Bucs Need “A Monster”

November 9th, 2010

Bucs defenseVeteran St. Petersburg Times columnist Gary Shelton was at the Georgia Dome Saturday. He saw with his own eyes the Bucs’ frustrating loss to the Dixie Chicks.

It’s obvious to Joe and it’s obvious to many Bucs fans and it’s also obvious to Shelton. The Bucs need a nasty, snarling, glass-eating, physical brute of a player on defense.

They need a Mike Singletary. They need a Jack Lambert. They need one of those snarling, snapping defensive players who, frankly, scares quarterbacks into wearing diapers. They need a Warren Sapp. They need a Bruce Smith. They need someone whom Roger Goodell keeps on double-secret probation. A vicious outside linebacker, maybe. A relentless defensive end. A ruthless safety. A Derrick Brooks. A John Lynch.

Did you see the Falcons cut through the Bucs defense for most of the afternoon? The Bucs could not stop the run, and they could not rush the passer, and they could not slow down the Falcons. Even in a good start, there has been too much of that for the Bucs. Too often, they just look like a team trying to hang on.

In other words, the Bucs need to spend next offseason adding defensive playmakers. They need someone to make a crunching stop at a crucial moment and add fire to his teammates.

Joe texted his good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 during the first half of Sunday’s game that if Ray Lewis was a Bucs linebacker, he’d be so infuriated he’d probably punch someone. But that’s the kind of guy the Bucs need: Someone who will punish an offense so bad that running backs seriously wonder if they should start selling aluminum siding to senior citizens.

Shelton may very well be onto something. Joe finds it very telling that last week Bucs general manager Mark Dominik put in a claim for Shawne Merriman.

28 Responses to “Bucs Need “A Monster””

  1. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Thats what Ive been saying all along, we need attitude on defense…thats why Merrimen made sense.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    We need two DE’s on defense. Bucs over estimated White’s and Moore’s ability and it’s biting us in the ass. BIG TIME.
    Draft two DE’s with the first 2 picks in the draft, yes, I’m serious. We need two, let’s up our odds at at least getting one.

  3. thomas Says:

    There are no monsters on the defense, Talib is probably the closest thing that they have to one. There D Line is HORRIBLE, which makes the LB’s much less effective.

    Although they will win this week b/c of another gift with Tony Pike playing qb possibly. Tony Pike? They have already been gifted Delhomme, Moore/Clausen, Bradford, and Max Hall. Now Tony Pike. You can say that they are no gift games in the NFL, but when you are scheduled bad teams with replacement QB’s – that is a gift. I think Jon Stewart is hurt also.

    If I were Carolina, I would probably run it on every play. At least you would be able to see McCoy on his roller skates which is hilarious if you watch him closely. He just gets manhandled if he doesnt get an advantage with the first step – which happens on all but about 2 plays per game and everyone makes a big deal about the 2 plays that he doesnt get destroyed.

    After 6-3, we will get a TRUE picture of the future. If they get spanked by NO again, lose to the Falcons again, finish 2-4 and third in the division with no other legit wins – then they are what we thought they were, as Denny Green would say!

  4. Cannon Says:

    The D is pretty pathetic. Good thing we have a budding offense.

    I have read in many articles that it is far easier to shore up a defense in the offseason than it is to build a dynamic offense.

  5. Bucworld Says:

    Ruud is our monster. I’m sure all of the offenses are scared. The way he attacks the hole and punish ball carriers. I’m not sure why this guy gets a pass. I’ve heard every excuse for him, he covers well, he’s smart. I’ve never heard of a cover LB.

  6. Dave Says:

    They do need that and they need that person as the emotional leader of the team.
    THAT is why I was screaming all offseason to trade Ruud (figured they could have gotten a 3rd round pick for him) and I was hoping they could have used that to get BRANDON SPIKES.
    He is a nasty, run stuffing, emotional leader at the MLB position.

    Exactly what they need behind all these young DEs.

    2011 Draft:
    RD 1: DE
    RD 2: DE
    RD 3: MLB

    RD 4-6 Safety and O-Line

  7. Gary Says:

    There is no way we stand pat during this offseason. We need a defensive beast either at DE or LB and it should come during FA not the draft. We need a proven talent. Lets hope someone is there for the taking and the Bucs pony up the dough. The draft is a crapshoot, and if we play well this season and make the playoffs our 1st pick will be late in the round anyway. We couldn’t even find a can’t miss DT with the 3rd pick. Lets hope time helps GMC because I agree with Thomas, he is playing bad even for a rookie right now.

