Davin Joseph, Cody Grimm To IR

November 29th, 2010

Oh, no!

Yes, the end of Cody Grimm’s season was expected after being carted off yesterday with a broken leg. But Davin Joseph who walked off with a foot injury? Ugh.

Raheem Morris just announced at his noon news conference that Joseph and Grimm have been placed on injured reserve.

Jeremy Zuttah will move into Joseph’s right guard spot as he did yesterday, Raheem said.

20 Responses to “Davin Joseph, Cody Grimm To IR”

  1. Troxell8t8 Says:

    Certainly not good news. I wonder who get the two roster spots? I’m assuming they promote Carter for Joseph, but who replaces Grimm? This stinks, but hey at least the NFL wants to go to an 18 game schedule. Kind of being hypocritical of the NFL to supposedly worry about concussions, but expose the player to two more regular season games. Okay, I’m off my soap box now.

  2. TrueBlue Says:


  3. Travis Says:

    Wow that game was brutal. We lose our best saftey, and our best olineman.
    Im not too worried about Zuttah filling in for Joseph, because hes proven he can play anywhere in a minutes notice, but losing Grimm is huge. The Kid was playing lights out ever since his rocky 1st game against Pitt.
    I joke with my friend who is a Chief fan, that Grimm has had a better rookie year than Eric Berry.

  4. big papa power Says:

    ..here comes Sabby….

  5. d-money Says:

    I wonder if there are any guys who were playing in the UFL that might be up for the task? Anyone but the goat.

    I can’t imagine this going well with Sabby in there.

  6. Nick2 Says:

    Joe your absolutely right, lets get Corey Lynch out there. The guy had an awesome game in the preseason. Sabby will choke against the Falcons. Matt Ryan is licking his chops.

  7. Rah4LCoY Says:

    This is classic. Anything that goes wrong from here on out will be Sabbys fault.

    Too funny!

  8. d-money Says:

    @ Rah4LCoY

    I’m not going to say anything that goes wrong is Sabbys fault but we have seen enough of him to know he is going to be the weak link on this defense.

    Good teams will exploit that.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Suggestions offense: Lee at RG (if he knows the position), Trueblood at RT, Larsen\Zuttah at LG.
    Suggestions defense: Lynch at S, or even better potentially – Barber at S, Biggers at CB opposite Talib, Lewis as the 3rd CB.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m sorry, but Sabby is a special teamer and spot player. He just doesn’t seem to ‘understand’ the mental side. Is he a dumb jock? I’m starting to wonder, because for all his athletic ability, he looks confused often and seems to avoid contact at times. It’s as if he wants to ‘look the part’ without doing his part.

  11. passthebuc Says:

    Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith from the Pittsburgh practice squad. the read on him is he likes to hit people.

    Bio: Cromartie-Smith He is 6’11/2”, 206 pounds, ran the 40 yard dash in 4.46 seconds, the short shuttle in 4.47 seconds, and the three-cone drill in 7.24 seconds. He measured a 32-inch vertical jump, a 9’9” broad jump and did 20 bench press repetitions at 225 pounds.

    “I like to be physical. I like to play in the box and I don’t worry about taking on pulling offensive linemen,” said Cromartie-Smith. “I like to read the play and then attack it.

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    sabby sucks, we all know that. thats not what worries me the most. what worries me is now the rest of the defense thinks they have to cover for him and leave thier assignments behind. losing grimm is really going to hurt.

  13. McBuc Says:

    Who thought up this theory of the rest of the team trying to cover for the goat and leaving their assignments? I have never heard one coach or player make such a claim, just a few guys on here.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Do not get me wrong, I am not a fan of Sabby, but enough with the conspiracy theory.

  15. Jamie Says:

    That’s too bad, Grimm was on his way to a starting role even when Jackson comes back from suspension. It’ll be interesting to see if the coaches sign/draft someone in the off-season to compete, or if they liked what they saw in these past few games enough to make it Grimm’s job to lose.

    Joe, any further info on the break? Is this gonna be a long rehab that could impede him into next season?

  16. McCaddy Says:

    I agree with giving Lynch a shot…We all know what sabby brings to the table: hesitancy, inconsistency and alot of clapping.

  17. gotbbucs Says:

    of course no player or coach is going to admit to that, mcbuc. but dont think for a second that the players around him arent concious of the fact that sabby cant pull his own. the corners are never sure if they have any help over the top.

  18. Rah4LCoY Says:

    If the collapse of the Bucs is because the players are worried about Sabby, then the Bucs have bigger problems.

  19. gotbbucs Says:

    careful rah4, that comment almost has a positive undertone to, like maybe the d will be able to easily overcme the loss of grimm. nah, that cant be what you meant, you just wanted to be a smartass again, silly me.

  20. passthebuc Says:

    McBuc. you may be correct, I never played football. However I played a lot of basketball competitively and was always ready to slide or switch.