Farewell Ryan Sims

November 23rd, 2010

The youngest team in the NFL got even younger today as the Bucs cut 30-year-old defensive tackle Ryan Sims, so reports Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune.

Sims, who is often mentioned among the great draft busts of the 21st century, started every game for the Bucs last year and seemingly has been dumped because the Bucs see a little potential in Al Woods, who had a sack in San Francisco.

Joe thought this Sims video was a fitting farewell tribute. There are a couple of eye-candy moments.

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    1. gatorsfan Says:

      maybe take a chance on jarvis moss to replace him?

    2. Hunter Says:

      @gatorsfan: I would love that, but it probably won’t happen….

    3. JDouble Says:

      I’ve been asking for Sims and Kyle Moore to be released and Doug Worthington to get a roster spot….at least I got 1/3 of my request!

    4. Dew Says:

      I don’t think they would have cut him unless there was someone they wanted to steal off another teams practice squad.

    5. JDouble Says:

      Al Woods play made him completely expendable. They might just want to move Briscoe or Worthington off the PS to the active roster so they don’t get stolen.

    6. Dew Says:

      I believe the practice squad rule is if someone tries to steal one of our guys we can activate him and protect him. So it could be something like that but I believe when they have done that in the past they announce someone was promoted at the same time they announce someone else has been released. I have never actually seen the rules published for practice sqauds but would like too.

    7. gotbbucs Says:

      Finally, only a couple of seasons too late.

    8. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

      farewell jellyroll thanks for the half ass attempt of being a D lineman

    9. JDouble Says:

      Well if it was to steal a PS player from another team, I’ll make a prediction just so I can look smart if I happen to be right :p

      I’ll say Nate Triplett. MLB currently on the Chargers PS.

    10. JDouble Says:

      …or OLB Cody Brown from the Jets.

    11. Hunter Says:

      @JDouble: I say we sign Jeff Owens (DT) of the Eagles or DeMario Pressley (DT) of the Saints.

    12. Hunter Says:

      Jeff Owens had the most reps (44) at the past combine…

    13. Pete 422 Says:

      What about Frank Okam who we signed last week to the practice squad. 6’5 350, maybe he can help stuff the run, lol?

    14. JDouble Says:

      With McCoy, Miller, Woods, Worthington, Magee, and Okam….and Price coming back next year….I just don’t see us signing anymore DTs. We’ll see. Should find out tomorrow.

    15. gitarlvr Says:

      @hunter- Jeff Owens had the most reps (44) at the past combine…

      So what? Is this olympic weight lifting or football?

    16. Buc You Says:

      Frank Okam was released by the Texans Oct 25th then signed by tSeahawks a few weeks ago. He was recently released and Mark D picked him up.

      I say lets get this big ole DT ready who was a 2008 5th round draft pick by Texas. Plug that 350 lb space eater in.

    17. Gatorbuc15 Says:

      This was long over do. See ya later Sims.

    18. JDouble Says:

      I think Okam is more than likely a guy they picked up to simulate Raven’s DT Haloti Ngata in practice. Could be wrong, and I’d love to get a huge nose tackle, but I’m thinking that was the only reason he was signed.

    19. Buc You Says:

      The one advantage of going young is you can scavange other teams practice squads for young promising players and perhaps even give them an opportunity.

      They also need to get linebackers like Pittsburg and San Fran… to fill out the practice squad… to start rolling in some serious depth.

      I like how they arent waiting until the offseason… the Glazers really are putting trust into Mark D and letting him break all these gentlemen rules by vulturing practice squad guys.

    20. Hunter Says:

      @gitarlvr: No need to get angry….just stating a fact……

    21. Buc You Says:

      By the way, you guys should be nicer to the ex Bucs man. I mean why hate on a former Buc?


    22. BucFan66 Says:

      Dude can’t even get an interview with Marcellus Wiley. He deserves to be cut.

    23. Architek79 Says:


    24. McBuc Says:

      Buc You…anyone can put “exbuc” as their screen name…give us a name, and we will give the “exbuc” some respect.i

    25. McBuc Says:

      Oops, sorry Buc You…No coffee yet…you were talking about Sims, and I thought you were refering to that guy that calls himself “exbuc” and claims to have played for TB…my bad.

    26. Buc You Says:

      Has anyone figured out steve whites annonymous screen name yet?

    27. Capt.Tim Says:

      Yeah- it’s “Capt.Tim”, lol

    28. Capt.Tim Says:

      By the way, Buc You, those are good ideas!

    29. MVPFreeman Says:

      Buc You

      When an ex-buc’s first name is Trent or Ryan (among others) its safe to hate on them.

    30. Dew Says:

      Okam it is.

    31. Pete 422 Says:

      @ JDouble Good point on Okam simulating the big DTs, but if that is all he is doing, then why promote him to the active roster? It will be interesting to see how he does if he gets in the game. But he was released by 2 different teams, so hopefully he becomes “one of those stories” of finally making an impact.