“Defenses Are Doing Stuff To Take Him Away”

November 10th, 2010

winslowpracticeNo touchdowns and 33 catches is the official stat line on Kellen Winslow.

Over the past three games, the Bucs’ big money tight end has just nine catches for 80 yards.

Obviously, his production is down from 2009. Josh Freeman said at his news conference today that it’s a result of defenses trying to make other players beat them.

“Defenses are doing stuff to take him away. Talking to buddies on other teams after the game they’re like, ‘Man, our whole gameplan was to go out and stop you from getting the ball to Kellen Winslow,'” Freeman said.

“He realizes that it’s going to be tough when they’re double teaming him, when they’re rolling a safety down to his side and in and out on all his routes.”

Joe would love to see the Bucs get more creative to get Winslow involved.

When he arrived last year, the big talk from the offensive coordinators was about getting him and Jerammy Stevens work on the field together to capitalize on the mismatches that would create — never materialized — and there was talk about how Winslow could be used as receiver in some sets.

It’s great that he’s getting double-teamed, which opens up the offense for others, but the guy’s a mad talent. The Bucs need to get Winslow more involved.

25 Responses to ““Defenses Are Doing Stuff To Take Him Away””

  1. oar Says:

    Too bad he can’t block. At this rate of catches, he could make up that huge contract money(highest paid TE in league, I believe, or one of top 3) in blocks instead of catches.

  2. oar Says:

    Outside the Box:
    Well, good thing we didn’t get Merriman. He got hurt at his first practice in Buffalo and did not return.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    We have many weapons and his presence allows us to spread the ball around…that’s a good thing.

  4. oar Says:

    No doubt! I just don’t think he’s the best TE to receive such a huge payday.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Personally I think that Kellen is suffering from Antonio Bryant disorder – cash the big paycheck and then coast…it’s a knee thing.

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    So long as he’s taking up two defenders and letting Williams/Benn/Spurlock get open…. I’m all for him “coasting”. It’s easier on his knees.


    Watch the games, he might be double teamed all game but he led the NFC in 3rd down conversions up until week 5 or 6…

    He’s an incredible talent and will be there when we need him.

  8. Posey99 Says:

    YEaaaa… Winslow is “coasting”… Mmmhm.. You can totally tell he’s getting lazy any idiot can see he takes plays off and his increase in body fat by .0001% is evident… We should just cut him and admit another mistake…wow seriously

  9. Max Says:

    Antonio Gates gets open when he’s injured and playing with practice squad players.

  10. JDouble Says:

    Winslow is still great and clutch. He’s just seeing less action because team’s aren’t as scared of Williams and Benn yet. That’ll change soon, and when they start changing coverage to double a deep route from Williams or Benn, we’ll start seeing alot more underneath stuff to Winslow and runs from Blount. Right now we are just taking what they give us…which is good.

  11. gitarlvr Says:

    Winslow is healthy enough. He’s not coasting. Thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. Teams are just not wising up fast enough to the fact that if they gameplan around Wnslow that Mike Williams is going to get them. When defenses get tired of getting beat by Mike Williams Winslows number will jump back up. People saying anything about Winslows abilities being diminished are ridiculous.

  12. tj Says:

    think his numbers may be odwn cause he is not on the field all the time.

  13. RastaMon Says:

    he’s a gimp at the end of his rope….
    sorry buy he is shot physically

  14. Bucs4ever Says:

    Winslow is a boss!! how many clutch catches has he made for us this year??? how many 3rd down conversions have been because of him? Get off him!

    Hey Joe, what was that one site you posted awhile back with a lot of Bucs videos, old too. I thought i saved it, but I can’t find it.

  15. Bucs4ever Says:

    nevermind..found it


    b4e, i wouldnt mind knowin’ that site too for some Bucs clips

  17. Jonny Says:

    Max Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    “Antonio Gates gets open when he’s injured and playing with practice squad players.”

    Antonio plays for the best offensive mind of the league. He also plays arguably for the best QB of the league. I think Kellen not being as productive is even because of Freeman’s inexperience.

    It is too early for a QB like Free to throw the ball over LB’s head and in front of safety where TEs are usually present. With experience, Freeman will learn the art of finding K-II consistently.

  18. thomas 2.1 Says:

    He is still productive but obviously about done physically.

  19. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Defenses are doing stuff to take him away?

    I guess defenses placed that motorcycle underneath and convinced him to crash it during the offseason.

    I guess defenses also planted Rahs, errrrrrrrrr, Jerramy Stevens’ weed in his vehicle when he was pulled over in Tampa? Who else on the team other than Tanard do you think was partaking from that huge stash that Stevens was busted with?

    Geno Haze? LaGarette “Blunt”?

  20. BamBamBuc Says:


    You’re thinking of Bucstop.com

  21. MOBucs Says:

    Those who think that K2 is washed up just don’t watch the games closely enough. Double-teamed all the time! Without a talent like him holding down TE, this offense would not look nearly as good as it has this season.

    GO BUCS~!

  22. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Sorry I’m not so ‘pro Winslow’ but didn’t Kellen get double-teamed last year as well? Shy is the coverage so much more difficult for Kellen in 2010 then in 2009?

    Also please, please, please tell me when Kellen begins to block. Or maybe one of the reason’s he’s not getting open is because he can’t get OFF blocks!

  23. Gary Says:

    K2 is still a beast on bad knees. All this BS talk will stop the next time he plays a huge play for us, which I predict will be this sunday. Defenses are going to start worrying about our WR corps.

    And Thomas is reborn as 2.1 but still the same old fool. I know your kidding but implying our team is any more or less inclined to misbehavior than others in the NFL shows how completely clueless you really are.

    Where were you all this time when were winning? I personally am so tired of you self righteous tools making statements like that. If we wanted a team of holy men we would have never gotten Mike Williams or Blount. I’m sure thats what you would love since we would be worse off. Eat a D**k!

  24. Dave Says:

    I think it will come naturally as Williams has to be scaring some teams now and with Benn starting to emerge……..

    Man I can not wait to see this offense next year and the next and the next!

  25. McBuc Says:

    Hew was double teamed last year as well, but there was no one else to throw to. Williams is getting the balls that Winslow got last year. Some of you clowns are not happy with anything. I feel sorry for you.