“It’s Amazing How Big He Plays”

November 24th, 2010

As every Bucs fan can see, Cody Grimm has become a charter member of the man club in Raheem Morris’ eyes.

Grimm has taken off his underwear, put on his big boy pads and put his face on people in a big way since getting a starting job after Tanard Jackson was suspended.

The rookie safety is not going to scare anyone one in the tunnel or on the street, but he brings his hat to the field more and more every game. He’s having a rookie year that rivals’ Jackson big season in 2007, and is stirring memories of John Lynch with some of his tackles and near tackles.

Gerald McCoy also is taking notice. Talking about Grimm on The Gerald McCoy Show on WDAE-AM 620 last night, McCoy admired Grimm’s fearlessness and laughed at him being listed as a 200 pounder.

“It’s amazing how big he plays. He makes big boy tackles. Cody, he’ll come down and hit you so hard and he’s not afraid to tackle anybody. Cody’s probably 190. I mean, he plays like a big guy. He’ll hit with the best of them,” McCoy said.

Advised by gushing co-host Scott Ledger that Grimm is listed at 210 pounds, McCoy replied, “That’s paper weight.”

Joe hopes some of Grimm’s nasty and fearless edge rubs off on and fires up the guys playing in front of him up the middle in the Bucs defense.

23 Responses to ““It’s Amazing How Big He Plays””

  1. Ash Says:

    Anyone else get frustrated when listening to Scott Ledger?

  2. K1ngAdroc Says:

    Scott Ledger is a joke. Dave Moore or Derrick Brooks would be real improvement…. how about Steve White asking questions for an hour?

  3. Hunter Says:

    The Bucs signed CB-D.J. Johnson, who was released by the Giants…

  4. Dave Says:

    They need a guy like UNCs Duenta Williams ( a big ballhwaker who can hit and cover) next to Grimm.
    Grimm also needs to put on some LBs to get to the 205-210 range… don’t want to see him hurt.
    Love his play so far!

  5. Hunter Says:

    @Dave: We have Tanard jackson…

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    O.K. Barrett; watch very closely. This is how you knock the crap out of someone with the ball. Now go out there and hit someone you freak!

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Grimm is another example of how the coaching staff knows better than the fans. There were many fans on this board that were complaining at the choice of starting Grimm over Piscitelli. I think it’s safe to say Morris made the right decision, AGAIN. This kid is turning out to be the real deal, which really just makes Tanard Jackson a luxury.

  8. BUCSorDIE Says:

    Grimm is a good talent but he still doesnt have the natural instincts that Tjax has so I think maybe when Tanard comes back we move Grimm over to SS and Tanard at FS and we’ll have a nice young tandem and dont forget Tjax will knock players into the middle of next also!

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Doubt we retain the services of ” smokey Jackson”. He’s really to stupid to play on this team!

  10. MTM Says:

    Grimm is coming around quickly for a rookie. Its been nice watching him make tackles that Ruud can’t make as a veteran.

  11. jdouble Says:

    Grimm doesn’t have the natural instincts like Tanard? That has to be the 1 of the dumbest things I’ve read all week.

  12. jdouble Says:

    Tjax Has his 3 chances. The guy is a bum. He is an idiot and a cancer. We don’t need that kind of individual in our locker room Corrupting our young guys. I hope he never Wears a tampa bay buccaneers uniform again

  13. Tuggz Says:

    I think one of Cody Grimm’s biggest strengths is his closing speed. Reaction time + closing time is vital to safeties, and Cody’s seems top notch.

  14. JDouble Says:

    Also, I’m not buying the 190lbs. Grimm has never been listed under 202lbs. Even at the combine….which is about as accurate as it gets. He’s not ripped by any means, but he is a solid guy. I hope he gets himself into NFL condition this off season though. I think with a year of experience and better conditioning he can be great.

  15. Will the Beast Says:

    @ jdouble Hope he gets into N.F.L. condition he’s playing 60 minutes every game I would concider that being in condition how do you come to the conclusion he’s not in condition.

  16. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Capt.Tim Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Doubt we retain the services of ” smokey Jackson”. He’s really to stupid to play on this team!


    If you’re going to call someone stupid, you might want to brush up on the whole “to vs. too vs. two” area of the English language….

    But, I do agree with you Capt. I don’t see Tanard playing for the Bucs again.

  17. Earl Says:

    I loved Tanard Jackson, but he was far from a superstar. There was serious ability, but the results were only a bit above average. He’s still living some off of that hit on Dallas Clark in 07. If he would have truly focused, then yes a pro bowl would be there but obviously his head was his biggest obstacle.

  18. Will the Beast Says:

    He did blast Dallas Clark something awful blam what a shot

  19. gitarlvr Says:

    @hawaiian buc- Dude there was almost nobody complaining that Sabby should have gotten the start. Some thought Cory Lynch should have. There were like three people in all of Tampa Bay who thought Sabby should get his job back and one of them was Sabby and another was his mommy. Lol

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually there were several people calling for him, as well as for Lynch. Honestly, I am too lazy to go back and find out who. My point is that the coaches know best, and the fans that b€%^# and moan about the coaches decisions really need to put this in perspective.

  21. Will the Beast Says:

    Stats are for losers strap on the big boy pads and get ready for some contact.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    If we could just put Cody in Sabby’s body….

  23. Jonny Says:

    Guys, guys, guys. Grimm has shown he can be a very good tackler and also his presence against the run, especially last game, was unbelievable for a rookie. If you still think he will be a free safety after T-Jax is back, you are smoking weed yourself. Grimm is EASILY a strong safety material. Yes, he’s had a couple of interceptions, but he is much more value as a guy in the box like our great John Lynch.