Barrett Ruud Playing Better

November 20th, 2010

There is without a doubt no player on the Bucs that fans like to throw arrows, stones, beer cups, obscenities and untold other objects at than linebacker Barrett Ruud.

Simply put, the man is not a run-stuffer and never pretended to be. But when the Bucs’ rush defense would have difficulty keeping Countryside High School’s running attack in check, naturally fans are going to unload on the middle linebacker.

Fans want, crave, desire a Jack Lambert, a Ray Nitschke, a Ray Lewis to make a running back’s teeth shatter if he comes through the defensive line. Ruud will never do that.

In the latest TBO Bucs vlog, video star Anwar Richardson and Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune decide to give shoutouts to players who have been ridiculed by Bucs fans but should, they believe, start receiving pats on the back.

Joe asks that you listen to their analysis of how and why each player is improving and give your feedback.

9 Responses to “Barrett Ruud Playing Better”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    I’d have to say I don’t have a big problem with Ruud’s play lately either. He’s been making some splash plays dating back to the Arizona game. Quincy Black is the guy who has been invisible. Yeah he is one of the team leaders in tackles but he makes absolutely no splash plays. Hayes makes some splash plays but its just embarassing to watch the way his 223 lb. frame gets manhandled sometimes. Despite what people think Ruud is probably the best and most consistent of Tampa’s three mediocre starting linebackers.

  2. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Thanks gibralter – we agree on something. Many of the neophytes think ruud is a problem re the run d but that is so wrong it is not even worth addressing.

    ruud is every bit the run defender that shelton quarles was, but quarles had some ef.fective dt’s in front of him. miller and mccoy are useless (except for one game for mccoy). ruud is not in there to blow up fullbacks on iso runs and then shed to make zero gain tackles.

    his job is to flow to his gap, and get down the deep middle with the te or rb when in the base tampa 2. the bucs run d is all about gap integrity, many of the tackles he makes downfield are runs outside of his gap so what do you expect. most of these idiots blaming ruud and praising mccoy dont know an a gap from a tango or a twist

  3. mike56wesley Says:

    nobody stands out on d-line or linebackers when brooks played through injurys at the end of 08 thats when run def. started suffering.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    Ruud is in the Steve Howell category NFL talent wise….main difference is that Ruud is playing on a team searching for position starters and is the best among unknowns and unprovens

  5. Posey99 Says:

    He seems like he has gained a few pounds or loss muscle. He needs to take his athletism to new level. The guy definatley has the smarts and the heart. I’d like to see him work on his quickness and explosiveness. Then I could see the guy being a nasty LB

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Thomas; your posts are as crazy as your Raheem rants. Ruud is as good a run defender as Quarles was? Really! The reason Quarles never even got close to Ruud’s tackles is because they weren’t allowing other teams to drive up and down the field on them. 3 and outs were more common then Ruud getting pancake blocked. Ruud has put himself in this position by claiming he is an elite LB and should be paid like one. I get it; he’ll never be a run stuffer. The problem is when a CB on our own team (Ronde Barber) is more physical at the line of scrimmage than our MLB then it is more about heart then it is strengh. Football is a team sport that is a series of one on one battles. Ruud is losing his battles at an alarming rate. Black and Hayes may not be playing lights out, but They aren’t the team leaders and self proclaimed elite player Ruud seems to think he is.

  7. Just Frank Says:

    I’m sorry. Ruud is still not very good. He avoids contact and wants to be paid like a star MLB who seeks it out. Average RBs drag him across the field. I would be looking for his replacement in the draft or free agency.

  8. Just Frank Says:

    NFL star. Wow I need to proofread before submitting.

  9. RustyRhino Says:

    For me this photo says it all, RB running past Ruud as he is not able to shed blocks, someone else made this tackle not Ruud.
    Sure he has gotten better to some degree(I’m thinking 11th game of a contract season) but do we really want to go into another season as him being our starting MLB? As a backup sure we keep him. I wonder what other teams like about his play.(can’t stop the run, can’t shed blocks, is okay in pass coverage in cover 2, not penetrating and stopping runners behind the line) I do not see him getting many offers this off-season if we do not make him an offer. i would keep him as a backup to a good rookie MLB.
    And as for fans craving Jack Lambert, a Ray Nitschke, a Ray Lewis types. Whats wrong with wanting a MLB who teams HAVE to game-plan for? When we play the Ravens next week id hate to see the outcome if we don’t worry about where Ray Lewis is at on the field.