Josh Freeman: “My Worst Game Of The Season”

November 7th, 2010

There was no finger-pointing at referees, no calling out his offensive coordinator, no second-guessing his head coach.

No, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman minced no words on the Bucs radio network.

He took the loss personally. No guilt pinned on anyone but himself.

“We were in a short situation and we didn’t get the job done,” Freeman said of the first down on the Falcons-10 late, but coming up empty. “We felt like it was a game we should have won.”

Later in his postgame press conference, Freeman said bluntly, “It was my worst game of the season.”

12 Responses to “Josh Freeman: “My Worst Game Of The Season””

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    A couple mistakes, not looking off a WR and letting a ball go that he should have just eaten, but if that’s his worst game of the season, we got something pretty special in this guy. Keep working at it Josh, this young team is gonna make the whole NFL jealous in a year or so.

  2. gitarlvr Says:

    Clearly another good game for Freeman except for the two picks. Once again made some stellar throws and had another big play dropped by Williams. He will learn from the two picks. Im so glad that he does take responsibility for his mistakes. Imagine what Jay Cutler would say after throwing ONLY two picks…lol

  3. Buc You Says:

    Blount didnt even get the ball until the 2nd half. All they

  4. Buc You Says:

    Have to do is run the guy more often than not. Quit running caddy. Always trying to pass.

    The defense, holy he’ll the defense. Someone needs to send these guys the memo that their are FOUR got damn quarters in a football game. Playing one quarter decent doesn’t make their defense worth a damn.

    Nice young team lead by

  5. Buc You Says:

    A poor defensive coordinator. Poor clock manager. The defensive schemes are awful.

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nice to see you too, Buc You. Looks like you have the hiccups while typing. I knew you’d be hear spewing your “fire the coach” BS soon after the game was over. Looking forward to a week’s worth of disagreement with you.

  7. Ish Says:

    Blout – “I screwed up.”

    Freeman – “I screwed up.”

    White – “The defense screwed up.”

    I like that the only finger pointing going on with this team is self-directed. Everyone is saying “I’ve got to play better,” no one is blaming anyone else. That is a remarkable thing in this day and age. Especially with such a young team.

    The future is bright.

  8. Ben Says:

    Actually that is progress. Up until now when Freman played poorly and threw picks we got creamed. In this game other players like Spurlock stepped up and kept us in the game.


    Freeman gets it. No one’s gonna be harder on him than himself. He’s a leader. I love it. These guys have no reason to hang their heads, but I still love how they won’t make excuses. We have something special going on.

    We are gonna take it out on Carolina

  10. The D Says:

    I’d hate to be the Panthers next week. Sounds like were going to take our frustrations out on them.

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Josh – you’re right buddy, you screwed up today.

    1. You should have taken that sack instead of the first INT – that cost the Bucs 7 points

    2. You were looking at Williams 100% of the way in that 4th Quarter INT. That allowed the Falcon’s QB to jump the route. No matter how much you argued with the referee it was NOT pass interference

    3.With 4th and inches your clock management was TERRIBLE. if coach Morris hadn’t rushed onto the field there would have been a 5 yard delay of game penalty

    4. On your last drive that pass to Benn was severely underthrown. Your receiver beat his man. I you would have gotten that pass another 3.5 yards farther Benn catches the ball and scores and the Bucs win.

    After writing about all your mistakes today let me say this – I’m GLAD you’re on the Bucs team young man. Considering that you haven’t played a full NFL season I’d say you are ahead of your projected development.

    Thank you for recognizing your short comings in today’s game. Work on looking off the receivers and realize that it is not all on your shoulders to win the game. It’s a team effort.

    It’s a good feeling to know that you are the future of this team; the future looks bright.

  12. architek79 Says:

    Bring on the Cats! We will get our swagger back before facing SF and BAL.