Arrelious Benn Busting Out

November 14th, 2010

It didn’t take long for the Bucs to hit the scoreboard today and it came from a receiver who is starting to blow up.

Arrelious Benn got off to a slow start to his NFL career because he was learning a whole new offense, a whole new scheme. Going from one of those junk spread-option offenses (an offshoot of high school gimmicky run-and-shoot things) too many colleges use because of inferior coaching, Benn pretty much had to learn how to speak Latin coming from Illinois.

Now that he’s comfortable and having a chance to play more due to Sammie Stroughter’s bum foot, Benn is really starting to shine which has Joe almost as geeked as cold, wet Rachel Watson seeking warmth and comfort from Joe.

Right now Benn looks almost as good as his fellow rookie wide out Mike Williams which is saying quite a bit. Seeing Benn lunge for the pylon to put the Bucs up 6-0 got Joe so fired up he could have gladly coughed up cash for an $8 CITS beer.

Dude can block. Dude can catch. Dude can ball.

Yet another toy for Josh Freeman to play with. Friends, if the Bucs could find a defense, this could very well be a scary, scary good team.

Sleep on that tonight with a buzz from the many beers you have thrown down today instead of pining for a Bucs cheerleader to nuzzle up to.

50 Responses to “Arrelious Benn Busting Out”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Strange part is, we could be scary right now! Not to years from now! Expect the FA parade to start again in Tampa this spring!

  2. New Era Buc Says:

    So where is the ridiculous posters calling this guy nick names and being a bust before pre season was even finished. Some people just don’t understand how the pro game works. 10 wins is going to happen because of a guy named Freeman

  3. architek79 Says:

    No it was just Florio calling Benn a bust…

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I didn’t see the game but I REALLY don’t get the man-crush Joe has on Benn. Stats from the game:

    Bucs receivers:

    M. Williams: 4 catches for 68 yards = 17.0 avg
    K. Winslow: 6 catches for 65 yards = 10.8 avg 1 TD
    J. Gilmore: 3 catches for 52 yards = 17.3 avg

    A. Benn: 2 catches for 19 yards = 14.5 avg 1 TD
    C. williams: 2 catches for 23 yards = 11.5 avg

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Sorry Benn was 2 for 29 yards!

    So that’s a breakout season! What the heck am I missing?

    Randy Moss had 1 catch for 26 yards with a team he only spent 1 week with.

    For as high a draft pick as Benn was I was expecting Williams’s like numbers – Mike not Caddy

  6. Danbucsfan Says:

    I am as geeked about this season as I have ever been about any previous team the Bucs have assembled! Heads are starting to turn…Josh Freeman is ‘Da Man!!

  7. squadoosh1 Says:

    Mr Lucky: Benn really has received very few opportunities but every time he does he seems to do very well and has made big plays. I agree with Joe..I think the guy looks very promising and makes the most of his limited touches. That was a great effort on the touchdown…..he had 29 yds btw..not 19. His effort is also very apparent with regards to blocking and special teams.

  8. Raheem Morris Says:

    Stats are for Losers

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok, I didn’t SEE the game so I won’t comment about Benn’s “blocking abilities”

    But since Stroughter is on IR this year and Benn can’t even compare to M. williams let’s put Benn up against another Bucs WR – Spurlock:

    Benn: 2nd round pick who has 11 catches this season with 2 TD’s. Before today he had 143 yards compared to the league avg of 224.

    Spurlock: undrafted kids who has 14 receptions with 2 TD’s. before today he had 205 yards compared to the league avg of 224.

    Then the team leader, M. Williams – a 3rd round pick who has 40 receptions and before today 559 yards with 5 TD’s.

    When Benn starts providing 2nd round stats or behaves like Hakeem Nicks rather than an undrafted kid off the street – THEN write about him.

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @Raheem – yeah stats are for losers – but that’s how teams get better instead of just beating up on loser teams.

    Talk to me in 2 weeks after the Ravens beatdown boss.

