Rams Rebuilding Quicker

October 22nd, 2010

laurinaitisIf you think the Bucs season last year was sickening — and it was — imagine being so putrid, so absent of hope, your team finished with the first pick in the draft.

That’s how miserable the Rams season was, and they used that first pick to select their franchise quarterback, Sam Bradford.

After the Rams had a few surprising wins, including blasting San Diego last week, could it be the Rams rebuilding effort is a quicker construction than the Bucs?

It seems eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune thinks so. He put fingers to keyboard and posted via the TBO Bucs Twitter feed that the Rams are rebuilding better than the Bucs.

The Rams may be a little further along on their rebuilding plan than the Bucs. That’s why Sunday’s blacked-out game has some intrigue.

Well, three things the Rams have that the Bucs don’t have which may lead people to believe the Rams are indeed further along: They have a young stud rush-stuffing middle linebacker in James Laurinaitis (son of “Animal,”) a budding sackmeister of a defensive end in Chris Long and a dangerous, workhorse of a running back in Steven Jackson.

If the Bucs had solid play from those three positions — which, currently, the Bucs do not — the Bucs would be just as far down the rebuilding road as the Rams, if not farther.

43 Responses to “Rams Rebuilding Quicker”

  1. Gavster Says:

    The rams were half rebuilding. they have had top picks since…idr but chris long was a couple years ago. so they have been “rebuilding” for a couple years now, at least it should be considered rebuilding.

  2. Thomas Says:

    They don’t have a mumbling 16 y.o. hc. They don’t have ownership that is principally concerned with a British soccer club and as far as I have heard – they don’t have an acquire on the cheapest talent philosophy.

  3. d-money Says:

    If they are, and im not sure they are, but why wouldn’t they be? They’ve had top 2 draft picks for the last 3 years and they have one of the better veteran running backs in the league already on the team.

    The Bucs rebuilding just started in earnest this year the Rams have been trying for 4 years.

  4. d-money Says:

    also… Ira Kaufman hates the Bucs.

  5. KFC Says:

    This is Bulls**t. Ira is so negative towards the Bucs!! I do not remember one positive article that he has written, and the Lambs have been rebuilding for way longer but i still have believe the Bucs have better pieces in place. Screw Ira, GO BUCS!!!!

  6. Ben Says:

    They lost to the Lions two weeks ago 6-44, now that’s what I call progress! At least we lost to good teams.

  7. BucsFan593 Says:

    Idiots!!! all of them. It sickens me that I contribute to a paycheck for these guys when i buy a paper.. And if the tribune is reading this Ira Kaufman is a waist of space in your paper!!! i would rather read almost any other article than his biast perception of the Buccaneers…

  8. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    How can you say that they’re rebuilding quicker:

    Rams Record by Season
    2006 – 8-8
    2007 – 3-13
    2008 – 2-14
    2009 – 1-15

    Give me a break…

    Start the clock on Bradford’s season-ending injury. No way that kid stays on the field, no matter how impressive he’s been so far.

  9. BucsFan593 Says:

    We used to destroy rookie and 2nd year QB’s. I would like to see some of that on sunday!!!

  10. BucsFan593 Says:

    nicely stated olsen!!

  11. Chargedcbh Says:


  12. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Thomas Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    They don’t have a mumbling 16 y.o. hc. They don’t have ownership that is principally concerned with a British soccer club and as far as I have heard – they don’t have an acquire on the cheapest talent philosophy.


    Hey Thomas, like most ignorant Bucs fans, you prove how dumb you are every time you speak….lol

    Stan Kroenke owns the Rams and Arsenal…

    Kroenke is the largest shareholder of Premier League football club Arsenal FC. Arsenal already had a technical link-up with Kroenke’s Colorado Rapids when in April 2007 Granada Ventures, a subsidiary of ITV plc, had sold their 9.9% stake in Arsenal Holdings plc to Stan Kroenke’s KSE UK inc.[4] Kroenke went on to buy further shares in the club, taking his total stake up to 12.19%.[5] The club’s board initially expressed skepticism that a bid would be in its best interests,[6] but gradually warmed to him as part of counteracting Alisher Usmanov’s rival bid for the club.

