“Scoreboard Maybe Didn’t Show It Enough”

October 17th, 2010

There’s no sugarcoating what happened to the Bucs today.

They were manhandled, outcoached and humiliated at home.

Their 3-2 record aside, you can’t be a good team in the NFL and get humiliated in back-to-back home games. The violent team Raheem Morris wants is a fairy tale at this point. Joe’s not sure why the Bucs seemed completely unready to play.

One of the organization’s stated goals of 2010 was to be competitive every game. In that specific category, the Bucs are 3-2, which is not good.

Sure, the 2010 season was bound to be a rollercoaster with a roster of young players and few star-caliber players and an ascending head coach. But Joe’s not sure the low should ever hit such a rock bottom.

Barrett Ruud was quick to speak to how manhandled the Bucs were by the Saints today on the Buccaneers Radio Network after the game.

“The scoreboard maybe didn’t show it enough,” Ruud said.

Thank you for some reality, Barrett. Joe was annoyed after the Steelers ran yet another 200+ yard day on the Bucs two games ago and the Bucs’ brass was talking about how it didn’t feel that bad. That was some smelly positive spin. This smells much more fresh and real.

Asked what went wrong, Ruud said, “We didn’t stop them at all. … I don’t know.” Ruud went on to say the key is the Bucs learning from the game. “Last year we were kinda playing for pride. This year we’re playing for more,” he said.

Joe’s as aggravated now as the next fan. It’s one game. If the Bucs come out and beat the Lambs next week, then the Kool-Aid returns and they’ve done what very few expected was possible.

37 Responses to ““Scoreboard Maybe Didn’t Show It Enough””

  1. gt40bear Says:

    So we’ve proven one thing. The Bucs have become a competitive team against the NFL’s dregs but are still a whipping boy of the league’s elite!

  2. eric Says:

    Who was that Saints running back who was plugged in and looked all world? 158 yards and a 10.5 yard average?

    Gee, how many times has THAT happened now.

    We gotta be closing in on our 32nd ranked run defense again. But that can’t be with all the disruption McCoy was going to create and Rah’s brilliant Tampa 2.5.

  3. Patrick Says:

    The violent team that Raheem was hoping we had is a team of a bunch of pussies right now

  4. Aldo Says:

    im still with hope, no matter what, yeah this was frustrating, but im still supporting and having faith on this team.

    now, i dont understand how can ruud have the nuts to talk, he was the most awful player on field, make a stand o get out of here, the same message is for pete mangurian and todd wash, can we bring real coaches for this units (OL and DL)?? cause that strugling is just lack of coaching, the talent is there and the results not so much…..

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Look, this is a wake up call. yes this is a young team. Stop the crap about the win over the Saints last year – that meant nothing. This team has lots of work to do. Go back to the basics and Dominik start watching film on these college kids I think we’re gonna have another top 10 draft pick.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Screw the Tampa “2.5”, I miss the Kiffin days.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I’m not saying we give up on McCoy and Price but come on man get someone down at One Buc Place to help them with basics…PLEASE

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Captain Tina – how about that defense agains the rush today?

    Oops he must STILL be drinking that Kool-Aid…

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Wow. Really? Hello! People we still need a couple (or at least one) good defensive end before our (rookie defensive tackles) can break out. Does anyone realize we are one player from being the youngest in the league and Freeman is older than a quarter of the team? 3-2 is not too bad especially when we were thought to win 0-3 games.

  10. Mark Says:

    Lambs??? They are 3-3 and considerably improved. I won’t be shocked if the Bucs are the underdog!

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    Why is it “drinking Kook-aid” when you are happy when your team beats teams they can and should beat, not happy when they lose to teams that are better than them right now, see a schedule full of teams we can beat with a few we can’t and are hopeful for a decent record, significant improvement over last year (when we couldn’t even beat teams we should have for the most part), and promise for the future?