    Ray Lewis ‘I’ll make a stat out of Freeman – a pancake stat’

  11. New Era Buc Says:

    1st and Benn

  12. Patrick Says:

    I hope that game against the Ravens doesn’t get flexed. I don’t want to see them get destroyed on national TV.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Here Mr.Sucky, I’ll talk to you now! As in the rest of wretched life, you have been wrong about everything you have said about this team! SILENCE, town fool! We will summon you should we find the the need to laugh at your foolish antics! Return to your place among the swineand wait until you are called.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Patrick, we may beat the Ravens, but I doubt we’ll destroy them! Atlanta is a a team that barely beat us, and they beat the ravens fairly easily. But they didn’t destroy them! Atlanta is 7-3. Baltimore is 6-3, like us. Should be interesting! Great offense vs great defense. Crappy offense vs Crappy defense. Should be interesting

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Benn- 2 touchdowns in two weeks! The start of something beautiful! This guy is gonna be amazing!

  16. Pete 422 Says:

    Benn makes the plays when given the opportunity. Freeman is spreading the ball around and it was nice to get K2 involved today.

  17. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Mr. Lucky Says:
    November 14th, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    I didn’t see the game but…


    Enough said

    [Love ya FGO! but Joe’s gonna have the back of one of his long-time posters. Feel free to fire away at Mr. Lucky about any Bucs issue but no need to go down that road. — Joe]

  18. Bucnjim Says:

    Captain, one more win and we may have to talk Mr. Lucky down from the Skyway Bridge. Never mind JUMP!!!!! If your life is that Sh!tty then take the conversation to Dr. Phil. I’m going to sit here with my adult beverage and smile about being 6-3 while the rest of the slow squad cry in their stale beer. It’s a good thing they aren’t real Bucs fans or I’d be really P!ssed off right now.

  19. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Where did this A**Hole go and hide??

    Radio Mushmouth Says:
    August 22nd, 2010 at 12:46 am

    Did we get an Arrelious the Goat sighting ???

  20. Joe Says:

    Fire Greg Olson!:

    Joe bounced Radio Mushmouth for the season because he refused to abide by Joe’s rule not to post illegal links of foreign video streaming of Bucs games, then he threatened Joe.

    Joe will let him back in after the season along with Maura Deeb who also couldn’t abide by Joe’s linking rules, among other things.

  21. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    It was rhetorical but interesting none the less. Here’s to hoping I never piss you off to THAT extent. I need me some

    @Capt Tim

    The Falcons beat the Ravens “easily”? Did you watch that game? Turner had around 40 yards (I think I’m being generous there, I’m too tired to look it up). I wouldn’t call that win easy…

    Not to say we don’t have a chance against Baltimore. With Freeman, a franchise quarterback, we have a chance against anyone IMHO.

  22. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Mr. Lucky would’ve cut Roddy White and Miles Austin with his logic. What an idiot. Players develop independently. To bad mouth Benn because of Williams’ success is infantile and small-minded.

    Seriously, some people are just miserable glass-is-half-empty schmucks, who thrive on complaining like little bitches.

    Yeah, I’m talking to you Lucky.

  23. Joe Says:


    It was rhetorical but interesting none the less. Here’s to hoping I never piss you off to THAT extent. I need me some

    LOL no, you haven’t and to be honest, Radio Mushmouth didn’t either. He wouldn’t stop posting those links and then he threatened Joe when Joe told him repeatedly to stop it. If Radio Mushmouth pissed Joe off that much, Joe wouldn’t let him back in, which Joe will after the season.

  24. Mr. Lucky Says:

    For all you Benn lovers please tell me why Benn is so much better than Spurlock? Plus Spurlock has stepped up as a return guy

    Since eric has been curiously absent I’ll post something that eric is probablly thinking:

    Brandon Marshall – 52 catches for 618 and 77yards/game 33 1st downs
    A Benn – 9 catches for 143 and 18 yards/game with 6 1st downs

    Can you see WHY I’m not getting too excited about Benn?

    Sammy Stroughter – 15 catches for 177 25 yards/game with nine (9) 1st downs.

    The Bucs could have had Marshall for A. Benn’s pick. think about it….

  25. Mr. Lucky Says:

    FGO – who’s complaining you stupid a-hole? Where did you learn to read on a crackjack box?

    Actually try reading COMPREHENSION for a change you moron?

    I ask questions. I’m not a stupid sheep you like. I don’t accept that just because Joe feels Benn is a breakout that Joe is correct on this.

    The stats don’t support Joe’s lavish praise – maybe Joe knows something that he’s holding back.

    You’re just an angry person who’s not very smart.

  26. BamBamBuc Says:

    Glad you brought that up, Mr Lucky….

    and how many TDs does Marshall have? how many does Benn have?

    Let me inform you.

