Derrick Ward Not Committed

October 8th, 2010

Yesterday Joe passed along word about bitter, delusional Kardashian-chasing running back Derrick Ward, who was stupidly (again) shooting off his mouth that the Bucs are not committed to winning.

Naturally this irritated a lot of Bucs fans but it also seemed to irritate professionals who cover the team as well. At least it seemed with eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

Twittering via the TBO Bucs Twitter feed, Kaufman sounded off on what a hypocrite Ward is.

Derrick Ward has no business questioning Bucs commitment. Ward never seemed fully committed in Tampa once he was shown the money.

That’s about the only thing he was committed to doing, cashing his check, oh, and chasing skank Kardashian tail.

Where was this committed Ward when Josh Freeman was working into the wee hours of the mornings in April and May breaking down film with rookie wide receivers Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams?

Apparently, Ward was instead breaking bread. And a lot of it, getting a gut nearly as big as Joe’s. Some commitment, coming into training camp overweight.

Where was this committed Ward during most of OTAs when he was mostly MIA?

Typical Ward, everything and everyone else is to blame except the guy staring him in the face in the mirror.

What next, Ward’s next bad game — likely his next game — he will still whine about playing on a baseball infield in Miami (which never seemed to slow down Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, Kareem Huggins or countless great NFL running backs who regularly played on baseball infields)?

Of all the Kardashians to chase, Ward runs after the worst one.

That seems to Joe about par for the course.

Memo to Ward: The next time the word “Buccaneers” is in your mouth, it ought to be thanking the team for being naive enough to give you a trunkload of cash.

Fraud. An absolute disgrace you wore Warrick Dunn’s number.

50 Responses to “Derrick Ward Not Committed”

  1. Matt Says:

    “Fraud. An absolute disgrace you wore Warrick Dunn’s number.”

    Excellent. Totally agree.

  2. dean Says:


  3. eric Says:

    And the local media circles the wagons for the Glazer’s and Rah yet again…………………….

  4. Sebring Smitty Says:

    Eric, be quite ! The adults are talking…

  5. eric Says:

    Would have had more effect if you hadn’t misspelled quiet.

  6. safety Says:

    Ward is an ass.
    No one is circling anything for Raheem and the Bucs.
    Its good that the media are blasting Ward for two reasons. 1. He deserves it. 2. Most of the community are pissed at the guy.

  7. Posey99 Says:


  8. JDouble Says:

    My favorite part is how he says he was only 3lbs over what he was in New York, when he had probably lost 15lbs of muscle and gained 18lbs of fat to get there. It was obvious to everyone he looked MUCH heavier and slower.

    He had his oppurtunity here. He wants to pretend his time in Tampa never happened because he didn’t take advantage of his oppurtunity and his effort put forth was pitiful and enbarrassing. Now he wants to blame his own short comings on someone else. It just shows poor characacter. He’s a real POS.

    Mr. Ward, my advice to you is shut your mouth and concentrate on taking advantage of your current situation.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    What it really is, Eric, is yet futher evidence of why Building a team thru Free agency is the recipe for failure!! Funny , because building thru Free agency was the exact methodology you preached all Summer. You were it’s biggest proponent. But as the intelligent posters stated back then( that would be me, ole buddy!!), That method doesn’t work! Haynesworth and Ward are just two examples of why. Ward is one of many P.O.S players that quit the minute they get their long term Deal. These “people” lack basic moral character and have Low intelligence. Once they get the big payday, they could care less about honoring their half of the bargain.or their team. Or their word. That’s why FA is a huge risk, and mostly a failure. We all remember our few successes, but forget the Charlie Garners, Luke Petitgout, Todd Stessies, or Derrick Ward. Really, Wards failure once again confirms that Dominnick and Moriss are building this team the right way. And all the Erics . . I mean People crying to sign Free agents should probably check out the failed Case study of that plan to realize the folly of “building with Free agents”! The Redskins are a perfect example of failure via free agency

  10. McBuc Says:

    Ward has one 80 yard gane and he is all trashing the Bucs…Let’s see what he does the rest of the year…

    Joe is fired up! I like it!!

  11. eric Says:

    Actually Captain Tim, what I advocated over the offseason were several available RFA, Brandon Marshall, Boldin, and Santonio Holmes.

    Check the stats, Boldin and Marshall have played very well. We shall see about Holmes.

    How are the Jets and Ravens doing with their FA’s?

    So, IMO, Ward is talking about a lack of committment from the organization to win. He is right they have no committment to winning. Check the payroll. Check the coaching staff. Hardly a committment.

