For Entertainment Purposes …

November 18th, 2010

Now Joe is sure his readers fly to Vegas to wager legally, versus placing bets with the guy whose cell number changes every week. 

Regardless of how or why you wager, Joe knows there are many aspiring handicappers reading. So to please the gambling crowd, Joe has turned to superpicker Bob Fox. A writer for various sports publications over the years, Fox flashed his stellar picking skills back in 2008 on, when Joe had a contest here among sports media.

Fox gives you a handful of games here every week. To date, Fox is 25-15 on the season. Not too shabby.

By BOB FOX analyst

Miami Dolphins 20, Chicago Bears 17
Da Bears don’t have a great history in Miami. The only blemish on their magical 1985 Super Bowl winning season happened in a 38-24 loss to Dan Marino and the Fins on a Monday night there. Speaking of Super Bowls, the Bears lost Super Bowl XLI to the Indianapolis Colts 29-17 a few years back…also in Miami. The Bears are 6-3 so far in 2010 and share the NFC North lead with the Packers. The reasons why? Defense and special teams, as the offense is ranked a putrid 29th in the NFL. The Chicago defense has been exceptional, as the Brian Urlacher led squad is ranked fourth in the NFL. Devin Hester is becoming a force again in the return game, plus the Bears are always solid on special teams. The offensive line of the Bears has been horrid in protecting QB Jay Cutler and also in run blocking as well. That does not bode well against the 5-4 Dolphins. Cutler has been sacked a NFL leading 30 times, and OLB Cameron Wade of the Fins is third in the NFL with 8.5 sacks, and overall Miami is 11th in the NFL in sacks and No. 8 in total defense. The Dolphins will most likely be starting third-string QB Tyler Thigpen after injuries last week to Chad Pennington and Chad Henne, but he should be able to utilize his weapons on offense like RB Ronnie Brown and WR Brandon Marshall, without making the mistakes that Cutler is prone to. Expect to see the Wildcat offense used quite a bit tonight by the Fins as well, even though the Bears play the standard run game very well (2nd in the NFL).
Ohio State Buckeyes 28, Iowa Hawkeyes 24
Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City is always one of the toughest places in the country to play college football. The 7-3 Hawkeyes are very tough at Kinnick, but they lost a bit of that luster after Wisconsin came there and beat them with a late touchdown four weeks ago. Except for their 37-6 thrashing of Michigan State three weeks ago (also at home), the Hawks have been very inconsistent. They lost to Northwestern last week at Evanston and almost fell to Indiana at Bloomington two weeks ago, only spared that distinction because a dropped TD pass by a Indiana WR. The 9-1 Buckeyes meanwhile, have bounced back from their loss to the Badgers in Madison by winning three straight games in convincing fashion, although Penn State scared them for a half last week in Columbus. The Buckeyes are 17th in the nation in offense led by QB Terrelle Pryor and are also second in the country in defense, while the Hawkeyes are ranked 45th in offense and 16th in defense. QB Ricky Stanzi of Iowa has had a great season thus far (22 TD passes to just 4 picks), but it was a late interception he threw last week against Northwestern that turned the game around. The Buckeyes are also 4-1 in their last five games at Iowa, and I expect them to stay at least even with Wisconsin and Michigan State for bragging rights in the Big Ten.
New England Patriots 27, Indianapolis Colts 23
The Patriots proved last Sunday night in Pittsburgh that they are indeed a team to be reckoned with in the AFC this year. QB Tom Brady was brilliant, as he threw for 350 yards and three touchdowns without being sacked. The Pats keep improving on offense behind Brady, as WR Wes Welker is now catching a lot of passes again, the rookie tandem of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski have been superb at TE, and the running game has been solid behind BenJarvus Green-Ellis. The New England defense is only ranked 29th in the NFL, but it has a bend-but-not-break persona, as the Pats are 7-2 and lead the AFC East with the New York Jets. The Colts are 6-3 and are trying to stay afloat after a slew of injuries that has seen TE Dallas Clark (wrist) lost for the season, S Bob Sanders (biceps) not having played a down yet in 2010 and RB Joseph Addai (neck-shoulder) being held out for three games. In addition, the Colts also have many players questionable for the New England game, including DE Dwight Freeney, WR Austin Collie and RB Mike Hart. QB Peyton Manning has once again had a fantastic 2010 campaign, as he has thrown 16 TD passes to just four interceptions for a 93.9 QB rating, even with all the injuries around him. The Colts are ranked fourth in the NFL in offense and 18th in defense, but I see the Pats continuing the momentum they created last week in Pittsburgh as they will win another classic battle vs. the Colts.           
New York Giants 23, Philadelphia Eagles 20
Last week before their game against the Cowboys, the Giants were considered the toast of the NFC by the “experts.” Then the G-Men were embarrassed at home by the hapless (but talented) and one-win Dallas squad 33-20. The new flavor of the week in the NFC seems to be the Eagles (at least to the “experts” again), who really made the Redskins look ridiculously amateurish in a 59-28 beat down Monday night. A lot is at stake in this contest, as both teams are 6-3 atop the NFC East. Michael Vick has been near flawless this season. However, the Giants have the type of defense that can keep Vick somewhat in check. The Giants are fourth in the NFL in pass defense, plus are tied for eighth in the NFL in sacks and have the top ranked defense in the entire NFL. Look for a bounce back game for the Giants this week, as their performance last Sunday was disconcerting to say the least. Offensively, the Giants still have plenty of weapons to stay with the Eagles, led by QB Eli Manning, who has the Giant offense ranked No. 2 in the league. Philly can cause issues defensively, as the Eagles are ranked sixth in sacks and are 11th overall defensively in the NFL. But the Philadelphia offense is the main calling card of the Eagles, as they are ranked third in the league behind Vick. Still, I see the Giants getting a close win and confusing the “experts” once again.