    Marshall: Started 9 games, 1 TD
    Benn: Started 2 games, 2 TD

    And yeah, I like Spurlock too. He’s been key on 3rd downs, has made big plays, but he’s a little guy that is hard to find in the red zone. He’s not the big WR that’s gonna go up over the top of the defender and come down with the ball. We need guys like Spurlock, but we’re better off having Benn be the #2 guy, which he’s growing into being.

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BamBam let me ask you this – why is it taking so long to get Benn involved in the Bucs game? Is it Benn’s fault or Olson’s fault?

  28. BamBamBuc Says:

    Benn has as many TDs in the last 2 games as Williams had in his first two starts. Not as many catches or yards, but it’s points that count. Even against the Cardinals where he didn’t officially start, he had 1 catch for 53 yards, that could have been a TD, but Blount punched it in for the win. That’s 3 weeks, three big plays. That’s why fans are so “high” on this guy. He may not catch 10 passes each game (there’s too many guys to throw to now, nobodies catching 10 passes a game). He may not be getting 100 yard games (although same goes here, passing to many targets means few 100 yard receiving games for anyone). But he is making big plays at big moments… three weeks in a row.

  29. tommy Says:

    this team could go 16 and 0 and all you assbags would find something to complain about…6-3…as the great one parcell says you are what your record is, and its 6-3 …hush up loser haters

  30. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BamBam – yeah 1 TD vs. 2 TD’s there isn’t a WHOLE lotta difference. However with Brandon he helps to keep the ball moving down the field. Marshall finds a way to get open

  31. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, neither. The reason it took so long to get Benn involved in the offense was the position he plays (the Z receiver, not the X) and the college offense he came from (the Spread offense). That is a HUGE learning curve. The routes in the spread have NO options, they are usually short, quick routes (slants, bubble screens, etc.). Combine that with the Z receiver having his routes directly tied to the TE or the Zebra (slot) receiver (his route may change depending on the route of the inside WR) and more option routes (where he has to make a read and adjust his route) and you can see how it’s much more difficult for Benn to get involved. The fact that he’s in there doing well at this point is a credit to his hard work and practice. Unless you came from a pro style passing attack in college, that’s the hardest WR spot to learn. He’s doing great.

  32. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Tommy go back to the Kool-Aid you jerk.

    I’m sick and tired of trying to have INTELLIGENT conversations with STUPID fans who refuse to see the weakness of a team. Who is freaking complaining about 6-3?



  33. BamBamBuc Says:

    1 TD vs 2 TD is HUGE when you figure Benn has only been playing about 3 weeks compared to Marshall’s 9 weeks. Double the TD’s in a third of the the playing time. Also, he had the 53 yard reception that fell about half a yard short of 3 TDs, and an underthrown flea-flicker that would have been a 4th…. in 3 games.

  34. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Thank you BamBam for

    (1) an intelligent response
    (2) an informative respone

  35. BamBamBuc Says:

    You’re also comparing arguably the best WR in football the last 3 years (not so much this year) in Marshall against a rookie 2nd round WR learning the most difficult WR position in the pros. A guy that’s played about 70 games to a guy that’s played 3. And yet the guy with 3 games has more TD’s, and easily could have had quite a few more with the pass in the Cardinals game and the underthrow last week.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    No problem, Mr. Lucky. I hope it helps. Not everyone understands the difference in the positions. Mike Williams may have several options on his routes, but they’re not dependent on the slot or TE more often than not. He may have a choice of a go route or a curl. A go route or post. A curl or out. Very basic, very simple, just read and go. Benn may have a post if the TE runs a hook or a go if the TE runs an out. He doesn’t have to see the TE, it’s based on coverage and blitz reads, but if he reads it differently than the TE, it could blow up the play.

  37. tommy Says:

    i would tell mr to lucky to get some female companionship to help with his stress but my goodness even escorts have their limits…..your a loser dude, but you know this by looking in the mirror…..roll over on your air mattress and go to sleep trailer trash!

  38. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BamBam – again good points. I agree about the Cards game as well.

    It just seems like Mike Williams has done so much so quickly that I had come to expect the same level from Benn.

  39. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Tommy you really are a loser aren’t you. I know that given your language use and verbage that you’re a typical Acorn loving useless piece of human trash. How? Well you reduce everything down to sex and personal attacks – simple basic animal instincts.

    At least Tugboat Timmy can keep on point.

