Bucs Have Talent On Defensive Line

November 17th, 2010

Bucs fans are so fed up with the putrid production of the defensive line while watching games, they’re just about ready to wing a shot glass at an ugly bartender after throwing down a drink to try to numb the pain.

In fact, many believe any defensive lineman on the Bucs active roster who doesn’t go by the last name of “McCoy” should be given a one-way ride by Paradise Worldwide Transportation — at cost! — to the front steps of the UFL franchise in Orlando.

Hold up! says Steve White. The former Bucs defensive lineman who started at defensive end on one of the greatest defenses in Bucs history and played six years for the Bucs under Rod Marinelli, believes the Bucs do have talent on the defensive line not named McCoy.

Joe will let Steve explain, as he breaks down each player and explains what the problem on the defensive line is.

Accepting that draft status isn’t necessarily a good arbiter of talent, still I don’t think there is anybody that the Bucs have on their current roster that couldn’t make most other teams roster providing they also run a 4-3. I’ll point out that last year people didn’t think much of Jimmy Wilkerson but the Saints signed him as a free agent when he was still rehabbing a torn ACL.

Now I understand that none of the guys has had what you would call a dominant year this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have talent. I know people who will claim Stylez isn’t a good pass rusher because he only has 3 sacks but if I point out that Justin Tuck and Jared Allen only have 4 sacks then they will claim that it isn’t just about sacks. Look there’s a lot in this world I don’t know, but I DO know defensive line talent and the Bucs have it. I can’t account for how they are using it though.

I want everyone reading this blog to seriously think about this question though. What defensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the last 5 years would you say got better and progressed as his career went on?

Please educate yourself and read Steve’s entire article. It’s riveting if not detailed analysis for any Bucs fan.

My friends, it’s quite simple. The Bucs defensive linemen simply are not being utilized correctly or they just aren’t being coached up. Joe has written this before: If Stylez White’s numbers are down, if Roy Miller is a shell of his rookie self due to his regression, it’s fairly easy to connect the dots.

It’s simply difficult for Joe to believe that Mark Dominik can find all sorts of hidden gems at virtually every position other than defensive line.

51 Responses to “Bucs Have Talent On Defensive Line”

  1. Jonny Says:

    I never was one to agree Bucs do not have talent on D-line. Look at Tennessee Titans play and you will see how good scheming and coaching gets the best out of some no namers. Bucs don’t have that kind of coaching and scheming that plays to player strengths.

    I am a Rah supporter for Head Coach, but I think he at least needs some help in form of a defensive coordinator. Eric Mangini is really a genius defensive mind, why do you guys think he has a defensive coordinator (a darn good one btw)? Same with Tennessee Titans.

  2. lakeland Bob Says:

    That’s a far different story than than Justin Pawloski posted on his last blog.He made it sound like the only player worth keeping was Mccoy.I think I’ll go with Steve’s analysis on this one.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hey, Steve White, what player at ANY position on the team improved until last year?? That said, if we need a new D Line coach, let’s find one and hire him!

  4. tj Says:

    Myabe Rhaeem needs to make it al ittle more simpler for the D it jsut seems like he ask them to do alot. From 3-3-5 to 3-4 to 4-3 mccoy playing Nose guard, White trying trying cover WR’s

  5. k_bassuka Says:

    I see where Steve is going with this, but I disagree. Stylez is garbage, when I see him play it makes me wants to throw up. He beats his man twice maybe 3 times a game the rest of the time he is being pushed around like a ragdoll. Someone needs to tell him that his speed rush sucks, and the only time he gets pass his man is when the LT screws up. Steve compares Tuck to Styles, really, when I see Tuck one on one against anybody T, G, or C he is putting pressure on the QB unlike Stylez. McCoy is the only star player on DL we have right now. I see Miller not being utilized to his strengths but other than that the rest of the active ones can be replaced. Specially Lazy White.

  6. Fish Says:

    hmmm… I just found out that that entire blog post was based around a comment I randomly made in the comments section of his TGTBTU.

