John Harbaugh Talks Bucs

November 24th, 2010

The guy in Baltimore with a 27-14 career NFL head coaching record talks about the Bucs and Tampa Bay’s “Ray Lewis” in this Baltimore Sun video.


  • 12 Responses to “John Harbaugh Talks Bucs”

    1. Blackmagic00 Says:

      I’m impressed, this guy knows our team better than almost anyone. A little scary, sounds like he’s going to be ready. We need to play an “A” game.

    2. BigMacAttack Says:

      I like John Harbaugh and Ray Lewis. I like the way they play the game and Harbaugh was a great choice when the Ravens made it. It is too bad the refs screwed the Ravens so badly in Atlanta. Come to think of it, the refs screwed the Bucs in Atlanta too. Moral of the story, don’t go to Atlanta if you can help it. The Bucs will have to play their best game this weekend, but the weather should be nice, a little cold and crisp, but good football weather.

    3. JDouble Says:

      Thanks coach! It’s not so much the nice things you said about us, but the fact that you actually know about us that is nice. The NFL is starting to take notice.

    4. JDouble Says:

      Hey BIgMac, the refs screwed us twice in Atlanta. Once for our game there, and then with the Ravens. The Falcons should be 7-3 right just like us.

    5. Leighroy Says:

      Wait, you guys are IMPRESSED a coach did research on his opponent?

      This guy doesn’t work for national media, his job actually REQUIRES him to pay attention.

    6. bucfanjeff Says:

      @Leighroy – Tell that to Mike Singletary.

    7. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

      “…they are for real…”

      Said it all for me. Not Coach Speak.

      Go get ’em Bucs!

    8. Neecee Says:

      @ JDouble… If the Falcons lost against us and the Ravens, like they should have, they would be 6-4 instead of 8-2 and we would be 8-2 leading the division.

      That’s ok, we will blow them away when they visit us.

      Go Bucs! Beat the Ravens and then ravage the falcons

    9. Rican Says:

      I like this guy lol

    10. MTM Says:

      BigMacAttack- I completely agree the “Dirty Birds” record is very tainted. Talk about home field advantage. The refs blew the call with Roddy White’s push off. And the Bucs game was aweful. This division would be wide open if not for those 2 games.
      The Bucs just need to take care of business Sunday and all will be good. The Packers will take care of the Dirty Birds.

    11. Buc You Says:

      The division IS wide open. To expect the Falcons and Saints to win their last 6 is unreasonable.

      Not only that, the Bucs get a shot at both again over the next 6.

    12. Architek79 Says:

      One game at a time. I dont care about ATL right now. BAL is my chief concern.

      I like Harbaugh also, great leader and he really prepares he team.

      Tampa is very talented and improving as he stated but that is why they play the games. Notice that he didn’t mention the Dline being physical. He stated that they rotate. Hmmm…Let’s wage that they are thinking run run run.