    By June 2008 the board had prepared to let Kroenke take over the club,[7] and on 19 September 2008 it was officially announced that Kroenke had joined the Arsenal board of directors.[8] As of his latest acquisition, Stan Kroenke has a beneficial interest in, and controls voting rights over, 18,594 Shares, representing 29.9% of the issued Shares meaning he is nearing the 29.99% threshold, beyond which he would be forced to make an offer for all the remaining shares. [9]

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hopefully we can knock Bradford flying into the sidelines, where he smashes into Ira Kaufman, to the benefit of neither!

  14. The D Says:


    Who exactly was the last big name free agent to sign with the Rams?

    And Long is not a sack master yet. Hes got 2.5 on the year with 2 of them coming against the Chargers last week. Better than anyone we have, but hes hardly a “sackmeister” . Hes not anywhere close to that point yet. Hes more of a run stuffer than sack artist.

  15. JDouble Says:

    Are you kidding me? The Rams have won 7 games since 2006. They have been rebuilding for 6 freaking years. They should be further along than us but they arent. What a ####ing joke.

  16. JDouble Says:

    ..and hey Thomas. If thier coach is so much better than ours, why does Rah have a better record?

  17. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    2007 rams 3-13 2009 bucs 3-13 what do these two things have in common, anybody know?

  18. Nano107 Says:

    Ira Kaufman means idiot in some football circles!!!

  19. gitarlvr Says:

    Yeah pretty ignorant by Ira. Not only have they been “rebuilding way longer” but the Bucs have quality young players in places the Rams don’t. Do the Rams have legitimate starting corners like the Bucs? NO! Do they have an all-pro tight end? NO! Do they have a #1 wideout? or #2 or #3 or any wideout worth a crap with Mark Clayton out for the season? That’s a big fat NO! I mean Donnie Avery(who?????????) was their #1 last season till he got injured in preseason this year. And Clayton is so great that the Ravens signed a guy(housh) that was cut in the preseason and decided they did’nt need him(Clayton). And now even he is out for the season. Oh and James Laurinitis might be some burly old school run stuffing MLB, but the knock on him coming out was that he would be a liability in pass defense. Good luck defending Kellen Winslow on Sunday James. Yeah, the Rams have Jackson and Bradford(who looks like the real deal) but after that they have spit.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I can excuse Thomas for making moronic comments because his hatred for this team runs so deep that he is too lazy to even research what he is talking about. Plus he doesn’t get paid to give his opinion and only a small handful of people have become stupider for having to read his ridiculous statements. However, it’s amazing to me that an actual reporter would spew this kind of garbage, and that his editor would actually let him run it. Is there any doubt now why Raheem Morris has been a little chippy at certain members of the media?

  21. Thomas Says:

    Please read completely before commenting. I said “principally concerned” with a British soccer club. Manu extends Wayne Rooney, we trade for a chiefs reject and benches d-lineman.

    The rams have not added Big money vets but have added solid vets to their d like naill diggs, Fred Robbins and James hall. Thmthr rams would probay spank us at hone the bucs have a prayer in a half-full rayjay. Thanks for the blackouts and apathy.

  22. Thomas Says:

    The typos are attributable to my phone. Joe the stupid dolman banner covers up the comment box so I can’t see what I’ve typed when I zoom in.

  23. eric Says:

    So far the rookie Ram QB has been pretty good.

    Should be a good game. I suppose the field will determine which team is “further along”.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You are not helping yourself buddy, you’re just digging yourself deeper into the depths of stupidity. Just leave it alone. So did we not extend Donald Penn as well? I guess somehow that doesn’t count. Who else on this team would you like to extend? Cadillac? Ruud? They have extended the player worth extending. Who would you, oh master GM, have traded for? Did you ever notice that midseason trades in the NFL rarely ever happen (in fact we were the only team)? What’s the difference between them signing “solid” vets versus us adding Vincent and Jones (2 starters). I didn’t hear you bitching to sign Robbins or Hall in the offseason. You spoke too soon without knowing what you were talking about, you then realized it once everyone called you out, then you tried to spin it like you meant something else. Nice try, but, not really. I would, however, recommend you hurry up and get your Fred Robbins jersey, because they are moving really quick!!! You don’t want to miss out and not have it to wear for Sunday.

  25. eric Says:

    Rebuilding = excuse for loserville

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    My Son and I will be at Tampa Stadium Sunday, hoping we beat the Rams. 3 losses in a row at Tampa Stadium is going to be hard to swallow, if it happens. I had been one of the early adapters to the Raheem/Dominik experiment because we looked good, on Paper. After the 2 last blowout losses, I am having some serious doubts about IF we have the talent we think we do, and the coaching to develop it.