    Naturally, when this is brought up the local media, folks like Ira Kaufman circle the wagons because they spend most of their time humping the Glazer’s legs like a dog in heat.

    But real team number two comes up Sunday. I am sure it will be betrayed as a positive learning experience.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m done discussing Ward. He had his chances here, and he blew it. And while he may be a crybaby about it, I’m not going to sink to his level. Both he and we know the turth of him, and I’ll leave it at that.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Would have had more effect if gouged propErly used” potrayed”! Our payroll is not low because of lack of commitment. Payroll is low because, after 6 years of the worst drafting in the history of the entire universe- bar none!!!, we have NO talented players in their prime. We don’t have any All pros or superstars demanding top Dollar to stay here!! Most of our players in their prime are very average. They

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    How can Ward “forget about Tampa” when we made him rich ? He is a POS Tampa don’t need anyway, he was just in Blounts way, who we may never have acquired w/o cutting Ward.

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    The number of players 25 and younger are the reason for the low payroll in Tampa. They’re on rookie contracts or RFA tender offers, not the big re-signing contract or FA payday.

    I’m sure by eric’s standards, we could have had Marshall, Boldin, Holmes AND Moss if we’d have just mortgaged the teams future. Oh yeah, we still wouldn’t have an O-line that could block or a RB that can break away, so we’d still be in the same boat we are now, but hey… we wouldn’t have the lowest payroll.

  16. oar Says:

    CaptTim, “after 6 years of the worst drafting in the history of the entire universe- bar none!!!,” Really??? Have you seen the Lions or Raiders drafts in those years?
    BTW Funny how we have 3 drafted starters and 3 FAs starters on offense and 5 drafted starters and 1 FA starter from those 6 years. Thats 55% of the teams starters. Funny, huh?

  17. oar Says:

    oops……and 5 drafted starters and 1 FA starter ON DEFENSE from those 6 years.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn – my comment looked like the dog chewed it up!! It would have had more effect if you had properly used the word “portrayed”.! . . They are just grateful to have a job! If we had maintained the team the way they should have, we would still have 4 or 5 all pros running around making top dollar, driving our base salary up. It’s a comment on how devoid of talent this team became under Gruden that explains our low salary figure. Enjoy it while it last! Wait til Freeman, Williams, Benn, and McCoy are renegotiating! We willbe over the cap every year!

  19. eric Says:

    Of course those six “bad years” produced two division titles and a winning season…………………and of course the seventh year accomplishment is left out……………….for which the current regime is about a zillion light years away from accomplishing.

    Keep humping that Glazer leg Captain Tim. Woof woof.

  20. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    I love reading you retards correcting each others typos. Grow up douches…

  21. eric Says:

    If we all grow up how long would last?

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oar- yeah, and alot of them suck. Last time I was in the RayJay, I don’t remember getting ran over by that constant stream of All-Pros running out of the Tunnel. Meybe you got some names of our pro Bowlers? You wanna list’em for me? Or how bout the Guys in career years 2-8 that are Pro bowler? That you think should be Pro bowlers? That you think are above average? Better than mediocre? . Yeah, short list! Our drafting was worse than the lions or the Chiefs! They drafted talented players that didn’t fill a need, or fit the scheme. We drafted talentless players that aren’t playing anymore. If you are arguing that, then you must believe we have a team of talented vetern players!!! If you think that, it’s your Lil secret. The rest of us know the talent on this team is less than 2 years experience.don’t know how ANYONE can look at this roster and think otherwise!!

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, FGO, if we weren’t arguing, this post would be boring. Besides, it’s important that in addition to teaching Eric the basics of football, and how to correctly build and run a team, I also-like to give him a few grammar pointers occasionally! When you a see a brother in need of Enlightenment, ya gotta help him out! I don’t wanna see him commenting about football, using bad info and bad grammar in PUBLIC!!! I wouldnt be able ta sleep! I would feel like I let him down!! I’ve come to believe that educating the haters on the site is almost like performing a community service. Just doing my part to improve live in Tampa!

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs want to win. They will win. They are advancing faster than even they thought they would. Winning is contagious and once you get a taste, it can become an addiction. We may not all agree on how they are going about it, but one thing is for sure, the team has very little fat and the dead weight is constantly being shed. Derrick Ward was dead weight, Clayton, Hovan too. Pittsburgh was a harsh reality check but this game in Cinci could get the train back on track. There is an abundance of talent on this team. Stevens and few others better get it together soon or they’ll be playing for Houston too..

  25. Jameson Says:

    “How are the Jets and Ravens doing with their FA’s?”