12 Responses to “For Entertainment Purposes …”

  1. Brad Says:

    What’s the point of this dude picking games if he’s not going to pick the Bucs game as well?

  2. Buc You Says:

    Niners 15 Bucs 4

  3. RichinNC Says:

    Lightning 8 Flyers 7

    Who would have ever guessed that?

  4. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    If anyone has watched the last yep Dolphins games and still wishes that we acquired B Marshall, you’re insane. Two weeks in a row this guy gets a penalty for tossing the ball (to the sideline last week and Cutler this week). That was preceded by two drops, one of which was almost picked off by Briggs. Marshall is a cancer and it won’t be long before he tears that locker room apart.

    The drops could excused since this is his third different QB, but putting yourself before the team, costing your team yards is inexcusable.

  5. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    *yep = two

    Damn iPhone

  6. Joe Says:


    Lightning 8 Flyers 7

    Who would have ever guessed that?

    Stamkos = 19 goals/19 games.

    Steven Stamkos > Sid the Kid?

  7. BamBamBuc Says:

    Aw, C’mon FGO. Brandon Marshall is THE reason the Dolphins have improved from 5-5 at the same point last year to …. oh… um…. 5-5 this year… I guess his one TD wasn’t that important to the team. It came in a loss to the Jets anyway. And what’s the problem with him getting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties? He had 3 catches for 41 yards and 2 penalties for -25 yards. He actually gained 16 yards for his team and no points. Oh yeah, he did get hurt though, so it probably wasn’t his best performance. Bet that hamstring injury is gonna make it hard to punt balls in practice.

  8. New Era Buc Says:

    What happened to the Buc picks? I mean you were doing so well

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, Brandon Marshal was Hater Eric’s love affair all summer! Cried and moaned in dozens of Post about what a great reciever our”idiot team” missed out on! Guess we see the idiot now! Marshal has actual had a negative impact on the Dolphins, and will probably be released this summer.loved the two drops last night also. Give me Mike Williams or Arrelious Benn any day! Or damn near ANY body else! Why doest this guy predict the Bucs- pointless putting him on a Buc Post! By the way dude, Chicago trashed your pick last night.

  10. Bob Fox Says:

    Brandon Marshall certainly didn’t help his team last night (with his play or his idiotic behavior), plus he hurt his hammy. I thought all of the offensive line injuries the Dolphins had were the biggest reason Miami was so pathectic on offense. That, and I thought Dan Henning called a terrible game. Give da Bears credit though, their D was fantastic. I went back and forth between the football game and the Lightning game. The Stammer is amazing. Marty had 5 assists as well. In terms of picking the Bucs, I’ll be picking their game against the Ravens next week. The Bucs should expect a big dose of Frank Gore this week vs. the 49ers.

  11. New Era Buc Says:

    Why bother? It’s pretty obvious from your track record that we all know who your going to pick. That’s just to Easy from a non believer. This Sundays game would have been much more impressive. Good stuff Captin Tim ! LOL

  12. Bob Fox Says:

    I did pick the Bucs twice to win…against the Steelers and Saints, and the Bucs failed miserably in thise two games. Still, the Bucs have been impressive thus far in 2010 overall, and except for the Falcons game, have won the other close games with a resilient attitude and with excellent composure. In terms of the Niners game, I think the Bucs have a huge challenge. Yes…I know SF is only 3-6, but they have a pretty good defense, plus RB Frank Gore is a beast. As you know, the Bucs are ranked 31st in rushing defense. Plus, the 49ers seemed to have turned the corner behind QB Troy Smith, as he has connected well with TE Vernon Davis and WR Michael Crabtree. The Bucs play very well on the road, but the game on Sunday is a big test. Also, the Bucs are 1-11 against the Niners in SF, and are 2-23 in regular season games in California overall.