Raheem Knows The Ravens D

November 12th, 2010

"Olie, get ready to throw 50 times in Baltimore."

As a manly man, Joe has NFL Network. Therefore Joe watched a hell of a game last night between the Ravens and Falcons.

Unfortunately, Atlanta is now 7-2, a game and a half ahead of the Bucs.

The Falcons came out throwing, and on the second play from scrimmage Matt Ryan was all but decapitated by Tyrell Suggs. Joe had to laugh, remembering how the Bucs never got to the Falcons QB.

The Ravens made the Falcons’ stud running game look feeble, holding Michael Turner to 39 yards on 17 carries. His longest run was eight yards. But the Falcons had too much firepower and won 26-21, about the same score they beat the Bucs five days ago.

Raheem Morris seemed to know earlier this week that the Ravens would stop Turner while talking about the Bucs’ challenges stopping the run.

“We’re not the Ravens yet. You know I’m not going to kid you there,” Raheem said. “We don’t go out there and stand up … shed blocks and shed tackles all day. Limit you to minus-2 rushing or something like that. I’m not going to be unrealistic.”

Rather than believe in the Falcons’ incredible home record, Joe believed Raheem was seeing something special for the Ravens’ defense on film as it related to Atlanta, and Joe took the Ravens and 1 1/2 points in his pool. Oh, well.

The Bucs’ trip to Baltimore in a few Sundays might require a miracle of epic proportions. Hopefully, they’ll be 7-3 when they get there.

13 Responses to “Raheem Knows The Ravens D”

  1. KJ Says:

    If anything, last night’s game showed how complete a team Atlanta is and how good they are at home. The Ravens completely shut down the run, so Matt Ryan beat them. This is yet another reason to believe in this year’s Bucs team. The Ravens. widely considered one of the NFL’s “elite” teams, lost by virtually the same score at Atlanta.

    Now the Bucs need to come out on Sunday and absolutely pummel the lowly Panthers. I’m talking a 3-touchdown beat down. That’s the next step for this team, I believe. Don’t just beat crappy teams – destroy them, especially at home in front of a wild crowd of 45,000.

  2. JDouble Says:

    All last night showed was that the Falcons have crooked refs. The non call on the offensive pass interference on the TD pass at the end was absolutelty ridiculous. Roddy White stiff arms the CB in his face and knocks him to the ground before Ryan had even thrown the ball, and even admitteded after the game that he pushed him down…and no call? Gimme a break. That should have made it 4th and long, out of field goal range, but instead it was a noncall for a TD. Those refs are either incompetant or corrupt.

    Either way the Ravens deserved that game and for the second week in a row the Refs stole it, gift wrapped it, and gave it to the Falcons.

  3. Atrain WD40 Says:

    There were two offensive pass interference calls by roddy white in that drive that were “missed” both resulted in big plays… When your the current media darling it seems to go that way for you.

    The announcers had the nerve to say at that time of the game your not going to get those calls but did’nt the refs just call one on 56 of the Ravens that was far less obvious?

  4. sunrisejeff Says:

    Add to that there is no way that should have been a catch by Jenkins on 3rd down on the sidelines. Ball clearly moved when he tried to regrip off his finger tips imo.

  5. JDouble Says:


  6. JDouble Says:

    Haha….never mind that link. Earlier it was alot longer and showed a replay of how ridiculous and blatant the offensive pass interference was….but it’s mahicly been shortened to cut that part off. Figures.

  7. KJ Says:

    I guess no matter where you go, “Conspiracy Theory Pissed Off Gambler Guys” are always around. Either way, the scoreboard said what it said.

  8. Buc You Says:

    The Bucs need to beat the Ravens now. Right?

    Why is everyone talking about how good the Bucs are because they almost beat the Falcons and the Falcons beat a good Ravens team, therefore, the Bucs are just as good… ????

    Good thing the Bucs play the Ravens. Soon enough we will see just how good we are, against the Ravens.

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    So I watched the Ravens\Falcons game last night. Supposedly the Ravens D is impenetrable(media’s words not mine). Well it seems to me the Bucs defense played far better in the second half against the Falcons than the impenetrable Ravens D. I have a feeling the D is going to jump some spots in the rankings the next two weeks against Carolina and San Fran. Sacks should come in bunches and hopefully that will get the D used to playing well for 4 quarters and carry over the rest of the season.

  10. Pete 422 Says:

    @ gitarlvr,

    I heard on the Animal today that the Bucs are looking at some new techniques to get pressure on the QB and to stuff the run. Also, the fact the Bucs play opponents so well in the 2nd half, I’m curious how they play division foes the second time around.

    It should be interesting. Go Bucs!

  11. Will the Beast Says:

    Those Disco chickens stole another one last night they are nominating Ryan as the new God he gets more ink than Kinko’s and more airplay than Lady Gaga what is his claim to fame he hasn’t even won a playoff game yet and he’s the second comming. what’s the deal with that

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Matt Ryan is a Great Qb! He and Josh will be rivals for years to come. There will be some classic shootouts there!

  13. Pete 422 Says:

    Capt Tim, I think you are right. 3 of the 4 teams have franchise QBs. Now the kittens need to get one. I don’t. Not sure if Klausen will fill the bill.

    Just a matter of time before Ryan wins a playoff game (I don’t think he will become a Tony Romo). Probably will be this year. Hey maybe Josh will get at least an appearance. This should be a fun division to watch.