    I’m not happy we lost and looked so bad today, but I did expect it. The Saints have been taking a lot of heat for losing last week, they needed to come out and put a hurt on us, to show they’re still a good team. Sure, I’ve posted several times last week that there will be opportunities for us to win, but it had to be a perfect game for that to happen. It wasn’t, I honestly didn’t expect it to be. It’s an up and down year with young players learning. I’m glad the down games are against teams we’re not supposed to beat. At least that way we can learn from the mistakes and still win games we should win.

    I haven’t been one to label people Haters or Kool-aid drinkers. I think we’re all fans. I tend to be more optimistic (Kool-aid) than pessimistic (Hater). It seems some of the pessimists are only that way because they want to see the coach replaced, but I have never understood cheering against my favorite team for ANY reason. If you don’t see the improvement in this team, the growth of Freeman, the excitement of Mike Williams, then you’re blinded by whatever it is you hate about your favorite team (that is, if it really is your favorite team, I’m not so sure in Javier’s case).

  12. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BamBam – why are you so upset?

    The Bucs are improved from last year but some posters here, Cpt Tina, like to belittle anyone who points out the obvious flaws in the team.

    It was actually JimBuc who was the voice of reason last week.

    Just keep it real man

  13. eric Says:

    Overall Freemen is much improved, and Mike Williams was an outstanding draft choice.

    But, outside of that the running game, rush defense, pass rush haven’t shown much improvement. It’s particulalrly demoralizing regarding rush defense since we concentrated our efforts in that area heavily in the draft.

    Big game this week for Rah, IMO. Win it and no one can argue that their improved even if the stats suck. Lose it and i think the collar tightens a bit.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nice to hear they are improved… usually it’s all about the flaws. Get a clue people, a young team is gonna make mistakes and they’re gonna have flaws. They’re gonna be exploited more and more as the season goes on and other teams get more film of those flaws. They’ll be exploited over and over until those young guys learn what’s happening and how to stop it. Some of it can be coached out, but a lot just has to be experienced. The Bucs will win some games this year, even with their flaws. They’re better than last year, even with the flaws. Get it yet? WE KNOW THE TEAM HAS FLAWS. I don’ think anyone could possibly drink enough so-called Kook-aid to believe there are NO flaws. We understand, there are flaws. There are still positions we need new guys, there are still young guys that will have to get better, but there is improvement over last year.

  15. eric Says:


    I think you have to play the schedule to declare improvement. Eleven more games.

    A lot of us out here believe the real “flaw” is the guy on the sidelines. It’s very much an open question, along with the GM and committment from the owners.

    For example, is it really good enough for a defensive oriented coach to have the worst rush defense in the whole league two years in a row? That may or may not happen but if it does doesn’t that raise some legitimate concerns?

  16. mike56wesley Says:

    eric ,do you think enough time has passed to pass judgement on the coach ,do you believe rex ryan would have inherited this team and would be talking superbowl,why sign a fre agent now and this is a growing season .do you think mike williams will fumble next year,no so why would defensive players not get better.WE ARE YOUNG AND LEARNING AND MISSING ARE BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYERS.he inherited NO TEAM .we can only ask to get better.you sound as though you would have fired jimmy johnson

  17. eric Says:

    Last I checked the Bucs won nine games in 08, the year before Rah took over.

    I’m just saying lets play the whole season before we say there has been improvement.

    Could be a buncha more totally humiliating losses, or maybe some unexpected wins.

  18. Mr. Lucky Says:

    mike56 – Have you seen the Redskins lately? Hmmmm

    I find it highly interesting how much their running game has improved this year – I wonder why?????

  19. mike56wesley Says:

    last i checked that was the mediocore crap that made us rebuild rebuild do you understand the meaning of leaving a team with everyone over the hill with no trade value, but maybe you dont so look how long the raiders suffers behind you 9and7 coach and gm,oh yeah that didnt win a playoff game after the super bowl that HE WONhow long was we supposed to go through that

  20. mike56wesley Says:

    mr.lucky you have teams like washington that does that but how long will they compete.who will be the running next year ?no stability you compete but how many of those teams actually win superbowls?the process that we are taking building through the draft seems to produce better long lasting teams,its wat the patriots did until a couple of years ago,they had a better team with wost results. man i just want to get a young team that we can believe in, so give them a break they are doing better than alot of us expected

  21. eric Says:

    31st ranked rush defense, only Buffalo worse, but it is neck and neck.
    32nd in sacks

    And we have a defensive genius as head coach? After the whole draft was mostly designed to improve the run defense?