    I also think he may have been confused on the point I was making, according to his response in the comments section. Time to straighten a few things out…

  7. derf Says:

    But wait – I thought Raheem was a DC GENIUS!

    Isn’t Raheem supposed to be the defensive guru????

    I thought the defense was supposed to be getting better once Bates was sacked!!!!!

    Oh my….oh goodness….what’s the world coming to…….HELP!!!!!

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    It’s true, none of our Defensive linemen seem to be improving much! I think Crowder and Bennett have show some skill, so has Moore, in burst. Miller looked good last year, not so much now! Again, if D line is the issue- Rod Marinelli is the answer! With a side of Steve White as a D-Line assistant. That should do it. As a matter of fact, Marinelli could be DC! All good! How about it Mr. White, if the the Bucs called, would you answer the Call?

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Steve knows better than I, but I still say they only talent on the DL is McCoy and Price. White should be doing better by a long shot and Miller is nothing more than a rotation player at this point. We need TWO de’s that can create havoc. Yes everyone has a gap in their defensive assignments, so who is missing them?

  10. Posey99 Says:

    captain Kim, i wont anwser the question you asked steve white, but thats a easy anwser.

    Raheem is a defensive backs coach, what does he really know about the dline? I was worried when we first promoted him to coach, but he has really grown on me and he is one hell of a motivational guy and leader, i agree a DC and/or a new line coach. When i watched warren sapp on the NFL network with gerald mcCoy it seemed like sapp was enjoying teaching mccoy then of corse he went on to help mccoy and price in private sessions. sapp is intense and hes very smart- i think he would make a great dline coach

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Derf- Raheem is a defensive genius, just as certain as you are Town fool!! You don’t win 6 out of 9 games in this league, with an all Rookie team, unless you are a genius! You would already know that, as I have explained it to you a dozen times, except you are a town fool. Sooooo, SILENCE, town fool! Your betters are speaking! Back to the swine!

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Posey 99, Sapp could start as an assistant, it wouldn’t take him long.certainly would command respect- think he’s got a good gig with NFL network, doesn’t he? It is funny watching him with McCoy- Sapp beams like a new Poppa! Way cool! I think we have some talenton the D-line. It’s just going to take this year and meybe next to really come together. We will be beast at DT. What we are missing is that one explosive guy on the end- that Simeon Rice, Jared Allen kinda guy that just gives QBs terminal happy feet! Hope we sign or draft him this summer.biggest problem with the line is the one Raheem said we’d have this summer- they are Young!! And D-Line is a place where it takes time to get stronger, with better technique! It’ll happen. Just slowly. Good thong is that we are winning in the meantime! And that’s amazing!!!

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    And forget it, I am never going to explain how the line suffer,because we are playing a 3-2-6. This year again! Ever! Lol

  14. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Moore is horrible, worst graded D lineman on tape in years.

    Crowder shows promise, Bennett shows solme too. I disagree with all of you, having watched McCoy closely, he is basically useless (except for the Rams game). Of course I defer to SGW’s evaluation as to whether the horrible D line play (last in the nfl in sacks and overall pressure) is the fault of coaching.

    If it is the fault of the coaches, who is our D coordinator? You sheep need to point the finger in the right direction. The success that this team is inarguably attributable to the weak schedule and the offensive passing game improvement. So, maybe Greg Olson and Free deserve the credit.

  15. lakeland Bob Says:

    What makes everyone think that Marinelli is gonna be available?No way Lovie is letting him walk and with the Bears playing over their heads,no way Lovie gets fired.

  16. McBuc Says:

    DAMN Posey…You said “Capt Kim”…I thought my wife found me!

    Buc You…You againmake little to no sense.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ok Thomasdaracist- I’m pointing the finger! It’s my middle finger, and, Look Out! It’s aimed at you!! Oh no! There goes my other middle finger! Tommy gets da double barrel! Oh, the inhumanity!!

  18. Dew Says:

    Interesting from PFT.