    They are exactly 1/2 game ahead of the Bucs, actually.

    And that’s not even a fair comparison. Those teams were already good, so it made sense for them to go after a bunch of free agents. And guess how they got good in the first place? The draft.

    As for Derrick Ward, can we call him “delusional Kardashian-chasing running back Derrick ‘Crisco’ Ward” now?

  26. oar Says:

    CaptTim, Go ahead and put those words in my mouth, better yet just make up your commenters posts. That should suit you.
    I didn’t say one word about the competnecy of those drafts. I never said they were pro-bowlers or great picks or great FA signings. Were they great drafts? By no means, but they are not as dimal as you portray! (ie: see the 50+% starters). Do you realize our scouting department hasn’t changed since Dungy? Let’s wait and see if these new draft picks ban out. They do show promise, but others did too.
    You do realize unless your the Patriots (they now have 2 picks in every round of next years draft, something they seem to do well) or maybe one or two other teams, not all your draft picks pan out?
    Maybe those players that are still on the team would be better, if we didn’t try and force feed different schemes down their throats(players we didn’t have and we continued to draft players that were one gappers?) or change blocking schemes(gain some weight fellows but still play to your abilities?). Last year was a wastsed year of development for those young players. That might have scewed them up more than we realize.
    Anyways, the way you talk about us not being talented(atleast 55% of them according to you, yet they are starters???), I’m surprised you even cheer for us?

  27. oar Says:

    FGO, What would you find to “love”, if us “retards” stop correcting each other typos?

  28. Eric S Says:

    No one should take the side of D. Ward. That is just plain ridiculous. Come on. The guy did nothing while he was here except for complain. And to give up on free agency after a failure like this is silly as well. To build a contending team you have to use free agency wisely. You cannot just use the draft. I am sorry but you can’t. You can look at all the leaders in the NFL and see vital contributors who came through free agency.

    NYJ-LT, B. Scott, J. Leonhard
    NE-Ninkovich, Green-Ellis, Woodhead.
    Pitt-James Harrison-enough said
    Balt-Gregg, Carr, TJ H.
    Hou-Walter, Pollard, A. Foster-Yes Arian Foster!!
    KC-TJ, S. Smith
    NYG-Rolle, Canty
    Wash-Torain, Fletcher, Carter
    Philly-Vick, Samuel
    Chi-C. Taylor, Peppers (How would he look on the TB DL?????), Gold
    GB-Kuhn, Woodson
    NO-Brees (Imagine that!!!), P. Thomas, Vilma, Greer, Sharper
    Atl-Turner, D. Robinson, M. Bryant (hehe)
    Ariz-M. Hall, Porter, Lenon
    Stl-Dahl, Diggs, Darby, Hall
    Sea-Branch, Williams, Mare, Milloy, Clemons

    So you see if you want to win you have to have some key free agents. I didn’t even include OL or key ST players. The list would be a whole lot longer with those players. It is foolhardy to build a team without free agents.

  29. eric Says:

    5-14…………………..advancement? 28th ranked rush defense? 23rd Offense? Nobody in top ten in any statistical category? 2.5 yards a carry?

    Real Team number two this Sunday. Can 5-15 be far behind?

  30. FlBoy84 Says:

    Know you’ve been a big Ward backer the whole preseason Joe, so props for writing this article. Something tells me though that him being cut had a lot to do with more than just money, as Stroud & Rives were reporting.

  31. New Era Bucs Says:

    Well actually Arian Foster was an undrafted rookie free agent. The Bucs also made an offer to sign him as well but he chose the Texans feeling he had a better opportunity to make there roster. That was the year the bucs signed ward. So we can thank ward for him looking for a quick payday instead of us signing this years current leading rusher. Oh what could have been ! Thanks fat ass.

  32. Eric S Says:

    An undrafted free agent is still a free agent. They weren’t acquired through trade or the draft, so I can certainly put them on my list.

  33. gitarlvr Says:

    When will this issue be laid to rest. Bad teams dont become good through free agency. You build through the draft and when you become a playoff caliber team you fill in some holes thru free agency to try and make your super bowl run. Anyone who thinks spending money on free agents when the team was 3-13 was warranted is stupid. Again Ravens, Jets both playoff teams last year who each filled in a particular position holding them back with a couple free agents. How many free agents would the Bucs have had to sign to be a playoff team this year? And where would that leave them when its time to sign McCoy, Price, Talib, Williams, Benn, Joseph etc. to new contracts? These idiot posters on here dying to sign free agents or trade for other teams problem children are beyond reason. I guess we can’t expect armchair GM’s to see reason when the same delusion exists all the way as high as team ownership. What is it that Dan Snyder and all these posters are smoking?

