Davin Joseph Talks To Joe

October 9th, 2010

Recently, Joe had chance to chat briefly with Bucs right guard Davin Joesph. Joe tried to get an idea of how things are different this season for the Bucs offensive line and the offense as a whole than last year’s chaotic season.

Joe: How much better has it been that you and the rest of the offensive line had a coordinator to work with for a full year?

Davin Joseph: It was important for all of us to be here in the offseason. We had the majority of guys in and we were able to find out what our identity would be and what our strong points would be. Of course, as the season develops, we decide what type of offense we will be. That foundation is laid in the offseason and we took advantage of our offseason to the fullest. Lot of guys in OTAs, and working hard in minicamp and training camp. So it’s paying off for us on the offensive end. We are not scoring as many points as we would like but we know that our hard work is going to pan out for us.

Joe: Is the line doing anything different Xs and Os-wise? I know last year coaches tried to implement zone blocking. Is your blocking a hybrid?

Joesph: We’re just understanding what we like to do. Of course, it’s a hybrid offense where we can spread it out a little bit if we have the type of guys at receiver and of course if we have the type of guys in the backfield. So we have a combination of everything. We’re just trying to be able to move the ball and get first downs and stay on the field, which is the most important.

Joe: Is it less of a hybrid than last year?

Joseph: I think it’s better for us than last year. I think [last year] we were trying to do some things we were not accustomed to. Force feed? You could say that, especially with the change in coordinators. There were a lot of complications. With the offseason like we talked about earlier, it helped determine what kind of offense we want to be.

Joe: So this past year has been much smoother?

Joseph: Oh! Day and night!

4 Responses to “Davin Joseph Talks To Joe”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    I hope the line improves as a unit. Would like to have heard Davin’s take on why the run game has failed so far.

  2. thomas Says:

    the line would improve if u invested in it consistently. How many starters on the o-line were acquired by the rahdom regime? How many o-linemam were added by the all-important draft pick during the rahdom regime?

    Essentially, zero and zero in terms of contributors, and only key vincent at 35 y.o. was added from the carolina scrap heap as a f.a.

    Can you say neglect of the most important group of a “lasting winner?”

  3. JimBuc Says:

    thomas — given that you are such a Gruden lover you should never talk about the O-line. For example, even if we accept your flawed premise, which is worse to allow the O-line to struggle due to “neglect” or to dedicate a bunch of picks and trades to the O-line only to have it suck?

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    JimBuc- lmao. In a long line of hater- smackdowns, that might be one of your best!! Yeah, a certain former Coach swore the o-line was “his baby”, and would be the strenght of the team! Yeah, still waiting on THAT to happen! So far that hasn’t come close to happening. Although Thomas is an idiot, he is actually correct about one thing, we are going to have to invest some Draft picks/FA on the line! Yet another mess that has to be rebuilt!! I’m actually really exciteded about some of the young O-Line on the practice squad, and Demar dotson’s potential! Even if they can’t replace some of our underachievers next year, at least they should provide better depth!