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    This is a great article and the exact reason Ruud takes so much heat. Football is an emotional sport where momentum carries teams through entire games. One good hit on a QB or even a crushing blow that causes a fumble can effect the outcome of the game. Every team needs that one player that will punch someone upside the head just to get their team fired up. The Bucs need a Jeremy Trueblood on defense that will rip someones face mask off. Lets go out and find a couple of enforcers as they say in hockey and put fear back into opposing offenses.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    You are exactly on the mark, Joe! A Ray Lewis type is the biggest missing piece to this Defense. Someone to give it an identity! We will be busy in free agency this year, with a lot of Money to spend! Also another Mark Dominick Draft will add more talent. Defense is harder to adjust to. Out defense will be improved because all the Rookies/ 1st year players will have another year. That’s the biggest help for Price, McCoy, Moore, and Grimm. A few Bad Ass free agents will fix that. Offense is good. A change of pace Back, meybe O-line depth, and we’re good! Thomas- silence town fool! Geez, dude, don’t you get tired of looking stupid? Everything you’ve post since June has been proven to be wrong, and ignorant of any football knowledge! Just makes you look pathetic, but you keep posting the same stuff! No self respect? Or is your Hatred/agenda towards Raheem so important that you’re willing to look that rediculious? Jus get out yer “Gruden gone wild” videos, and you’ll feel much better. Meybe Jerry Jones continues his tradition of bad hirings, and yerlil chucky ends up in Dallas! Then you can happily follow chucky again, and not be afraid of the scary Raheem anymore!

  10. Posey99 Says:

    merriman would have been a good fit. he’s only 26 years old

  11. MIKE56WESLEY Says:

    CAPT.TIM, Icould not have said it better,idiots complaining about GMC,wat about price,benn ,lewis ,williams, lorig,grimm,watson Iknow you miss all those great gruden picks,who did he pick?And the d-line is young and horrible because guden left it that way,no my mistake old and horrible is wat it was.

  12. adam from ny Says:

    merriman blew out a knee a couple years back and has never been the same player….he is still living slightly off his past rep when he was like the most dominating defensive player for a couple years….however it is clear those days are way behind him….same situation as the caddy….he has nothing left in those legs with his rebuilt knees…adam from ny

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gary- exactly how would YOU know how well a rookie DT should or should not be playing? Are you a former NFL DT? A former Coach? Some guy without a clue? Steve White- Former NFL lineman and Former D-Line coach says McCoy looks great, and is doing great for a rookie. So , who are YOU to know better than him? Damn, I’m so tired of listening to people who couldn’t point out the DT on the field, claiming to be able to judge how well a rookie is progressing! If you don’t have some real base of knowledge, then don’t listen to the idiot haters here like Thomas. All he knows about football is that he loved Jon Gruden, and the mean ole Bucs fired him. That’s it. But he post everything negative here that he hears, because he can’t find a site for broken hearted coach crushes!

  14. MIKE56WESLEY Says:

    I wonder if we would be better off with atackle like JOHN RANDLE,so I looked at his stats 1sack 15 tackles,I think hes a hall of famer so GMC is in good company

  15. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I agree we need an emotional leader on the D…But let us NOT resolve to get another criminal mastermind/headcase. Brooks and Sapp brought the pain year in year out and were NEVER in trouble. As much as I want the Bucs D to be like the glorious D of old, I hope they pick the CORRECT player, and don’t get pressured into signing someone with legal/emotional baggage.

    If Father Dungy taught us anything, it is that character counts.

  16. Jimmy Says:

    Barrett Ruud:

    Smart as a cat.

    Soft as a kitten.

    Flat-footed as a dog standing on its hind legs.

  17. Gary Says:

    Capt. and Mike,

    No I haven’t played in the NFL but I have seen enough to know that even rookies stumble into plays once in a while. GMC hasnt done sh*t so far, but I am not placing the blame entirely on him. I think its more of Wash’s fault because the talent is obviously there or he wouldnt have went #3.

    And please get real, GMC gets pancaked a few times each game and blown off the ball frequently. When his jump isn’t good off the line he has trouble making a play.

    Capt, you know I am no hater and there is nothing in the world I would love more than to see him blow up and become a beast DT for us for the next 10 yrs. All I’m saying is that we should have seen something to show us that potential by now. I am not predicting he will suck, but he needs to play better. If he doesn’t improve by seasons end, Wash has to go.

  18. Gary Says:

    And another thing Capt, if you disagree do so like a civilized man without calling my intelligence, fandom, or manhood into question. I am not part of the slow squad that deserves or will put up with that BS.

  19. oar Says:

    Don’t mind the Capt, sometimes he gets a little chum under his nails and gets a little grumpy! Anybody that doesn’t love Raheem or the Capt’s opinions, must feel the wrath of his chumness!

  20. oar Says:

    BTW not all fans that question Raheem’s coaching or draft picks or the Bucs in general are part of your self-appointed “slow squad”. I have enjoyed your posts, but they are getting a little….how does Charles Barkley put it…..”uncivilized”!

