments, and twist them into attacks at Raheem. I know what their real motives are. But I still don’t want to see them banned. While it maybe inhumane, I’ve always been amused by town fools and court Jesters! Ridiculing and humiliating the really dumb ones has always been hilarious! They crack me up! Plus, that ever their cause may be(yeah,right!), listening to these fools would be the best bad publicity their cause could get. No way to top these three as deterents!!

  21. Steve from Oregon Says:

    The reason the defense is so poor has nothing to do with Raheem or scheme, its personel, we simply do not have top talent at certain positions. I give Coach credit for getting his guys to play hard for him, but I think with some aquisitions and another draft, the defense will look much different come next year.

    For those who say that Raheem hasnt earned another year….your right, you simply do not know football and are looking to stir it up.

  22. Buc You Says:

    When your defense goves up that many touchdowns to sorry teams, with back up QBs, then you know there is a problem with the defense.

    And i blame that soley on Raheem Morris and his terrible coaching of it.

  23. d-money Says:

    OK i don’t really want Buc You banned. He’s always good for a laugh or two.

    But seriously Buc You what are you basing those picks on? I’d like to know what your picks for the previous 8 games were before the season.

    This team could easily finish with 10 wins and maybe 11

    Here is how its really going to go down….

    W 10 Sun, Nov 14 vsCarolina
    W 11 Sun, Nov 21 @San Francisco
    L 12 Sun, Nov 28 @Baltimore
    L 13 Sun, Dec 5 vsAtlanta
    w ( Washington is in total dissaray)14 Sun, Dec 12 @Washington
    W(unless Matt Stafford is back in which case i agree its a push) 15 Sun, Dec 19 vsDetroit
    W 16 Sun, Dec 26 vsSeattle
    L 17 Sun, Jan 2 @New Orleans

  24. Buc You Says:

    Lastly, they have only forced offenses to 29 punts out of 90 drives! That’s all!

    Monte Kiffin should be rolling over in his USC retirement job.

    The ONLY thing and I mean ONLY thing saving the defense, has been the 14 INTs.

    That and the few key TD returns by the special teams.

    The record could very well be much, much worse.

    You can HARDLY call them contenders. Pretenders maybe? Yes.

    And the mirage Raheem is part of is, in fact, a house of cards.

  25. Ash Says:

    Buc You god it must REALLY suck to be you!!! While the rest of us are enjoying a wonderful and very surprising bucs season with our up and coming team. You’re to damm stubborn to ask for your seat back on the bus and to admit your 100% flat wrong. Im so happy waking up on Sundays and enjoying this team. I would hate to be you.

  26. mike56wesley Says:

    buc you,the question is how do they win with such a bad defense?good coaching ,lucky?you make up for not being left a good defensive lineman by developing the young and make defensive schemes to turn ball over.you cant run ,pass.you cant stop the run,when you get lucky and get a third and long you call the right play for an interception.nobody cried when gruden offense sucked,and dosent new england coach suposed to be a defensive coach? his players are young and they suck,so fire him and make ofensive coach head coach?Im just asking,and you have the right to say wat you want,but didnt the defense look bad the last games under kiffin?wait until next year.no improvement fire him but give him a chance to fix the problem.

  27. oar Says:

    I use the ole “ignor the bore” routine! Like, when at a party or family/public gathering there is always one (maybe two) person that is constantly talking bs and/or crap, either about them or their views and are never wrong, have done everything, or have done something better to out do you. You know those ones? Well, I do and there are some on here. So I use the ole “ignor the bore” routine as well here. Although, I will admit, it is sometimes very difficult not to ingage in banter with them.

  28. mike56wesley Says:

    buc you,you talk about the secondary and special teams have nothing to do with the team,its all rahiems team.can you give me an honest evaluation of this team if gruden was coach or say jimmie johnson?

  29. d-money Says:

    On a side note. I’m going to predict that GMC gets his first sack this Sunday.

    Mainly just because I want to see that little punk Clausen get flattened but still I think its going click for him this weekend.

    (In the interest of full disclosure I predicted this last Sunday and was wrong but I figure if I keep doing it eventually I’ll be right.)

  30. Buc You Says:

    Bill Cowher would have never fielded an awful defense like this.

    Bill Cowher would never claim that his team was the best in the NFC.

    Bill Cowher would never gleefully smile like a dope that his team was playing such exciting football when his defense was getting hammered with touchdowns. Exciting for who??? The other team???

