Raheem Morris Mocked

October 27th, 2010

Excitable, energetic Bucs head coach Raheem Morris raised eyebrows and made headlines Sunday when he emphatically stated the Bucs were the kings of the NFC after posting a last-minute rally to beat the St. Louis Rams.

Many scoffed, openly, about Morris. One reason for the mocking is that the Bucs were raked over open coals by the only two decent teams the Bucs have played thus far, the Steelers and the Saints.

Upon learning of Morris’ comments, a member of one of those teams put fingertips to smart phone and Twittered his reaction to the bold statements from the Bucs coach.

That player is Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

@LaMarrWoodley Do u agree w the bucs coach that theyre the best team in the nfc? lol

Well, it was the Steelers who caned the Bucs, at the CITS no less. So Joe assumes a member of the Steelers has earned the right to poke fun at Morris.

Once again, the Bucs can prove the naysayers wrong. Beat a good team. That could be Atlanta.

11 Responses to “Raheem Morris Mocked”

  1. Nick2 Says:

    I think the better mocking was Sean Payton who supposedly was talkiing trash to Geno Hayes on the sidelines telling him they were going to “run all day” on our defense which they then proceeded to do. I hope we can give him another taste like we did last year in their home stadium because head coaches rarely do that and that just pisses me off!!!

  2. Jonny Says:

    It will be great if Bucs will soundly beat the next two opponents.

  3. safety Says:

    No doubt Woodley is as good and self-contained a person as James Harrison, that lovable hug machine.
    Hard to knock him for his comment though. They beat our asses soundly.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Safety- lmao!

  5. Pete 422 Says:

    LOL, who cares, it coach talk used to get his players believing they can beat anybody. However, he needs to lay off soon because it could become a distraction after a while.

  6. thomas 2.1 Says:

    Fair question Lamar! Also, the Saints are in the NFC and put it soundly on the Bucs two weeks ago. I know Rah is a little dense but surely his faculties aren’t that limited, are they?

    A narrow victory of the Rams does not a champion make.

  7. Tampa2 Says:

    What else can you expect from an amateur!

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs haven’t really had a good game yet this season. If Freeman gets cranking and the run game starts working with Cadi & Blount, they could put up 40 points. I think this offense is fully capable of it. These new offensive linemen made a difference this past Sunday. Stop the penalties, play smart and run a yard on the Cardinals and make them rethink their season…again.

  9. Max Says:

    He’s laughing because the Steelers stole a win from the Dolphins thanks to the refs.

    I hate the Steelers. I hate the Steelers fans. I hope he tears his ACL! I wish ruin upon your livelihood LaMarr Woodley!! How dare you insult my team! Woe is you!!


  10. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    The last time a Steelers’ Defensive player gave us s**t about being “paper champs”, we won the Super Bowl. Thanks, Lee Flowers (softest name in the history of the NFL…wait, 2nd to Lynn Swann)

  11. gitarlvr Says:

    Screw the Steelers. But hey you can’t begrudge the people of Pittsburgh their six super bowls. They would have no reason to live if not for the steelers. I used to live their and they get about 2 weeks of sunshine per year and have to dig their way out of blizzards that bring everything to a standstill during the winter. Not the funnest place to live.