    This guy couldn’t tie Monte Kiffin’s shoes if you laced them for him.

  22. mike56wesley Says:

    but you forgot to say wat the record this year was.not many can tie kiffins laces,not many had brooks,sapp, why would you not say as a BUCS FANNN how does this coach win with a team that shouldnt win,and you probaly laughed when t jack was suspended because you knew it would be a blow. but he is still above .500.aint it cool

  23. eric Says:

    Well sir you just dismissed the 2008 team with nine wins. Now 3-2 is some sort of outstanding achievement.

    A lot of folks on here have been talking about how Rah, the genius “improved” Monte’s defense.More pressure through blitzing.

    Hasn’t happened, and never will.

  24. TJ Says:

    I see why Rudd is not signed long term

  25. Paul Says:

    Raheem needs to give up the Defensive Coordinator job and hire a real one.

    In the 10 games that Bates was calling the D compared to the 5 games this year that Raheem has been calling it, they’re almost dead even in all of the major defensive stats.

    Our offense was a lot worse last year and couldn’t sustain drives, so that goes in Bates’ favor.

    Raheem is a terrible motivator, the team looked like they didn’t want to be out there playing football today.

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    If nothing else, at least losing a game allows the doomsdayers an opportunity to bitch. We’re still two or three years away from being serious contenders. Whatever, so be it.
    We still have some massive holes to fill and some growing up to do on our defense. Our LB’s all look a bit slow on run/pass reads and none of them can fill a gap good enough to stop the run. None of our DE’s are worth a damn and probably couldn’t even make the roster on an elite team in this league. Tanard Jackson had better get his sh!t together because Cody Grimm would be much better if he could be moved to SS.
    Today sucked big time but these kinds of games need to happen for the players and coaches to learn from it.

  27. mike56wesley Says:

    you can seesaww what i say,and talk like dan sileo all you want but compareing this team to a veteran team like say what gruden inherited is not the same so instead of being mad at the people on the sideline this year go back to your coach from 2008 that should have won more with the team he had instead of tearing it down for whatever reason. who did he leave for morris to win with

  28. mike56wesley Says:

    gotbucs that sure sounds nice,grimm tjack boy i kinda think the almighty haters want to see someone else to reap the rewards of the work morris and dominik have put in to get these kids here

  29. BamBamBuc Says:

    Eric, so you have to play the schedule to declare improvement, but the inability to correct flaws should be declared immediately. The defense last year that was unable to stop the run had Hovan and Sims up front, and the same DEs (minus Wilkerson) that we had today. The DTs we have now are rookies and a 2nd year guy. Miller should be showing improvement, and I agree that’s questionable whether he is or not. I can’t imagine we’d expect a significant improvement in that category this year with the youth at DT and no change at DE. We all have said that DE needs to be addressed. It’s looking more and more like LB may need help as well.

    It’s not like we all can’t see the flaws, some people see ONLY the flaws. Case in point, the complaint about Grimm’s INT pitching it to Jones. Even when they do something right, and attempt to make something happen, it’s criticized. It’s just ridiculous how many so called “fans” can’t see beyond the mistakes and find something decent out of this team. Freeman is looking fantastic this year. Mike Williams is looking great. There are bright spots there, but to spite the coach and owners, all you hear is how bad everything is.

  30. Buc You Says:

    I like the players, and I accept that they are young.

    But Raheem Morris IS NOT AN NFL coach. Sorry to wake you up from your dream.

  31. eric Says:


    I dunno about Freeman looking “fantastic”. Brees, Manning, folks like that are “fantastic”. Josh isn’t, not yet.

    Williams does look like an above average receiver. Not “great”.

    I said IF they end up 32nd against the run again…………..as I said this thing has not played itself out.