    Titans coach Jeff Fisher knows better than anyone he had the right go on his roster earlier in the season, but let him slip away. Fisher admitted Wednesday he regrets waiving LeGarrette Blount “every day.”

  19. gitarlvr Says:

    @Thomas 2.1- clearly you don’t understand enough to know where to point the finger.

    The d coordinator is not the position coach. Its not up to him to coach d-line technique. Remember when the Bucs fired their secondary coach after one year? And overpaid Raheem to come back as a secondary coach? Monte Kiffin was the coordinator then and his secondary sucked that year while Raheem was at K-state. From 19th in pass defense right back to #1 in pass defense by switching out a position coach. Should Monte Kiffin have been fired? If the d-line coach sucks it can ruin the line play no matter what the scheme the D-coordinator runs. So you hire a new line coach. You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. But you along with Buc You and a couple of others clearly don’t care about logic.

  20. Buc You Says:

    “I can’t account for how they are using it though.”

    I know.

  21. bucsfanmann Says:

    if our D line is not playin well why the heck dont we change up the scheme a little bit try some exotic blitzes and play to our stengths SPEED!!!!!!!!

  22. tampa2 Says:

    I certainly didn’t hear anyone mention the d-line coach last year when Bates defense was allowing the same yardage that Raheem’s defense is this year! Bates was fired! but the great defensive mind Raheem gets a free pass. amazing! By the way, Nunn left last year and went to the Giants. Was that another great defensive “fire” by Morris? Seems the Giants d-line is doing very well this year.
    As I see the rules on here are simple, it is “Anything a coach does well (Olsen) Raheems gets the Credit for! When the defense sucks (Raheem) the d-line coach gets the blame! I’m beginning to understand the Raheemie Rules of Etiquette on here now. But you better inform the other 40,000 people that won’t purchase a ticket to see the great amateur at work! it falls under “you can fool some of the people some of the time, Glazers, but not all the people all the time”! Joe better keep that black-out bus gassed up the rest of the year. Because we aren’t drinking the kool-aid!

  23. JDouble Says:

    Who’s we? You’re the only assclown that is trying to bag on our 6-3 Bucs.

  24. tampa2 Says:

    We, as in the 40, 000 that will not buy a ticket until we have a Professional Coach, asswipe!

  25. BamBamBuc Says:


    That’s not true. I’ve been giving Van Pelt credit for working with Freeman this year. And Yarber for his work with the WRs. And Olsen for the offense in general.

    I will give Raheem a decent amount of credit for the way the secondary is playing. Although he’s HC/DC, he still has significant influence there. They’ve got Cody Grimm playing pretty well at FS after being thrust into the spot when Jackson got suspended and having a rough start against the Steelers. He’s playing well now. Jones is looking pretty good, and Talib, Barber and Biggers are playing very well. Even Lewis has looked decent in limited action. Only Mack hasn’t done well in the secondary.

    I’ll also give Morris credit for the defense “as a whole” considering they shut down multiple teams in the second half to allow the offense to come back and win the game. Last year, they were getting the lead in the 4th and the D was losing the game. I’d much rather have the D hold on at the end. The D is showing one MAJOR area of weakness (whether it’s talent or coaching) and that’s D-line. Considering that there is regression in players from last year, I’d have to say it’s coaching. Last year, Wash was only responsible for half the line (which still didn’t do well). Nunn was hired on by the Giants, I think we’d have been better off paying him to stay and letting Wash go, but that’s the past. We’re living in the present, and things will need to be changed in the future.

    I’ll also give Morris credit for motivating the entire team, this whole group (offense AND defense) of young players to play as well as they have to win 6 games out of 9. He’s a head coach now. He can’t just concentrate on one position, he’s got to motivate the entire team to win games, and he’s doing that. They hired Wash to coach up the D-line and get them playing well in the system they are playing. He’s not doing a good job of that, he doesn’t get any credit, he’s failing at his job.