  34. Eric S Says:

    This is a test to see if this comment posts.

  35. Eric S Says:

    Ok. I guess that post won’t post. Too bad. It was one of my better ones. The whole point was it is wrong to overlook free agency even if you are bad. I gave recent examples like the 08 Phins, 08 Falcons, 05 Saints and even the ’10 Bears.

  36. Joe Says:

    Know you’ve been a big Ward backer the whole preseason Joe

    Was I???

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gitarlvr, exactly right! But you have the poor Eric’s in the world! He believes that a) Anquan Boldin, Brandon Marshal, and Numerous other Free agents WANTED to come waste their PRIME YEARS on a team in the rebuilding stage. B) if we would have signed them, somehow it solves ALL our problems- which numerous and across the Board! C) we instantly become a playoff contender, and a winning team d) the only thing preventing that is the Glazers being Cheap! It’s amazing anyone who watched Lil Chuckys teams fail to win a playoff game, and repeatly end up in last place in the NFC South, and win only with the last place schedule, and grow less and less talented every year, COULD BELIEVE THAT!!build with old cast offs was the Chucky way. And that proved to be a huge failure, and finally got his Lil ass fired! Oar. I didn’t put words in your mouth. Those points were so intelligent, they could only have been mine:) I was also pointing out that, while alot of those players are starting, they are mediocre at best! Look for a lot of the holdovers to be replaced with talented players. Those that don’t self destruct- retard Jackson style!

  38. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe- yes, you were.

  39. King Says:

    Good to see a fired up discussion for our team.

    Something you guys are missing is how many free agent discussions didn’t make the media. I am sure there were many more then we know about. But how many opportunities were lost with a previous fiery winning coach that had a reputation for throwing his players under the bus for more peronal reasons then proffesional ones? Now we currently having a young, inexperienced coach (and GM) going through their learning curves. Then you throw in the fact that Tampa is a smaller market with much less exposure then a big city market such as New York, New England, D.C., etc. If you were a big name talent, would you have want to sign up in Tampa?

    There’s no doubt that we bottomed out last year but we seem to be heading in the right direction. Raheem is earning a reputation as a players coach that players play hard for play for minus the butt hurt, Kardashian losing, over-eaters anonymous Mr. Ward. Say what you want about the guy, but these players are playing harder for him then the previous regime. There aren’t many “white tigers” left on this roster *cough* Stylez *cough*. If we continue going in the right direction, Tampa will once again become a more popular choice for free agency signing in the years ahead.

  40. Jonny Says:

    Well, the Miami Dolphins do not look like a playoff team WITH Brandon Marshall, you need much more than a WR or two to suddenly make your team a playoff contender.

    Thanks to Gruden and Allen, our team lacks elite players. Not even one elite player drafted in all those years of mediocrity, it is not even funny. Every other doormat had at least one hit through these years. Detroit has Calvin Johnson, 49ers have Patrick Willis, Browns have Joe Thomas, Falcons have Roddy White, Raiders have Nnamdi Asomugha.

    One or two elite players’ addition will not make us suddenly better, we need a core of solid starters first and then we can think about getting uber talented FAs. Sadly, a good part of the Buccaneer fan base comprises of uneducated and unintelligent morons that do not mind mediocrity, but display impatience at an attempt to rebuild.

  41. eric Says:

    Ill take a Jon Gruden Monte Kiffin team anyday over these idiots…………………………………….draft or no draft.

    The morons are the ones who actually believe this current regime can produce a winner.

    They can’t and they won’t.

  42. BigMacAttack Says:

    eric, buddy, how long can you hold your breath?

  43. Jameson Says:

    Eric, I see what you’re trying to say. You’re trying too hard to say it. Using people like Kelly Gregg, Rob Ninkovich, and kickers? That’s stretching too much. Those guys are bit players at best. Kickers change teams pretty much every offseason, unless they’re well-established – and sometimes even then (Shayne Graham, Matt Stover, Adam Vinatieri).