    Ill agree the first five games of 2010 are better than the first five of 09. But will the overall season be an improvement? I dunno. If you cant run, and can’t stop the run, gonna be tough. I simply expect more from a defensive coach.

  32. BamBamBuc Says:

    Dungy was a defensive coach, yet Sapp wasn’t an All-Pro his rookie season either. Sometimes it just takes time, and this is one of those times. It’s also possible that GMC or Price is another Gaines Adams (RIP). It’s way too early to say much of anything, even about the coach considering the changes this team has gone through over the last two years. This is not the same team as last year, they’re much younger and to consider this a failure of coaching when starting over with younger players is a bit premature.

  33. eric Says:

    Mr. Bambam.

    We aren’t talking about all pro. This team finished dead last in 09 against the run. Same ranking after five games this year.

    Nobody on the D-line is playing worth a damn, rookie or not. Rah is the DC, he is accountable to some degree at least. Hell Bates was fired in mid season for similar results.

    The “oh were so much better cause Rah is DC” based on the last few games last year does not seem to be the case so far this year. Same lousy defense. Same dead last ranking.

  34. Nick2 Says:

    When you are getting gashed week in and week out by the run the first move you make is to replace the starting middle linebacker. The Barrett Rhud era must be over in Tampa Bay. When I heard Barrett admitting last week that he was not the kind of linebacker that comes up and stuffs the run I almost fell out of my chair and then he put it on display against a Division 2 running back that nobody has ever heard of. Anyone see Barrett get completely run over by Ladell Betts?? This guy could not tackle anyone for a loss its always after some sort of gain. We need a strong physical middle linebacker not this powder puff we have been told is strong against the pass. PLEASE REPLACE BARRET RHUD NOW!!!!

  35. Tampa2 Says:

    mike56wesley Says:

    October 17th, 2010 at 10:33 pm
    you can seesaww what i say,and talk like dan sileo all you want but compareing this team to a veteran team like say what gruden inherited is not the same so instead of being mad at the people on the sideline this year go back to your coach from 2008 that should have won more with the team he had instead of tearing it down for whatever reason. who did he leave for morris to win with

    Are you stupid, or just an idiot? he left the whole team, Moron! Then Raheem the Dream gleefully dismantled it! And I like all those that say Gruden wanted “old” players. How about after “Gruden won the superbowl” and old Malcom went into his coma “HIS SONS WOULD NOT LET GRUDEN GO AFTER QUALITY PLAYERS”, and he “had” to pick up Old & Troubled players because he had NO MONEY to spend. And he “WON” with those old & troubled players too!
    This is 2010. No more Gruden to blame. And no more of Kiffin’s defensive plays/players to lean on. Raheem gladly “took credit” for the improvement in defense after Bates was fired last year. But the real truth is that it 1) Took 10 whole games of horrible defense for Morris to funally do something about it. And, 2) All he did was allow the defense to play the D that they were trained to play under Kiffin. There “had” to be an improvement! Now we are seeing the results of an “Amateur” being allowed to run the Defense, and the team!
    This team has more than a few potentially very good players. But they will never achieve their full potential until we get a real NFL coach in here to run the Bucs.

  36. mike56wesley Says:

    oh tampa2 when those players were cut who picked up those great players? what was the value of those great players .who could we have traded them for?i know your such a genius so why dont you understand that sapp brooks lynch did not produce early alot of players know will be backups too the players we get next year and the year after.what is the big deal,man just chill for a year or two,cheer for whoevers winning and we will gladly accept you back.because the owners are not goi

  37. mike56wesley Says:

    oh tampa2 when those players were cut who picked up those great players? what was the value of those great players .who could we have traded them for?i know your such a genius so why dont you understand that sapp brooks lynch did not produce early alot of players know will be backups too the players we get next year and the year after.what is the big deal,man just chill for a year or two,cheer for whoevers winning and we will gladly accept you back.because the owners are not going to fire this kid so one of the good ole boys can coach them when they reach there potential.and this defense played the same way the last games with kiffin.