  26. BamBamBuc Says:

    If it keeps your negative a$$ away from the team and the game, I’ll be happy with blackouts for as long as necessary. I’d rather not see negative people at the game anyway. Much better when fans are there cheering FOR the team, not against the coach. It’s so much more effective firing up our team and making it difficult for our opponent.

  27. safety Says:

    Raheem isn’t responsible for the stadium not being sold out.
    That’s silly.
    He IS responsible for the team going 6-3, though.
    He is, with Dom, responsible for bringing Freeman in.
    Yes, we are last in sacks, but we are first, or close to it, in interceptions.
    I can’t quantify it exactly, but interceptions are, IMO, 3 times better than sacks.
    Wins, of course, are the best stats of all, and we have 6 of ’em.
    Raheem said it the other day on that show with Jay Glazer: the way to consistently win over an extended period of time is to get the right quarterback.
    We’ve seen the offense blossom with that guiding philosophy, and we now have three young stud DTs to build the line around. Conventional wisdom is that it takes 3 years for DTs to really develop. In my opinion, Miller is NOT a throw away guy, and he will be waaaaay better than average when it’s all said and done. McCoy and Price look very very good. I think chances are very good that our interior line will be, and stay, excellent in the fairly near future.
    I struggle with how bitchy some fans are.
    Do they not remember last year?
    Do they not know about the Bucs starting 0-26?
    Yes, things could be going better, but guys, this year is going great!

  28. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Tampa2 – Right on! exactly what I have been saying for weeks.

    @ gitarlvr: You idiot, I was eexpanding upon Steve White’s commennts that it is the defensive scheme being put in place by the Coordinator and not the talent / technique that is causing the D line to be horrible. Technique is of course within the responsibility of the position coach, general philosophy – 3-3-5 on passing downs and sending a backer or db as the fourth pass rusher, not calling pass rush games etc – that is within the rhealm of the coordinator.

    I also believe the decision to stick with Miller and Moore who suck, is on the coordinator and HC.

    I know you fools want o blame every coach except the HC for these obvious ineptitudes – yet with prior coaches you would do the exact opposite. Why? Because you are not objective and are invested in this amateur.

    BTW – none of us oppose Rah as the d backs coach, it is naming him HC purely b/c he will accept a ridiculously low salary is what we objected to.

    It is possible to root for the team and not support the coach. As almost all of you sheep should know b/c that is what you did during our last two HC regimes,

  29. The D Says:

    Lol Thomas lecturing us on how to be objective.

  30. mike56wesley Says:

    CAPT.TIM,I see all the usuals are out tonite,crying about sacks,clock management,coordinaters,what color shoes we wear,GRUDEN was an offensive mastermind,but his offensive was always close to garbage?you use to say it was because the glazers were so cheap and would not by free agents we dont have them now.I dont know but the glazers built the team the same way before,when we won the superbowl through the draft,sign free agents when you missing one or two pieces,the way the steelers do,if gruden drafted better or developed talent better he would still be here,see the problem is you guys saw the draft we had and wished he would lose with all those rookies so another coach can lay the bricks on his fondation but he spoiled your plans by winning.he wont be a inexpiernced head coach next year and will have a new fat contract on your haten azzes.

  31. mike56wesley Says:

    I sit here and listen to white talk ,but ass a young player playing next to veterans he really didnt get it ass a young lineman himself,his stats werent ass good as mccoy

  32. BamBamBuc Says:


    I won’t tell you or tampa2 or Buc You, or anyone else how to cheer for the team, I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with any of you during a game. What a miserable way to watch a game.

    As for calling for a coaches head when his “specialty” is failing, why was everyone upset when Gruden was fired? Before he got here, the offense was ranked 26th in yards and 15th in points. Over his tenure, the offense was never better than 18th in points. That’s actually worse than before he got here. He had us as high as 10th and 14th in yards, but also as low as 29th. Why wasn’t everyone calling for Gruden to be fired? I’ll admit, I wasn’t. I liked Gruden. I didn’t like the team getting old and missing badly on draft picks. Maybe we should have just changed GMs, but it seems that Gruden didn’t want to “go young”. I could be wrong about that, but that’s the general consensus.

