Impotent Running Game Must Improve!

October 30th, 2010

Derek “Old School” Fournier of has had it! He’s had it with Cadillac Williams slamming into offensive linemen’s backs. He’s had it with Williams not recognizing holes. He’s had it with the Bucs offense relying on Josh Freeman to bail out the invisible running game in the fourth quarter each and every week.

Pete Mangurian, Greg Olson, Derek is looking at you! If you two do not get a running game — now! — Derek is holding both of you responsible for Pearl Harboring a promising Bucs season. Derek explains in detail in this video.

(OK, Joe’s got other things to get fired up about now. There’s too much college football to watch and too much beer to drink. Can Sparty hold off Iowa? Can the Bulldogs bloody Urban Cryer’s arse? Can JoePa somehow slam the Malaise and Blue in Happy Valley? These issues Joe must monitor while awash in adult beverages.)

3 Responses to “Impotent Running Game Must Improve!”

  1. joey88 Says:

    @ JOE…….How do you think Blount will be used tomorrow in zona’ ???? 12-15 rushes perhaps??? I personally am pumped for tomorrows game and how it will be called offensively, especially if the boys take the lead. Im sure Raheem hears the cries from the fans about the running game and hopefully will address the problem even if 7 games into the season, and maybe stop the run while their at it.. Enjoy the game…

  2. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    While you did not ask me 🙂 I see a plan for 15 carries that will slide up or down based on effectiveness not just on the ground but in the adjustments that are called by Free and the blocking that Blount does when called to.

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Great breakdown, as usual. Olsens offense depends on a running game. If we run well, we win. I think Tampa can play with most NFL teams, if we can run, and keep it close.
    Why did Vincent get cut ?