Ted Larsen Talks To Joe

October 29th, 2010

Joe had a chance to touch base with Bucs offensive lineman Ted Larsen. He graduated from Palm Harbor University High School, a school known for its dominant soccer teams and strong academics but not football. Larsen became the first Hurricanes player to play Division-I football — at North Carolina State.  

Larsen played for the late Mike June, who had to leave Larsen and his teammates midseason in Larsen’s junior year when June was diagnosed with leukemia. Three years later, June succumbed to the disease.

Joe discussed Larsen’s local ties and how he now plays for the team he grew up watching.

JoeBucsFan: Surely, you must be pretty excited to be playing for the team that was your favorite growing up?

Ted Larsen: Yeah, that’s all great, but now that I’m starting, I have to help the team get better. That’s how I am looking at it.

Joe: Since the Rams game was your first start, did St. Louis run any kind of stunt or gimmick defense at you that you didn’t expect or were surprised with?

Larsen: No, this is the National Football League. You have to play your best. I made some stupid mistakes and I’m just trying to get better.

Joe: You made the mistakes?

Larsen: Yeah, I had a couple of penalties, stuff like that. I’ll try to get better next week. It’s not only an adjustment to the NFL, but an adjustment to a new position [left guard]. It’s just something I’ll have to work with. To be able to come back was exciting [and win in the fourth quarter], but it should not have to be like that and that’s something we will have to work on.

Joe: You played for Mike June in high school. Obviously this is an exciting, emotional time for you to start your first game with the Bucs. At any time recently or the morning before the game did June ever cross your mind? You would have been his only player to make it to the NFL.

Larsen: No, I didn’t. He was a great coach. It’s unfortunate what happened to him. He didn’t cross my mind only because I was so worried about what I was supposed to do.

Joe: How cool is it that you grew up watching this team, coming to games when you were a kid and now, people are paying to watch you play for the same team?

Larsen: Oh, yeah. It’s a great opportunity but I’m just worried about doing my best and helping the team. I keep working hard. However I can help the team. I have nowhere to go but up. That’s the way I’m looking at it.

6 Responses to “Ted Larsen Talks To Joe”

  1. ReaderM Says:

    A good player at NC State, glad to see he is sticking with the Bucs, wish you could of been able to ask him how happy was to see NCSU beat FSU and did he give the guys like Hayes and Watson any smack talk, though I’m betting u did the interview before the game yesterday

  2. Jonny Says:

    Somehow he does not want to admit he is a big fan of this team. May be he isn’t?

  3. JDouble Says:

    Please be a gem. We need a few O-line Gems! Plus Faine is over rated and injury prone, so we could really use a good young center to grow with Freeman.

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    Go crushem’ Ted!

  5. Pete 422 Says:

    I’m also concerned about Jeff Faine’s longevity. So, is Ted Larson a natural center? Down the road, he could be at center and Zutah back at LG?

  6. Tristan Berry Says:

    Sorry to nit-pick, but the proper word is dominant, not dominate. One’s an adjective, the other is a verb. Not at all interchangeable.