    Bill Cowher would look the reporters in the eye and say, our defense is terrible and needs to get better. But Bill Cowher wouldn’t have the Bucs playing this awful or unprepaired either.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Can’t wait until Coach Morris wins Coach of the year! Gonna lose Eric,Thomas,Buc you (rahdomtheracist), and Tampa2 to the Skyway Bridge! Lol!

  32. derf Says:

    Buc U – I will not dispute those stats with you. I agree that they are terrible. But what I will point out is this:

    The second half the defense is a totally different animal. THAT’s why I’m ok with Raheem his year and last year I wasn’t. Last season the Bucs NEVER made any corrections at halftime.

    This year the Bucs are making those corrections and the team is making some comeback wins!

    Go Bucs – Go Rah!!!

  33. gitarlvr Says:

    Stop responding to or talking about Buc You or his cronies. You guys are letting them dominate threads. They only want attention and you guys are feeding their sickness.

  34. mike56wesley Says:

    1998 ,1999,2003,cohler defensive sucked because of turnover of players but he rebuilt it each time would you have fired him,jimmie johnson went 1-15would you have fired him,tony dungy took three years would you have fired him?you sound like daniel snyder wants overnight success and only set yourself back three years in the procces. unlike morris cowher inherited a good team .so i guess morris was supposed to say,well we suck again this year,the team was ready for the old folks home when i got here we are ahead of schedule,but dont get to excited,we may crumble .just look for me to leave this team the way i found it,a team tore up that should have won more than one superbowl,i am also sorry that t.jack and talib two players that i coached because you all know im only a secondaries coach were the best players left to me,and most of all he should apolagize for winning because it reaaly is breaking your heart,why cant the glazers be giving props for hiring him and you be happy with that

  35. Buc You Says:

    Well then, why haven’t the Galzers extended his contract???

  36. mike56wesley Says:

    i would say the same reason they havent hired cohwer but reality is they dont no if there is a season next year,the same reason alot of teams like dallas havent hired new coaches or extended contracts,now ive answered that you do me one ,what do you see rahiem doing so wrong?

  37. derf Says:

    Buc U – In my mind it isn’t the problem of the Defense as much as it is in the EXECUTION of the defense.

    The OTHER prop I want to toss out to Coach Morris is this – the decline in the # of penalties that the Bucs have – that is a result of COACHING.

  38. derf Says:

    Right now if I were the Glazers and the CBA in the air I wouldn’t extend any contracts either. If the Bucs finish 8-8 or above Raheem WILL return

  39. d-money Says:

    Buc You,

    Since when do the Glazers extend anyones contract until they absolutely have to?

    At the end of this year they will pick up the third year option and then after next season if there is one he’ll get a long term deal.

  40. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hey Buc yourself, why don’t you go bl?w Bill cowher! Oar- your” ignore them” approach is probably the wisest, buuuut, as this post proves, I usually give in to temptation! Man, Buc Yourself is as bad in love with Cowher, as Thomas is with Gruden! I don’t know what the appeal of a football coach is, but “those guys” just get an obsession with them . Really creepy!

  41. mike56wesley Says:

    gitarlvr,I no but ive learned that he really doesnt have a complaint,that why he never says anything that makes sense,i was crying fire him last year until the last quarter of the season,I DONT CARE IF A GREEN EYED ZOMBIE COACHES US AS LONG AS WE ARE IMPROVING,but i think we should keep talking to buc you because we could be the only thing keeping him sain while he critisizes for no good reason while living in his moms basement.so please support poor little buc you because we may be his only friends

  42. d-money Says:

    I still don’t get the love with Bill Cowher.

    How many Super Bowl winning coaches have gone to other teams and won another Super Bowl….Zip Zero Zilch None Nada

    Jimmy Johnson, Mike Ditka, Bill Parcells, Mike Holmgren, George Siefert, Dick Vermiel….all highly regarded caoches that couldn’t get it done. They just don’t have the same fire as they had before. They left the game for a reason. They were burned out and didn’t have the drive that made them succesful the first time.

    What makes anyone think that Cowher would be any different?

  43. Buc You Says:


    Well kiddies I enjoyed my Friday afternoon pissing you turds off.

    In the end, I agree with all of you. Things are just FANTASTIC with the Bucs.

    I am wrong and you gals are right. 😉

    There, are you happy?

