James Lee Hustles

November 1st, 2010

Joe’s a sick if not boring dude in many ways.

Joe’s never been out of the country; never been to “de eye-lends,” not that Joe doesn’t want to go some time.

Joe’s never been much farther west than the Mississippi River (Hutchinson, Kan., being his farthest excursion west).

Joe prefers the four-corners offense to the tripe played in the NBA any day of the week. Joe has nothing to do with fantasy sports of any sort. Joe would rather watch the most boring of NFL games than the Red Zone Channel.

Joe would rather drink a Natty Light (not his preference, of course) than any flavor of wine. Joe would rather eat bratwurst or a Cuban sandwich or chicken wings than lobster. Joe prefers Jay Mohr over Woody Allen.

Joe thinks the movie Gettysburg — which doesn’t even have a chick in it — is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever produced and would never, ever, watch some snotty French subtitled schlock (though Joe might watch SportsCenter if they ever gave Stuart Scott subtitles so Joe could decipher what the hell he is babbling and hollering about).

Joe would much rather stay home and vedge on his leather couch watching an out-of-town hockey game or baseball game than go to a play or movie or even a backyard barbecue. Joe would even watch NASCAR over something like Sex in the City.

A tailgate party is light years better than a dinner party.

And while some people get fired up over things like Broadway or paintings or manatees (pains in the arse that they are), Joe gets completely worked up over downfield blocking.

There were all sorts of things to chug beer over in the Bucs win over the Cardinals. Perhaps the best, and Joe assumes completely lost on just about anyone, was the downfield blocking of James Lee.

Playing right tackle in place of the injured Jeremy Trueblood, Lee made one of the greatest moves he’s seen in some time yesterday, in what may have been the game’s best play, largely thanks to Lee.

Just about everyone remembers LeGarrette Blount’s rumbling, hurdling 48-yard run that sealed the win yesterday. But if you look at the play closely, you will see two people trailing Blount to block: Mike Williams and Lee.

Yes, Lee!

The pride of South Carolina State had a fantastic play on Blount’s big run. First, it was Lee who got the seal block on Arizona defensive lineman Alan Branch, which sprung Blount and enabled him to get to the second level.

But as you can see in this video (Joe can’t embed, otherwise, certain suits at One Buc Palace get very upset), Lee wasn’t just satisfied with his initial block.

It was so cool to watch Lee, all 305-pounds, running right with Williams to block for Lee.

Damn, that’s hustle! Damn, that gets Joe freaking fired up!

So, yeah, you soft people who watch indie flicks with your brie and wine, bragging about European vacations and your friggin’ stock options and your new BMW, Joe would prefer to drink bad, cheap domestic beer with brats and watch standard-def DVR recordings of big, sweaty men rumbling downfield to block for their teammates.

Wine… mech!

8 Responses to “James Lee Hustles”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    That was a good video Joe! Lee was sure hustling downfield. Looks like the hottest thing in Tampa right now is Blount Jerseys ?

  2. passthebuc Says:

    An Arizona player dove and touched his foot causing him to stumble or he might have gone all the way.

  3. Troxell8t8 Says:

    I will use a Steve White phrase. I believe Trueblood is about “to get Wally Pipp’d” by James Lee.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Great Job!!! and Cudos to the entire O line!!!

  5. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I am pausing REI French Language Television, putting down my brie and white wine, and giving Joe a round of effeminate applause for this awesome post.

  6. Joe Says:

    I am pausing REI French Language Television, putting down my brie and white wine, and giving Joe a round of effeminate applause for this awesome post.

    Joe takes a bow.

  7. RustyRhino Says:

    Oh I like a good Home brew no mater what it be wine or beer…

    Great play by Lee overall not just that great play, little mistakes (false starts) But good day by him in run and pass blocking! Trueblood maybe a little worried with Lee and Dotson in the wings and him playing for a future contract this year. Hard to earn your $ watching from the bench.

  8. k_bassuka Says:

    Finally I watched a game in which the RDE didn’t put what seemed rof years a never ending pressure on our QB, I was starting to believe that it was just imposible to stop these kind of players.

    Lee is 100x better than True(suck)blood and I hope we do the right thing on this one and start Lee from now on, unlike the Blount situation.