Motivational Video

November 14th, 2010

Some Panthers fan had the gall to put together a highlight reel of the Panthers beat down of the Bucs last year at the CITS replete with the assault on Clifton “Peanut” Smith. Also in the video are mistackles by Sabby too numerous to count. If this video can’t get a Bucs fan worked up for today’s game, Joe’s not sure what will.

10 Responses to “Motivational Video”

  1. Mohak Says:

    OH HELL NAW!!… It’s our turn to run it down their throats today. We need to run the score up on’em BIG TIME so they know this ain’t last year. Panthers need to be killed at RayJay today!

  2. Mohak Says:

    We need to make sure that Kevin Klitchie or whatever his name is who created this video gets his panties all up in a bunch after 4pm today. It’s ON!!

  3. JDouble Says:

    Pretty classless to include the illegal hit on Peanut as a highpoint.

    All this video did for me was remind me how happy I am that Sabby isn’t starting for us anymore, and how bad our front seven is at shedding blocks and tackling.

    Nothing has really changed from last year to this year as far as our front seven. I hope the first 3 rounds in the upcoming draft are guys for our defensive front seven.

  4. Blackmagic00 Says:

    We sucked last year. Our front seven IS a bit better this year. We really stunk it up last year. And to think we still were in those Panther games albeit to the end. lol

  5. Kevin Says:

    Now Im pissed off! All the hate for the Panthers just resurfaced…Lets get it done BUCS!


    I’m sure Panthers fans will have plenty of time in the future to make irrelevant “hype videos” since their franchise has yet to hit rock bottom.

    Hey Carolina fans,




    Nothing like a highlight video with NONE OF THE PANTHERS WHO WILL BE PLAYING TODAY!!!


    Why don’t I just edit a highlight tape of Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks killing the Panthers???

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    How about a tape of the Bucs home win against Carolina in 2008 which was the most lopsided beatdown in the history of the matchup?

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Unless our young team gets Cocky( hope not!), I believe Josh Freeman will have a proper response for that video today! Talib and Ronde both should have chances to add to their interception totals. And I predict Winslow gets his first TD!

  10. NorCalBucFan Says:

    This defense needs to play witha chip on their shoulders…Im so tired of cheap shots and latehits on our players….its times like these we miss T-Jack !!!!

    I wanna run the damn score up so bad and possible injure Claussen, then we can laugh at them for wasting a draft pick, better luck next time !!