    At least I wouldn’t bet against the Bucs this weekend.

    Because, they are GUARENTEED TO WIN.

  44. mike56wesley Says:

    oh no buc you that scares me because you are never right

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hey Buc yourself, what are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go bl%w Bill Cowher! Lmao

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    Team will be fine. Defense takes longer to learn as a rookie. This off season is Defense time. Offense doesn’t need much. Raheem should be back ! Has done a fantastic job! Do think a DC would help both him and the Defense! Think Olsen and his guys are good!

  47. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    What do you guys think about Raheem bringing in Steve White to help coach the D Line ?

  48. BamBamBuc Says:


    I’m all for it, but I believe that even Steve said that the chances are next to none. He has no NFL coaching experience and limited coaching experience outside the NFL. Personally, I don’t care how much experience he has coaching, the guy knows his stuff. I think it’d be better to pay him as a D-line consultant for a few weeks this year to see how it goes and if all goes well, as it should, then hire him as D-line coach for next year.

  49. Buc You Says:

    He’s been there. He’s played on several teams under different coaches. He’s played on the best Tampa 2 defense under the best defensive coaches.

    He is an excellent communicator and takes no BS from wise guys. He is excellent with the details of the game as well.

    He is wasting his time blogging when he should be coaching.

    He would do a better job as a Head Coach that Raheem Morris any day of the week. Jeez, everyone would feel 10 times more comfortable with Steve White coaching this team than RAHeeeeeem.

    And yet some of you guys talk like he should just be a consultant.

    I mean if the owners are going to take a chance, then go get someone who’s at least been there.

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love reading Steve White’s blog, and he does appear to really know his stuff. However, I can pretty confidently say that none of us would know the difference even if he didn’t. It’s not like any of us have played in the NFL and understand half of what happens on the D-Line. I’m sure that if Wash were to write a blog, he would look like he knew his stuff too. Knowing your stuff is a totally different animal from teaching it and executing it (not to mention having the talent to execute). Maybe Steve White would be able to, but you can’t just hand him a critical job like that with no NFL experience because he writes a great blog. I’m sure he would be the first to agree. He would have to work his way up the ladder, like every other coach. Question is, would Steve White be willing to do that? That’s a lot of hours for little pay and very little reward.

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wait a minute, Buc You. You complain about the lack of experience from Raheem, who’s been coaching football since he got out of college, yet you would rather have Steve White as our head coach??? You’re a dope!!! I guarantee you even Steve White would call you a dope for that stupid statement. So by your analysis, every ex-NFL player (the same ones you previously stated on a recent post were pampered un-coachable thugs) would be a great NFL coach because he’s been there? Thank God you are not running this team. Do you have to work hard to be this stupid or does it just come naturally?

  52. Pete Dutcher Says:

    7-9??? Come one people.

    This team will finish with 3 more wins or more, putting us at 8-8 or better.

    I still think 8-8 or 9-7 on the year. I would be satisfied with either and incredibly happy if we went 10-6.

    I predicted 8-9 or 9-7 before the season started. I also said that we would compete for a playoff spot in the second half of the season.

    Think I’m too optimistic? Consider this:

    1) We can beat the Panthers, does anyone really doubt that?

    2) The young players are getting better from game to game…the entiure team is. And that’s where the naysayers are messing up. They are viewing the team in it’s current state…a team that can certainly compete, but isn’t very good yet. But as the season draws closer to ending, key players…such as McCoy for example, will “get it”. The team WILL get better. And that means…

    3) Certain teams are beatable. As of now, the Bucs have the ability to beat any of these teams: Panthers | 49ers | Falcons (that’s right…we almost beat them once didn’t we?) | Lions | Seahawks | Dolphins | Jags.

    Those are seven teams that we could possibly beat already. And as the team gets better throughout part two of the season, we could see them improve enough to beat almost everyone else. The Saints would be the hardest to beat, but the others will fall within the realm of possible wins.

    Michael Spurlock was on 620 WDAE tonight…he said something like “Last week against the Falcons, we started introducing a few new things. This week we’ve work on getting better on those things and introduced more new things. We’re working more on execution now…and we’re getting it down.”

    Basically, what he said is that we’re about to see part 2 of the Bucs growth.

    Do not be surprised if McCoy starts getting those sacks soon. Do not be surprised if we suddenly find a running game. Do not be surprised if we slowly start stopping the run.

