Bucs Will Need 10 Wins

November 4th, 2010

Pat Kirwan, a former NFL personnel executive and now a superanalyst for NFL.com and NFL Radio, is head over heels on the Josh Freeman bandwagon, but he’s not going there yet with the Bucs.

Talking Bucs football on 770AM in Fort Myers on Wednesday, Kirwan shared his Freeman love and opinion on the Bucs’ playoff chances.

“The quarterback is ridiculously good for a young kid,” Kirwan said. “Half Ben Roethlisberger half Warren Moon. He’s got that Ben thing about him breakin’ tackles lookin’ deep. And that’s how he wins these games late with all these fourth quarter comebacks. And he’s got the compusure of Warren. He’s not emotional. He’s very cold-blooded in the way he handles his opponent. I think his teammates start to play like him, which is great stuff.”

Despite Freeman, Kirwan said the Bucs just don’t measure up to the Saints and Falcons.

“Atlanta will run the ball. And that’s the problem team when it comes to [the Bucs’] run defense,”Kirwan said. “Can the Bucs put 32, 33 points on the board in a head-to-head matchup with the Saints?”

The NFC South with have a 10-win Wild Card team, Kirwan says, and he gives the Eages the second Wild Card with nine wins.

Joe’s not going to quibble with Kirwan and say the Bucs are better than the Falcons or Saints, but it seems Kirwan may not realize the Bucs have five very winnable games on their schedule — @San Francisco, Carolina, Detroit, Seattle, @Washington.

If the Bucs take four of those five games, that might be enough to give them the tiebreaker edge with a 9-7 Eagles team.

18 Responses to “Bucs Will Need 10 Wins”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    What a turnaround. Can you believe that people are talking about:

    1. 9 vs. 10 wins instead of losses?

    2. Playoffs? or as PeeWee Herman in the Coors Light commercial says, “PLAYOFFS! you’re talking PLAYOFFS!!!!!

    3. Signing FA’s to help the Bucs

    What a wonderful wacky difference a year makes!

  2. D Says:

    Do. Not. Under. Estimate. DETROIT.

    Full stop.

  3. McBuc Says:

    True, Detroit is way up or way down…They are like a cornered cat. I actually worrie about that game. I still think we split all of our division games, even Car.

  4. Architek79 Says:

    Suh is a freak of nature and he can single handedly dominate physically. We all see that!

  5. Patrick Says:

    I think for sure we should beat Carolina and San Francisco. No excuse for not taking care of those teams. As for Washington, their record appears to be ok but they don’t seem like a real threat to anyone. And yes we can beat Seattle too.

    I agree with D, Detroit is a much better team this year than they were last year. They may only be 2-5, but they’ve been competitive in almost all of their games and have a lot of talent on their team. Don’t underestimate them. I may sound crazy, but that may be one of our toughest games this year.


    Detroit should be 3-4 sans that bs Calvin Johnson continuation call in week 1. Not to mention that the Lions took Green Bay to the wire. They, like the Bucs, are much improved.

  7. JDouble Says:

    I don’t think we are there yet and will probably lose this Sunday, but I do think there is a chance our offense could continue to develope to the point where it can carry the defense. If they can start clicking and putting 25-30 points up every week, then we could have a chance in December.

  8. Jonny Says:

    Lets not make Suh DPOY yet. He is good, but he has a lot of room to improve. Detroit is struggling at run defense as usual allowing 5 yds per carry and they aren’t as good at running between tackles. Their strength on offense is their passing game which we are built well to counter.

  9. Gavster Says:

    Man if we get to the playoffs. im going to that game no matter what.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Detroit last year 2-5. This year with Suh 2-5. They are deliberately helping Suh get big numbers by running the defense with him as the center- where he gets big numbers. They have to. Unlike the Bucs, it’s obvious that Detroit screwed up again, and will be a LOSER again. They will probably finish 4-12 again. The shoulda drafted a LT , because Jeff Backus sucks . But Nooooo, they wanted Suh. Now Stafford is out with a dislocated shoulder, and the only way the Detroit fans don’t revolt on those idiots, is if the make Suh look like a Super star- it’s stupid what they are doing, but it is fooling the really dumb fans. Suh plus a boat load of talented free agents= 4-12 , no improvement at all. McCoy, no free agents, = 10-6 and meybe playoffs . Toughie look at it real hard, but looks pretty simple to me. Great players improve their team. Teams that have to “make” their top pick look good, because the team still sucks, made a mistake on draft day. I’m sure some of you you still won’t get it, but it’s really just that simple.

  11. Brad Says:

    It amazes me that the four letter network has sung our praises all week but not one picked the Bucs to win. I think the Bucs have a great shot this weekend and I think if they play their game can win. I believe were better than last year and we played Atanta to two close games last year. The Bucs win this game and the respect will come. Plus Roddy White is so cocky it will be sweet to shut him down and up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sterling Sharp picks us this week. He have the Bucs all kinds of love on the NFL network. Go Bucs.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the way, any of you listen to that ass monkey Dan”sucks” Sileo this morning around 5:30. He was saying how the Bucs were going to get blown out by the Falcons, laughing about. He was also calling McCoy- Pancake. Sileo is the same idiot that was laughing at our coach at saying we won’t win 2 games this year. The only thing more pathetic than Sileo’s pro career, is his radio career. He’s already been proven a fool by this team. I am calling the station, letting them know that I will not listen again whille he’s there. I would like to ask you guys to do the same. Idiots like him are why our teams get disrespected nationally. National media stays in touch thru local avenues. Sileo doesn’t warrant being a voice of the Bucs team. Unless we choose to talk out our ass, in which instance he is the perfect selection

  13. JDouble Says:

    I bet you’ll listen to him again….

  14. oar Says:

    You probably right! I don’t listen to him. I tried years ago, but couldn’t stand him. If you still listen to him now, then you probably listen to him again. Dan has always been an a– and sucked, it’s not like he just turned into one!

  15. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I think Coach has it right….Stats are for Losers. Peter King says we are going to get beat down by the Falcons. He notes that the Bucs five wins were against five teams with a combined win/loss of 12-24. Other experts note that Falcons have a great passing and running attack and the Bucs are suspect against the run.
    Lets flip that around. The Falcons beat opponents who have a combined win/loss of 14-23. They are the no. 19 defense, we are 21st. Their run defense is the 6th best and ours is 30th. Here is kicker, they are 25th against the pass and we are 12th.
    How is it a foregone conclusionwe are going to lose this game? Seems kind of even to me.

  16. oar Says:

    Look CERTAIN stats are for losers. Wins and loses stats are at the top of the list and are the ones that REALLY count, but I think you can look at point diiferentials and/or scoring(offensive and defensive) rankings and get a good idea about teams. Atlanta has a positive net point differential at 36 and is ranked 10th in offensive scoring and 10th in defensive scoring. The Bucs have a negative point diffential at -27 and we rank 20th in offensive scoring and 24th in defensive. Winning teams with a negative point differential, means they got waxed a few times and are probably overrated. To say Atlanta isn’t a good team is probably more of a prejudice statment, cause we are Bucs fans. But, they are a good team and I think hope we beat them. Go Bucs!

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’ve listen to the station alot. I haven’t listened to that ass ape much until today. Won’t listen agaiN

  18. oar Says:

    Good and stick to it, CaptTim! One day, no one will be tuning him in!