    Now, admittedly Morris hasn’t got the Defense up to the Kiffin Standard. I have to say that’s a pretty tall order, but the Bucs should be able to get back there sometime soon. It’s difficult to get to that point with the youth on both sides of the ball. Yet, in only his 2nd year, the D is back up to 21st in points and 22nd in yards. I know, that doesn’t sound very good, or much like our Bucs. But looking closer, Kiffin’s defense actually dipped to 21st in points and 17th in yards in 2006.

    We gave Gruden 7 years to turn the offense around, and build a “new” contender. The offense never blossomed and we were always on the bottom edge of contending. In a year and a half, the team has turned into a very promising young group and all numbers are moving upward. Last year the D was 27th in both yards and points, so we’re better this year in both categories. Young, improving, promising, possibly contending… that’s why Raheem gets a pass. And why not, Gruden got a 7 year pass on the offense.

    NOTE: I am not a Gruden hater. I liked Gruden. He was a fun coach to have, I liked his excitement and energy. I also liked Dungy and Wyche and McKay (there are some in the middle I wasn’t all that thrilled about). Even though I wasn’t a fan of Bennett, Perkins and Williamson, I never cheered for the team to lose games to get the coach fired. Ever.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thomas, you couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, I have never, ever rooted against the Bucs, or any of their coaches.

    FYI, if there is a decision to stick with a certain player due to draft status, that’s the call of the front office genius. No coach gives a damn about where a player is drafted, they care about keeping their job.

    The defensive scheme is a result of poor talent, because we just don’t have the talent to line up and beat people, we need to try to get creative. Granted, it hasn’t really worked, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve tried just about everything and nothing has worked.

    I don’t think anyone has said Coach Morris hasn’t made mistakes, what coach hasn’t made mistakes on a weekly basis. Steve White constantly comments as to how good of a job Coach Morris has done, but I guess you only like to pick and choose what parts of his blog you read (pretty typical of a close minded person). But what you do is blame him for EVERY thing you don’t like, even though you couldn’t even hold a football conversation with him or any other coach to save your life. To say he is not a good coach is completely ignorant, and I guarantee you that you can ask any and every professional and they will tell you the exact same thing. But I guess you are the only smart one, and those 40,000 who choose not to buy a ticket because of the coach. Let me know how that works out for you when the Bucs move a little closer to me because of stupid fans like yourself trying to prove a point to billionaires. I’m traveling 4000 miles by myself through the night to support the Bucs in San Francisco Sunday, so I’m sure you would do the same (once we hire a professional head coach, right?).

  34. mike56wesley Says:

    Great post BAM BAM but its falling on deaf ears,we all loved wyche ,dungy,gruden I was mad when each was fired,but ive got to say the old cheap glazers really havent miss yet,the team is young, great, winning not only games but winning over fans,your big group is winding down to just you and a few,before long your friends are going to start telling you to put a sock in it ! if they havent already

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t think the D line problem is players. I think it’s coaching or lack thereof. They are young and inexperienced, but as they say “coach em up”. If the position coach can’t do it, hire someone who can. It is easier to replace 1 coach than 7 or 8 players. If the Bucs ran an add for D line coaches, they’d probably get 100 applicants.

  36. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Hillarious. The Bucs have doubled their wins from last year and we are only half way through the season and yet some of you (Thomas 2.1, Tampa2, Buc You) think you know better than Morris. Preposterous

  37. Gavster Says:

    Idk whats wrong with or D-line but i have this gut feeling that the bucs are ogonna sniff around jarvis moss. He was a good pass rusher in college but idk… if i should be worried or not.

