Raheem Answers To First-Half Troubles

November 8th, 2010
Is it me? Or are we down by two touchdowns again?

"Is it me? Or are we down by two touchdowns again?"

The Bucs keep falling behind in the first half of games. It’s even worse in 2010 than during the Jim Bates era, when 14-0 deficits were as common as Michael Clayton drops.

Today during his news conference, aired on WDAE-AM 620, Raheem Morris was peppered with questions about why the Bucs struggle in the first half.

The head coach had a lot of answers — as in there are a lot of problems.

“Gotta get off on third down. [Atlanta] converted a third down and a fourth down on that first drive,” said Morris, who spoke multiple times of his team’s third down struggles and its devastating impact.

Why all season? the coach was asked.

“That’s a coaching thing. A plan thing. Somebody making a play. Could be youth. …A lot of things,” Morris said.

As Joe wrote earlier, Barrett Ruud said today that youth is the core of the problem.

Pressed today for what would make the Bucs defensive line significantly better during the Ron and Ian Show, former Bucs offensive tackle Ian Beckles said, “Experience. Period.”

It’s probably too late to fix the Bucs’ first-half defensive woes associated with youth. The challenge then lies with the defensive coordinator making the right changes with the available talent.

Hopefully it won’t take much, but it’s alarming that half a season has passed and Raheem Morris hasn’t found a fix.

5 Responses to “Raheem Answers To First-Half Troubles”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    Its alarming that he hasn’t found a fix Joe? Or is it alarming that there is no fix to be had? The point is that there is no quick fix for lack of experience or lack of talent. Raheem can change his scheme but he can’t fast forward McCoy to dominance or hold a gun to Stylez White’s head to force him to master an inside pass rush move. He can’t change the fact that the Bucs don’t have a linebacker who can get home on a blitz. He’s already made the fix that was within his power by cutting WAY down on the 3 man fronts and different looks on defense. All he can do now is wait for these guys to master the fundamentals. Then he can get creative again with trying to outscheme offenses.

  2. Gary Says:

    There is obviously another problem besides youth because we play better in the 2nd half. Some of that falls on the game planning but most should be on the players. They have been playing football all their lives, they know the basics even if they are rookies. Getting blown off the ball, losing your gap, and getting run over are not things you learn to avoid through experience. You either stop it with your god given talent or not. Obviously training and technique come into play when those mistakes are avoided, but when you cant stop those 3 things, all the experience in the world isnt going to help.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Youth becomes ‘experienced’ with playing time. You can see McCoy getting better game by game. Miller isn’t lighting up the highlight reel, nor is he a goat – he’s a rotational type player at this point. Price is on IR. We have no DE’s, which I’ve been pointing out all season, prior to, actually. Moore isn’t getting it done, roll with someone else. Stylez has 8 games left, give or take, in his Bucs career. 2011 1st AND 2nd round picks – DE, that’s right – 2 of them.

  4. BucsORDie Says:

    Plain and simple we need to buckle up our chin straps and be ready to play from beginning to end! Either you come to play hard and physical or go home!!!-simple as that.

  5. Architek79 Says:

    I think that Ruud comments is very indicative of his follower mentality. He should embrace the mantle that Brooks and Sapp left behind and go knock somebody’s ass out and say hey young men this is the standard. But over pursuing plays and whiffing on tackles and playing timid in gaps are his game and I would not listen to him either. We need a veteran or draft a ass kicker this year, I like Tank out of TCU at MLB.