Painful Beating

October 19th, 2010

Derek “Old School” Fournier of seems to have the life sucked out of him by the Bucs’ alley-beating at the hands of the Saints. He summed the game up, saying the only silver lining was “the game is over.”

4 Responses to “Painful Beating”

  1. Mark Says:

    Derek pretty much summed it up! On another note, how is it that the Bucs are 2.5 point favorites against the Rams? St. Louis is a better team on both sides of the ball statistically and Bradford had solid outing last week. The Bucs defensive front is in shambles and the running game is dead in the water. The Rams likely will have a field day on Sunday. Its kind of a no brainer to take the Rams plus the points. I believe you referred to them as the “Lambs” Joe…I’m not too sure about that one Joe.

  2. sunrisejeff Says:

    Rams are also a up and down kind of team Mark. Yes they looked good beating a struggling Chargers team on Sunday but remember they were blown out by the Lions the week before. I think jackson will get his yards but don’t see him dominating the game…….his oline isnt nearly as good as the Saints or Bengals is.

  3. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    The 3 pt homefield advantage and a lack of concern from Vegas would be my bet.

    Coach has an interesting challenge. He still has one of the most powerful motivational ploys in the world. Us against the world. He has plenty of things to galvanize the locker room. He can prove something by doing it and doing it well this week. That will not prove anything to the rest of the NFL, but like we have said. You have to win them 1 at a time.

  4. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Great everyman insight Derek!