  38. BamBamBuc Says:

    Raheem Morris on Inside the NFL with Warren Sapp:

    “And right now, we gotta get better up front. There’s no secret about it. It is what we are. We’re getting better. We’re young, we’re talented. We’re bringing in people here like Gerald McCoy, we’re bringing in people here like Roy Miller. And those guys are starting to get the system, and starting to get it down. But we gotta get better up front, we gotta get better across the board. By no means do we have all the pieces.”

    Sounds to me like Morris isn’t oblivious to the problem on the D-line. Obviously they have guys they deem “young and talented”, but they’re still working on coaching these guys up to the system. At least that seems to be what he’s saying. Young guys don’t have the NFL system down yet and still need to be coached up. Also, they’re looking to “add more pieces”. That says to me that they know they need more help on the edge rush as well and will probably be looking to add a DE (or two) this off-season.

    No where in there does he say Wash isn’t doing a good job, but I have a feeling that if they aren’t seeing the improvement from the “young, talented” guys that they want to see this year, they’ll fix that problem next off-season as well. So, looking at Raheem Morris as a head coach and a defensive coordinator, he seems to be on top of the situation as best as it can be this year. You can’t make guys grow up, or learn, faster than they are capable (we all said it takes time to develop a DT).

    Morris can’t just drop the HC or the DC responsibilities to go coach up D-linemen. That’s why they have a D-line coach. Even if Wash isn’t doing his job very well, they have to fight through it this year, because it’s too difficult to change that mid-season. I’d love to see Wash gone now. It’s not gonna happen, because they won’t be able to see enough impact from a new coach soon enough to matter this year.

  39. Architek79 Says:

    Tampa2 your such an IDIOT! “As I see the rules on here are simple, it is “Anything a coach does well (Olsen) Raheems gets the Credit for! When the defense sucks (Raheem) the d-line coach gets the blame! I’m beginning to understand the Raheemie Rules of Etiquette on here now. But you better inform the other 40,000 people that won’t purchase a ticket to see the great amateur at work! it falls under “you can fool some of the people some of the time, Glazers, but not all the people all the time”! ”

    Dude you have a major malfunction and while you are reminding 40K people about their failure to purchase tickets, remind them of the economy in Tampa and the rate of job loss in the immediate region. Get the HELL out of here with that ignorant spew, I would take Morris over many coaches. See Dallas at 2-7 and they were suppose to be a contender. Would you rather have a billion dollar stadium and no one coming to the games because of expactations and no substance or would you rather exceed expectations and rebuild a foundation that grew old with an old roster? No one claimed that Raheem should not be accountable for the bad defense but I will also point out that this young coach is leading the culture of a multi-million dollar franchise. Who and what multi-million dollar franchise or business are you leading?

    I suggest that Joe also keep the tour going but you go and learn time value of money and economic principles before you try to speak for people. I’m glad your not leading anything I am affiliated with. You, Thomas 2.1, and Buc You. I’m out – Randy Moss

  40. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mike56wesley-huh? I’ve never said the glazers were cheap!?! I think they are building this team EXACTLY the right way, and have never said anything different! I also have no love for Gruden. I respect that he won the SuperBowl, but he totally stripped this team of talent! Did I read your post Wrong. I’ m the guy bashing the haters, not on their side!?!?

  41. Joe Says:


    There’s no way Raheem runs Todd Wash at this point in the season. If the Bucs had a defensive coordinator in addition to the head coach, maybe that would happen. No way Raheem has the time to be the head coach, defensive coordinator and defensive line coach.

    It’s debatable whether Raheem can be both head coach and defensive coordinator. Yeah, it’s working so far but the way Wash isn’t coaching is an example of maybe Raheem being spread too thin.

    Bucs have way too much cash invested in the defensive line for Joe to believe that Wash isn’t on thin ice. Mark Dominik doesn’t like a problem festering (see Jags and Jim Bates).

  42. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I was just thinking yesterday that the Bucs needed a new defensive line coach. Of course, the lask of young outside talent might be playing a role as well.

  43. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah, Joe, that’s kinda what I said.