  27. Pete 422 Says:

    Game plan: Stop Steven Jackson = Buccaneers win.

    I know they haven’t stopped the run yet this year, but this would be a great week to start.

  28. Bucked up Says:

    The Bucs lost to two teams recently that might probably be seen in the freakin SUPERBOWL.
    lets face it people,
    They werent really supposed to win those games.
    and they didn’t.
    The fact that they COULD be 4-2 on Monday is something to get excited about.
    Quit bitchin.
    Go Bucs!!!!

    My early season prediction-
    Good teams find ways to win.
    Saints vs the Steelers
    Superbowl XLV
    Cowboys Stadium, Arlington Texas.

    No shame in losing to that. Time to hold your heads up.

  29. Will the Beast Says:

    wow so this is how it works you lose a bunch of games and win three and you have rebuilt thats the formula. shake and bake burn all evidence of the past and hope for the future. They have a win for every top five first round pick they received in the last three years

  30. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    eric Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Rebuilding = excuse for loserville


    eric = excuse for a rational human being

  31. eric Says:

    When Shula tok over a very young Dolphins team that surprisingly made the playoffs, but lost in the first round. Don walked into the locker room, players were expecting a pat on the back.

    Shula said, “well we didn’t get the job done” and walked out.

    Real Coach v. Joke Coach.

  32. Patrick Says:

    About our defensive line.

    I realize that McCoy and Price are rookies and that they’re not supposed to be amazing during their first years, but they should be doing BETTER than what they’re doing right now.

    I’m another one who’s really questioning the coaching as well. I actually remember when our run defense used to be ok with Sims, Hovan, and Wilkerson starting. Back in 07 and for the majority of 08, you didn’t consistently see 150 yard rushing performances like you do now. Gruden was able to win with average at best lineman! That equals pretty damn good coaching right there. Not saying that Sims and Hovan were anything great (they weren’t) but that alone shows a big difference in coaching. If the line was decent with Gruden around, why can’t it be the same with Raheem around?

  33. architek79 Says:

    Different system and scheme Patrick. I knew that this would happen when Gruden left. Muir and company drafted these guys for the man blocking scheme but that’s not the problem. I believe these players have hot their ceiling and thats the issue to me. Tell me which player other than Joseph has more room to improve on the O-Line?

  34. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree Patrick, we weren’t supposed to win against the Steelers, but we BEAT New Orleans last year in their home with Bush. I think many Tampa fans would be more understanding of our rebuilding, if we were at least somewhat competitive, but we are not.
    We got our asses kicked in our last 2 home games badly.

    Let me tell you a story ? We have a new puppy in our home that is already giving his Paw, and scratching at the door to go potty. Why ? Because he has 2 older dogs to learn from in our home. What older dogs do our young players have to learn from anymore in Tampa ?
    And when the soft spoken caddy says we got out coached, and McCoy is confused, who do they turn to for leadership ?

    I was no Gruden lover or hater, I still miss Tony Dungy, but let’s get real here for a minute ? We fire a Superbowl winning coach and GM for this unproven pair ?
    Tampa fans my Son and I talk with at the games are not going to be patient if these blowouts continue.

    I am sorry, but I just don’t see any great drafts like the ones that brought us Barber, Alstott, Lynch, Sapp, Brooks, etc. Nor do I see Tony Dungy’s ability to adjust to an ass whipping in the second half either. I see stupid moves made by Dominick with Ward, Clayton, etc, etc, and his passing on players that could be had for a song that would have really helped us immensely.

    I really want Tampa to win Sunday against the Rams, but if we lose, and I hope we don’t, I hope we get our butts kicked badly, so perhaps we can see the mess we have got ourselves into.

    All one has to do is come to the game with binoculars to see what is going down.
    We are losing one on one battles folks besides being out schemed. Our so called dominant players are being dominated, as other teams impose their will on us.

    Last year was ugly, Carolina ran us over, and the Jets and Patriots humiliated us.
    Already 2 humiliations this year, and one by a team we beat last year too.
    Carolina had QB Problems, Cincy dam near gave us the game, and Cleveland is Cleveland. It is my opinion we MUST beat the Rams Sunday, or the Glazers are gonna go shopping. If anyone thinks I am pessimistic, come out to the game, hang out with, and talk to us fans spending our money. Rebuilding my ass, tell me why do teams like The Steelers, Patriots, Colts, and others always seem to be competitive, yet we are not ? Perhaps it is because they have proven football people in place who know what they are doing ?

