Cowher And Raheem On Same Wavelength

October 29th, 2010

It seems Bill Cowher, the man some Bucs fans yearn to be Tampa Bay’s next head coach, is liking the we’re-the-best messaging Raheem Morris is serving his players.

Per’s Pat Kirwan, a former player personnel executive and a frequent Sirius NFL Radio co-host with Cowher, the former Steelers head coach is all in favor of overhyping players if it’s working.

Kirwan talked about this on the Miller and Moulton show on 770AM in Fort Myers on Wednesday.

“Bill Cowher says this all the time. At some point, and the Bucs are his example, those players in Tampa believe in themselves now and have the confidence to go out [and win]. Bill said, ‘We had a couple of teams in Pittsburgh that weren’t very good but they were really confident, and we weren’t about to tell them they weren’t that good. And they went out and won games they shouldn’t.’ I think Tampa fits the mold there, as does Kansas City,” Kirwan said.

Look out.

With a win in Arizona, and losses by the Steelers, Jets and Patriots, the Bucs might be the “best team in the NFL.”

4 Responses to “Cowher And Raheem On Same Wavelength”

  1. OAR Says:

    As I have said, the way this years NFL season is playing out, I expect Rod Serling to the commissioner! Strange days, indeed!

  2. booty traps Says:

    We are who we thouth we were?

  3. Buc You Says:

    Per Kirwan Bill said,

    “…teams (like Tampa)… that weren’t very good…”

    “And they went out and won games they shouldn’t.’ I think Tampa fits the mold there…”

    He just said the Bucs aren’t very good.

    I agree.

  4. RustyRhino Says:

    So the Bucs are not very good you say Buc You..?? We are 4 DASH 2 looking at going into a game that we have a chance to win…. Yeah we have some things to get worked out but what NFL team doesn’t???
    except the 72 Fins.

    We have the makings of a fairly good offense and we have most of the pieces of having a fairly good defense, But yeah as you said –

    “He just said the Bucs aren’t very good.

    I agree.”

    you know some people would piss and moan if they won a million dollars.
    Last year at this time we where 0 DASH 6… oh yeah I forget we weren’t very good then either…..

    Do I like it that we have not been able to stop the run or run ourselves without a yellow hanky hitting the turf? HELL NO!!!
    Even with this small fact we are still way better then we where last year..
    So Damn get over it already and move on…or Capitan Bligh has room aboard his cutter for you I am sure.