    “Morris can’t just drop the HC or the DC responsibilities to go coach up D-linemen. That’s why they have a D-line coach. Even if Wash isn’t doing his job very well, they have to fight through it this year, because it’s too difficult to change that mid-season. I’d love to see Wash gone now. It’s not gonna happen, because they won’t be able to see enough impact from a new coach soon enough to matter this year.”

    There will be no change this year. But it doesn’t look as though the team doesn’t recognize the issues. Morris’ comment “By no means do we have all the pieces” leads me to believe it’s personnel as well as coaching they’re looking to improve this off-season.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Think you hit the nail right on the head, Joe. We don’t need to worry about the D-Line to much. With the amount of money invested there, no one in the Bucs organization is going to ignore a coaching issue. If there is a problem at D-line coach( which none of know, by the way!),I’m certain it won’t be a a problem for long! Pretty sure there will be even more money spent there soon, at DE. Rare to see Tampon2, Buc yourselfRahdom, and Mommys boy tommy at the same time! We hosting a fool’s convention?

  45. Joe Says:

    Think you hit the nail right on the head, Joe. We don’t need to worry about the D-Line to much.

    On the contrary.

    We need to worry about the defensive line a great deal. Unless Todd Wash is replaced — next year — this defensive line will continue to underperform and cough up triple-digit rushing yards to running backs game after game.

    NOT good!

    If/when Wash is replaced, only then will things will get better.

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    TIM SAYS- “WITH THE AMOUNT OF MONEY OF INVESTED HERE, NO ONE IN THE BUC ORGANIZATION IS GOING TO IGNORE A COACHING ISSUE”!!!! Wow, is it just me? Anyone else out there feel more and more like the last of an extinct species??? Anyhow, as I really stated, if there is a coaching issue, it will get remedied this spring. Problem is probably exactly what our head Coach has said it would be- really youg players learning their job. I’m sure the talking heads around here( Sileo, Beckles, etc.) will try to drum up some drama, and pretend like they know more than real Coaches(which is hilarious!). But chances are it’s because the are all rookies and First year players. That’s probably it in a nut shell! If not, Dom will fire the guy and hire a new Coach- no biggie! Think Lakeland Bob is right about Marinelli. Bears are doing better than expected. He’s probably safe in Chicago, Damn it!

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe- You are wanting Todd Wash’s head, why are you convinced he’s a bad coach? The line is performing exactly as Raheem and you predicted it would during the summer- poorly. You both said that a line this young couldn’t be expected to perform well, that it would take a year or two. So , how does that suddenly become Wash’s fault, and get him fired??? Or, do you have other reasons that make him a bad coach?

  48. Joe Says:


    Joe- You are wanting Todd Wash’s head, why are you convinced he’s a bad coach?

    Not wanting anyone’s head. Just want a defensive line coach to do his job.

    The line is performing exactly as Raheem and you predicted it would during the summer- poorly.

    Right. Raheem and Joe both expected Roy Miller and Stylez White to regress terribly and the line to set a franchise record for fewest sacks and give up 100 yards rushing a game to the lowest of no-name scrub running backs. Exactly how Raheem predicted!

  49. McBuc Says:

    how come back ups and rookies are no name scrubs when running all over the bucs, but when our no name rookies , scond year guys, and cast offs do it they are great? blount was not drafted and cut, thewn passed by other teams before tampa picked him up. Mike williams was picked in the 4th. 90% of the world thought freeman would be a INT machine, spurlock played for thE UFL. Do not even get me started on defense! All of thesE NFL guys can play.

  50. McBuc Says:

    My point is why cheapen our wins…we are winning with a bunch of rookies, back ups, and cast offs! I love it, the stars of tomorrow…which some of those other teams back ups will be as well.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    With no help. Don’t see how “progress” was the expected end result. Think starting 3 rookies ( Moore, Price,McCoy)would hurt White’s game. Miller’s sophomore jinx is not a huge suprise. Aww, who knows? Wash might suck, he might be a good Coach. Just don’t think he has enough talent to know!