  40. tommy Says:

    Its not about keeping a point Mr unlucky…you are just a typical web site poster with little to no life who pumps his chest on a message board, your a joke, here and in life, i feel sorry for you, try going to a game or 2 than maybe….just maybe your silly little rants will have merit, until than, you are what you are and that my man is a HUGE JOKE, but you know all this!!! grab another bush beer on your way to sleep hay seed!!!

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can’t knock any of our players, including Benn. I love our team and the way they are fighting on every play, 110%. This may be the BEST offense the Bucs have ever had. If there are fans that can not see it yet or choose not to see it, they are living in a box. They are spreading the ball around and even John Gilmore is making big plays for 1’st downs. Teams should fear the Bucs, because they are coming in big way, Benn included.

    One thing fans at home don’t see is the blocks and routes run by the receivers because you only get what the camera man gives you. Much like a Hockey game where you only get half the ice on camera 99% of the time. Benn is a big strong player.

    I agree with Raheem 100% on his comment, “Why not us?”. Well, why not? Cosmic Schein was right for the most part. The Panthers never stood a chance from the opening Kickoff, defense or not. Joe has got it right today.

  42. tommy Says:

    big mac you are a true fan!!!!! we need more like you…cheers to you my friend!

  43. Mr. You'regivingmeaheadache Says:

    Mr. Lucky shouls change his name to Mr. Negative. He may also get a sports talk show with all the hate he is throwing around.

  44. Andrew Says:

    Raheem said they studied the great QBs and many of them had young receivers to develop relationships with. We are now seeing the wisdom in their strategy. Freeman is developing a solid relationship with Williams, Benn and now Blount. Finally Gruden’s quote about the future and shades is coming true. If you are not excited about being a Bucs fan right now then you see the glass as half empty and there is no conversation to be had. One can be critical of things sure, but many around here just have a negative outlook.

    I am thankful that as a football fan expecting a sheeet season from my team I get an exciting season and maybe the playoffs.

  45. Andrew Says:

    ” I know that given your language use and verbage that you’re a typical Acorn loving useless piece of human trash.” Wow. You really are acting like an a-hole, but we forgive you.

  46. Mr. Lucky Says:

    @Andrew – yes I was pretty upset yesterday and someone was pushing my buttons. It was my fault and I apologize to Joe and his readers for my uncalled for rants.

    I guess it just bothers me that there is such a polarization in the country – on everything from sports to politics to religion. We’ve turned into a culture where it becomes extremely difficult to have an adult conversation where people can discuss differing opinions without being called names.

    I was very frustrated that I was unable to watch the Bucs yesterday and from looking at the stats only you don’t get a very good picture; hence my question about the Benn fawning.

    Thank God for BamBam’s posts. Thank you also Andrew.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mr Lucky, I agree with you about the blackouts. They suck and don’t make sense. You can see it on the internet, but the next 2 games are away and all you have to do is listen to announcer hate for the Bucs, but at least you’ll get to see it.

  48. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    When Benn starts providing 2nd round stats or behaves like Hakeem Nicks rather than an undrafted kid off the street – THEN write about him.


    Is that not a complaint? Are you not COMPLAINING about Joe’s assessment of Benn?

    You want to compare Benn’s stats to Marshall’s but you leave out the fact that Marshall has a $47.5 million contract. If you frame it that way, Benn is dollar-for-dollar performing better than Marshall. With Marshall, you’re also getting a bad apple who’s one incident away from suspension. It’s called a bad investment. Maybe Joe the Plumber can explain it to you.

    Why don’t you compare Benn to other rookies like:

    Demaryius Thomas: 19 rec 266 yds 2 TDs

    If I remember correctly, he was the first WR taken in the draft and their numbers are pretty similar.

  49. mike56wesley Says:

    Marshalls rookie season 20rec.2 touchdowns309yards,

  50. Mr. Lucky Says:

    FGO – My statement was NOT a complaint about Benn. I just felt that Joe was ‘rushing’ to bestow praise on a player too quickly.

    Mike I only mentioned Brandon Marshall because we could have picked up Brandon for a 2nd round pick – which we used on Benn.

    I also wrote that for eric’s benefit as Eric was singing the praises of marshall in the summer when he was available. With regard to their pay/contracts I whole heartly agree that the Glazers would rather pay Benn’s salary then what the Dolphins signed Marshall for.