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mike56Wesley- you are exactly right! Just look at this team! Wr- Benn and Williams. QB Freeman, RBs Blount and Lorig. This is the FUTURE! And it’s looking like the best it’s ever been here! Not to mention some great looking New linemen, gonna put some of those other complacent bums out of a job! Raheem Morris said at the beginning of Preseason- this defense was gonna struggle. Said it would like bad statistically. Said it was gonna try to bend, but not break this year, and return stronger next year! And that is EXACTLY how’s it been! Yet everybody here- who all predicted we wouldn’t win 3 games all year, by the way! Are all saying the defense is keeping us out of the playoffs! You idiots never dreamed this team could go 8-8, much less the playoffs! Raheem has already proven that he is in charge, and knows what he’s doing! Shut up and enjoy this unexpectedly exciting, winning team. Next year, he’ll have us fighting to the playoffs. Quit trying to act like all of you are experts on coaching Rookies, and enjoy watching someone who is!Mike56Wesley – wish they all were as smart as you. The really dumb ones get on my nerves!

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Alright, alright! I’m sorry Gary and Oar. Yer right, I’m a Lil less funny, and a lot more irratable today. It happens. And yer right Gary , you are a good guy, and definately not a slow squad member! I just watched a lot of tape on McCoy from the last two weeks, plus watched him in practice. I’m telling you, this guy is talented as hell! The thing is, he’s sacrificing his stats to help the team. He’s playing Nose guard in a 3 man line alot. You don’t get stats there, and it’s not his natural position. He’s also playing DE in a 3 man front. Another place you don’t rack up stats. Doing this makes the Team better. He is sacrificing his stats to get wins. And this Pancake crap is Dan Sileo’s BS! I haven’t seen it. Sileo is an expert. When he played here (Briefly!!) his jersey was blank on the back, because no one would ever see it. He was ussually on his back before they hiked the ball!! He only got a look because some good players played for U of Miami, and they hoped it had rubbed off. It hadn’t.. So, ok , I’ll be nicer:)

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Capt Tim, you need to tell the Doc to stick it and get back on the sauce.

  24. gitarlvr Says:

    Not sure if he will be restricted or unrestricted but if its at all possible the guy the Bucs need to sign is Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker Lamarr Woodley. He is considered by many to be the best outside linebacker in football. He is 265 lbs. He is the big mean glass eater Joe is talking about. He will command huge money but he is only 26 so it will be worth it. Woodley plays OLB in a 3-4 with the Steelers but I assume he would be more of a fit as MLB in the Bucs defense. He would instantly be the best pass rushing\run stuffing linebacker the Bucs have had since Hardy Nickerson(coincidentally another guy the Bucs signed away from the Steelers). Its questionable at 265 lbs. and coming from a 3-4 whether Woodley will be able to handle the pass coverage duties the Bucs heap on their linebackers but maybe its time for a little paradigm shift in the style of linebacker the Bucs want on their defense altogether. At 240 lbs Ruud and Black are average size at best, but at 223 lbs Geno Hayes is a pipsqueak and he gets absolutely manhandled by blockers at times. And watching Turner just pull right out of his wrap tackle on Sunday was just painful. If the Bucs don’t sign Woodley they will be best off drafting a linebacker in the 1st round as I don’t see anyone on the list of 2011 free agents other than him who would warrant throwing huge money at. Guys like Chad Greenway and Paul Posluszny will be available but they are just like Ruud and Black- 240 lb. linebackers that wont thrive without great run defense from the DT’s in front of them. My #1 priority for Bucs in offseason- Sign Woodley or go LB in 1st round.

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMacattack-lol, geez that sounds like a great idea! Buuuut, I’m trying to hang around as long as possible. I have a young kid. Plus, I don’t know how you guys would get along without a Lil humor from the Capt. 🙂 ( which I will be working on, as I’ve noticed a rather unhumorous shift lately. Probably not unexpected, but I’m gonna work on it anyway!)

  26. jodikool716 Says:

    We need to draft both tarheel guys DE- Quinn and MLB- Sturdivant and sign Merriman who will be a free agent. After we need to focus on the safety position and another DT wouldnt to rotate with Mcoy and price. Our practice squad players will develop nicely. Worthington will be a starter next year after we cut Moore and dont sign Style”betty”White. Rudd, Caddy, Stovall and sims all will be gone. Our defense has no attitude. McCoy is a nice guy off the field but on it he no mean streak and Rudd is non existent.

  27. gitarlvr Says:

    jodikool- No way should the Bucs sign Merriman. He is completely washed up and will do nothing in Buffalo as he did nothing in San Diego the past two years. He is a chronically injured bum who whose best days were a result of steroids. The Bucs put a waiver claim on him out of sheer desperation not because he was going to make a big impact. Why would they sign a guy like Merriman instead of going for Lamarr Woodley, the best OLB in football, who will be an UFA if the CBA is fixed or RFA if it is not. Even if he is a RFA it would be worth giving up the pick to get him. He will only be in his third year but has already reached his potential.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Like the idea of drafting NC guys. Really like Greg Romeus of Pittsburgh. Might still be available, because he hasn’t played much this year. We need an enforcer at SS, upgrades at all LB spots, and priority one DEs. I’m not ready to write Moore, Crowder, or Bennett off just yet, as they are all really first year players. But it’s obvious we need a beast DE!