    Tampa gave up a lot of draft picks for Gruden, and this was THE year we had draft picks stockpiled up the ass. Our team of the FUTURE guys will depend on this draft.
    So, instead of obtaining the GM who helped build the Patriots like Kansas City did, our wonderful owners basically promote a glorified scout to chart our future, and a nice young man with NO NFL Head Coaching experience. IMHO, this is sort of like Stevie Wonder driving Ray Charles around ?

    Chew on THIS guys, you are a young player coming out of college to the Bucs, and you have to play the Steelers ? But then you find out that your inexperienced head coach thinks Mike Tomlin is a God he goes to weekly for advice. Or, you are Josh Freeman, and Greg Olsen sends you to train with Drew Brees ? What does that say to the other Bucs ?
    To me it says “Inferiority Complex”.

  35. jesse j Says:

    apple, give it a rest dude. we win this week and you ll be back screaming 10 win season, playoffs woohoo. listen to what steve white said and “get outa here with that bull*#%&”

  36. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree with Jesse. After the Cinci win, most people were talking playoffs and how great things were. We lose and the team is in shambles. That is what I cant figure out about some of you guys. We win, and we are world beaters, we lose and the sky is falling and this is week to week.

    I also can’t understand why fans at the stadium arrive late and leave early. I remember back when the Bucs were ahead of the Colts on the Monday night game 35-14? Manning said he could finally run his offense, because so many fans left and it was finally quiet on the field! We were WINNING and fans left? No, you stay and support until the final gun.

  37. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Pete, it is the WAY we are losing, we keep getting blown out.

  38. Tampa2 Says:

    apple roof,
    The only thing I disagree with in your post was when you said Cincy dam near gave us the game. Cincy did hand us the game. All they had to do was run the clock out and the game was over. Our defense is regressing each week under the amateur wannabe coach. It’s a shame to have talented young players and no “real” coach to develop and train them. Morris shows he is an amateur each and every week! When was the last time in Buc history that we had 3 straight running backs get 140-150 yards on our defense. And I expect it will be 4 straight games with Jackson. We need coaches now!

  39. Pete 422 Says:

    Apple, I understand that and it is frustrating. We just can’t hang with the elite teams yet. The Bucs are too young at this point.

    Saying that, I do think we had a shot at keeping the Steelers game respectable, but those two long balls (Grimm moved out of the way and Talib tipped the ball to the WR) did us in.

    I see the Buccaneers a legitimate playoff team in two years. We’ll see how the rest of this season plays out. The next 5 games are huge in my opinion. All winnable games (Rams, Cards, Falcons, Panthers, 49ers) will tell a lot.

    IF the Buccaneers can begin to stop the run that will go a LONG way.

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    Apple, your most intelligent posts are the ones you don’t write. The fans I sit with, and have for years are hardcore. We never hope for a loss or blowout.
    The Bucs would probably be happier if you stayed home. I know now why Steve White treated you like a bitch. If you started talking that crap in my Section, you’d get your ass whooped. Your IQ must be about 10 and you have the nerve to call Raheem out. Whining like a little bitch with little mincy fagot balls.

  41. McBuc Says:

    Apple…Really,the Bucs are not compedative? They are 3 – 2, they have won more than they have lost. I have to agree with Bigmac.

  42. mike56wesley Says:

    as great of a team as pittsburgh is they couldnt stop anyone last year when troy p. went down,isnt that what t.jack is for us.our defensive stats looked good before he left.so what if we look bad when we win thats the way you have to do when your young and best player is suspended.oh yeah who was developed by gru….no morris.five games five rookies five second year players a 3-2record and you say morris is a dummy ,he cant develope talent,we need to sign free agents to teach the rookies,you hope we lose.ive heard it all,who did GRUDEN develope?what free agent was available that would have signed with all this talent gruden left us that his veteran free agents helped him develope?i could be wrong but what team has won a superbowl that build through free agency?

  43. mike56wesley Says:

    and gruden is a hell of a coach but he could not draft and develope players for the future,i would have fired allen and kept gruden but hes gone and morris and dom is our men.i like our future