Gameday Tampa Bay

November 21st, 2010

49ers cheerleader

Week 11
49ers at Bucs
4 p.m.
TV: WTVT-TV Channel 13 locally, DirecTV 715
Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (in Tampa WFUS-FM, 103.5 and WDAE-AM, 620); Sirius Channel 90.
Weather: Per, not all that great of a day in NoCal. Temperatures in the low 50s prior to kickoff with an expected temperature of 55 at kickoff which will remain steady. Late-morning rain is expected which may linger past the start of the game. The sun may break through near the end of the game.
Odds:, 49ers -3.
Outlook: Scary game. Just about any game is scary for the Bucs when they can’t stop the run against scrubs. When Frank Gore is in the backfield, gulp. Since Troy Smith took over at quarterback the 49ers have suddenly become the playoff contender many expected Mike Singletary’s team to be prior to the season. Joe doesn’t think this is a coincidence given the fact Smith has yet to throw an interception. Would be nice if Ronde Barber and/or Aqib Talib break up that streak. As Joe has stated several times already, the best thing for the Bucs is to get into a shootout. The Bucs have the weapons now to do it and if the 49ers are running chunks of real estate, good, it eats up the clock. Hard to win a shootout with a run-oriented attack. As Joe has stated previously on WDAE-AM 620, if the Bucs don’t win this game, playoffs are a pipe dream.
Video: NFL Films preview of the Bucs-49ers. … NFL Network’s Solomon Wilcots, Brian Baldinger and Michael Lombardi break down LeGarrette Bount’s talents. … Rick Stroud and good guy Stephen Holder share their thoughts on the game. … Video star Anwar Richardson and Woody Cummings talk about how the Bucs are West Coast “killaz.” … Pam Oliver of FoxSports talks to Josh Freeman.
Fun facts: Talib likes to play road games. He has four pickoffs in his last four road appearances. … No one has more rushing yards the past three seasons than Gore. … San Francisco sackmeister Justin Smith has a history of devouring Bucs quarterbacks with three sacks in three games against the Bucs.

11 Responses to “Gameday Tampa Bay”

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    Troy Smith throws his first pick today… and maybe his second, and third…

  2. josh Says:


  3. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    Tampas gotta win today.. after the past couple Saturdays ive had.. I hope we knock the bleepin bleep outta Troy Smith. ( yeah im still bitter about yesterday) just hopefully if they knock the crap out of our running back before the ball gets there they call pass intereference (im just sayin) :o) haha GO BUCCS!

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    I trust Josh Freeman and the offense will have a good game. I also look for the D-Line to step it up and do a good job on Gore. Go Bucs!!!!

  5. Vince Says:

    You all are talking football I’m still stuck on that pic…..Bathe her and bring her to me!

  6. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    Thomas 2.1 likes two guys jumping on his back and one guy shooting yogart in his face.

  7. gitarlvr Says:

    “I look for the D-line to step it up against Gore.”

    Classic case of denial.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    Vince-100% agreement on that. Makes a guy wanna play football bad!Leroy Buttermilk- Lmao! Sucks ta be mommy’s boy Tommy! Anything thing prior to Josh Freeman is pretty much irrelevant. He’s our first Franchise QB, and those guys write their own history! Prior ordinary QBs shouldn’t be compared, because . Um . . They don’t Compare!! Let’s see if how Josh travels east. Yeah, Gore will probably rush for 150 yards. Yeah, so? So has everyone else, including the 6 teams we beat! Quit whining about it. We knew this was gonna be the case since preseason. Raheem said this would be the case since preseason!! If you looked at that line and expected ANYTHING else, then I hope you are enjoying your first season of Pro Football! Anyone who knows anything about the game would not have expected the line to be any better. The only surprise is winning 6 games, due to our Head Coaches amazing ability to coach around that big of a weakness! Quit whining about, we’ve got 7 more weeks of it! And if everyone keeps whining about it, yer gonna drive me postal.!!! Lol

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    Oh my, the vaunted Ravens defense has given up over 80 yards to backup running back Goodson, and it’s only early in the 3rd quarter. Man, our run D is horrible. Looks like Goodson may run for more yards against the Ravens in a losing effort than he did against our Bucs.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Blount will control the ball for Tampa, 49ers move up safety help, Freeman burns them, and we win ugly again. We are getting better every week. Let the experts pick against Tampa, we thrive on it.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    I was wrong. We should try to get in the playoffs. The way we played today, we can beat anyone!