    Free agency can be a source of talent just like the draft. And just like the draft, you can miss, or hit it big. The Buccaneers wanted high-character guys this offseason, and focused on players that had been team captains in the draft. Think about the free agents this offseason: Julius Peppers (not a leader), Terrell Owens (not a leader), Dunta Robinson (not a leader)… sensing a theme? Signing free agents this offseason would have run counter to their plans, as it would have brought in big-name, big-money guys who would have undermined the authority of the rookie they want to develop into leaders.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric- you already had Lul Chucky. He inherited a team loaded with All Pros- Brooks, Sapp,Lynch, Barber, Alsttot,Rice, etc. When he left, we had none. None !! He stripped the talent from this team like locust in a field of Grain. Absolutely the worst Drafting in Team(NFl?) history, combined with an absolute refusal to Coach/ develop young talent. Finished in last place every other year, so that he could have a winning record with the last place schedule. Totally lost the respect and or attention of the team, who deliberately layed down on him to get his ass fired- that .500 record Chucky?? I laughed my ass off two weeks ago. Kenny Mayne did a session with Jeff Garcia where Mayne was supposed to be Garcia’s trainer. Garcia snarled at Mayne” I’d almost rather put up with another one of Gruden’s “coaching” sessions than have to listen to you!!” oh, yeah, all the ex Bucs have “love” for Chucky! Yeah, Eric, if youareahoe still living in the past, crying for that team Ruining Lil midget, it must be because of his singing voice! You’re to smart to not see that idiot ruined this team.By now, it isvso obvious that only the blind or the Ignorant could believe otherwise!! I don’t know if Raheem is going to prove to be the coach we want. Be he has already proven to be much, much better than the”Coach” we had!!

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow Jonny, now that was a great post!!! It doesn’t get more accurate or honest than that!!!

  46. Eric S Says:

    Peppers would have made a huge difference with this D. Even if the Bucs gave him a big contract, their salary cap would still be about $5. I see the difference that Peppers makes to that Chicago D. D. Robinson has helped solidify the Falcons secondary. Their secondary was a mess last yr and now their D is top 10. Heck I only mentioned 2 kickers. Bryant has won 2 games for Atlanta. That’s all. Gold is one of the best kickers in the league. Chicago was foolish to pick him up in free agency. I really don’t feel like pointing out all the OL starters that were garnered through FA. There’s probably quite a few. A few choice free agents can make a huge difference for a team, whether it is a winning team or a losing team.

    I tried before to show some recent losing teams that had one key free agent that turned their whole team and culture around. Hopefully this will post this time.

    2005-Saints were 3-13. They sign Drew Brees and they go 10-6 the next season.
    2007-Dolphins were 1-15. They sign Chad P and win the division next season at 11-5.
    2007-Falcons go 4-12. They sign Michael Turner and win the division at 11-5.

    Losing teams can sign free agents and turn their team totally around. Kelly Gregg is one of the most important members on the Ravens D. He clogs up the middle. If you don’t have a good NT in a 3-4 you are screwed. Gregg is a very good NT and the Ravens are the benefit of that. Ninkovich made 2 huge plays against Miami that turned that game around.

    This Bucs team is so young. It really would have nice to have some veterans with all these young players. You have to have a nice blend to have a good team. I really get tired of people just saying the Bucs should just build through the draft. That’s just horse crap. Every team tries to build through the draft essentially. The smart teams know how to sign the right free agents and make the key trades.

  47. Eric S Says:

    Interesting. I guess you can’t write certain words on here or it will reject the post. I learn something new every day. The site hasn’t been like that before. I don’t mind. I hate using profanity because it does show a lack of creativity with the English language.

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    The point about Free agents that none of you seem willing to accept. You can’t force a free agent to come here!!! The “free” part of that is because they can go where THEY want! We offered Fat Albert Haynesworth more money than anyone, but he (thankfully!!!! went to the Skins( who can have him!). While we had our pick of the bunch during our SuperBowl drive, they typically avoid rebuilding teams. Most Good FAs are in their Prime. They want the extra money for Playoff Games. They also don’t want to waste some of their best years watching a young team grow up!!

  49. Vince Says:

    Joe says “Fraud. An absolute disgrace you wore Warrick Dunn’s number.”

    Abso-FRIGGIN-lutely Joe!!

  50. BamBamBuc Says:

    Capt., I agree with most of what you said earlier, except the part about the “last place schedule”. That doesn’t happen anymore, hasn’t for a while now. The schedules are based on a rotating division matchup, each team playes every other division over the course of 4 seasons. Of course we play the NFC South twice a year, but the non-divisional games are set on a rotation. There are only 2 games per year that are base on last years record. Those 2 games would not allow for first-to-worst, worst-to-first changes like we saw. Draft position might, if they had good drafts (which I can’t say we did). What I think you’ll see as far as drafts is that many high picks had good rookie years. We have a bad year, we draft Caddy, he gets rookie of the year, we get first place, next year… not so good. We get Clayton, have a good year, 2nd year…. not so good.