    Hey, even if we don’t…the Cards went to the SB with no defense, didn’t they?

  53. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I see Buc You is still trying to wish ill toward the team just so he can be right.

  54. thomas 2.1 Says:

    I want the bucs to win the rest of their games and still for Rah to be fired.

    It disgusts me that he is the head coach. I believe that the entire football world wwould perceive this franchise more legitimately the day a credentialed coach is hired.

    With that said, the team has thus far exceeded my expectations in the W-L column.

    All of you Rah Rah b-tches / Gruden haters should be comfortable, so long as Rah agrees to an extension in the 500k range (low D1 salary range for a HC) again the Glazerhouses will trip trying to gobble up that extension.

    As long as Rah Rah is HC – blackoutss will persist, which means no home games on TV and an exaporating fanbase. Great job Glazerhouses!!

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    What is your issue with him? I just don’t get it. So you want them to win every game, but he still wouldn’t be good enough to coach this team??? All because you are concerned with how the rest of the world “perceives” this franchise? Do you have even any understanding of how moronic that statement is??? And it’s nice to know that Raheem is the reason Tampa is struggling financially. That fits nicely, since everything else that goes wrong is his fault too.

  56. christopher Says:

    BTW…other than J. Johnson—no coach on the aforementioned SB winners actually won the SB building the roster…they all had a GM, & they all failed to win a SB when they didnt have it. Cowher always had a GM, & he wouldn’t here…

  57. gitarlvr Says:

    I’ll preface this by saying that I think Raheem is still capable of running this defense succesfully with a few personnel upgrades in the offseason….However,

    This weeks game against the kitties brings an interesting thought to my mind. Barring a huge second half turnaround by the kitties, coach John Fox is almost certain to lose his job. Fox is a Tampa2 GENIUS. Now Fox is such a defensive mastermind that with all the head coaching vacancies that are coming this offseason there is still a chance that an NFL team may offer him a HC job even if the Panthers finish 1-16. Their defense has continued to play well, even with many youngsters breaking into the lineup this year. QB play is what has doomed Carolina. The point is that if Fox is available and would be willing to come to Tampa he would be a huge help to this team. His defensive drafting record is impeccable. He would be such a help in the war room to draft the Bucs future star DE and MLB. I don’t think Morris should be shoved aside as DC for just anyone but if Fox is on the table he is maybe the one guy I would like to see come in here. Probably a pipe dream though as even if he doesn’t get another HC job he probably wouldn’t opt to come to Tampa to play second fiddle to a guy half his age.

  58. tommy Says:

    i would call buc u say a loser, but he gets that everyday when he looks in the mirror, belive it or not, when hes on break at burger king those rock heads think hes funny, we all know better, hit us up when you get a free burger coupon loser!

  59. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hope you guys are really listening to Buc you and Thomas. They are slipping up and showing their true colors today. Thomas said he wants the Bucs to win the rest of their games, and still wants Raheem Moriss fired, with a 13-3 record. He threatens that blackouts will continue as long as Raheem is coach- regardless of how sucessful they are. If there is any mystery there, let me know. It’s obvious that Thomas Hates Coach Morris, and it has nothing to do with Football. It’s entirely Racial, and he’s not even trying to hide it. I didn’t believe it until I really read what these guys are posting. But they are complaining strictly because of his color, not the job he’s doing. And do you really believe they are football fans? Fans of a game where 68% of the players are Black? Nope, they. They aren’t here because of football. They are here with an agenda to carry out. That should be obvious to everyone by now.

  60. Jesse j Says:

    Grtrlvr, correct me if I’m wrong but fox is much more of a 3-4 guy. Not sure we have the personal for that scheme. What a moot point by me. Sorry, I’ve clearly gotten dumber from reading all these buc you posts

  61. Patrick Says:

    Raheem has done a good job this so far this year, but seriously…..can we quit getting ahead of ourselves? It’s way too early!! There are still so many weaknesses on the team and we’re pretty lucky to be 5-3 right now. Let’s see how this whole season turns out first.

  62. gitarlvr Says:

    No Jesse the Panthers definitely run a 4-3 with a lot of Tampa 2 coverage.

  63. bob sanders Says:

    No way The Dream gets canned as long as Josh Freeman stays productive. Glazer’s aren’t stupid, they know a new HC and OC would set him back even possibly ruin his career. Blow Bucs Fan sucks!