Looks At Saints-Bucs

October 16th, 2010

Jason Horowitz and Pat Kirwan break down the Saints-Bucs game Sunday in this video. Hint: Kirwan explains why he loves Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. But Sabby at safety? Kirwan doesn’t think that much.

What do you think of Kirwan’s full comments?

One Response to “ Looks At Saints-Bucs”

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think Pat Kirwan still can’t remember WhatsHisName’s name. One of these days he’ll learn the name Mike Williams. This is gonna be a huge test for the Safeties and for Barrett Ruud. He’s right about the Saints using the middle seams. If the Bucs can stay back in High/Low coverage in the seams with Ruud and a Safety, I think there will be plenty of opportunity to get turnovers and win the game, but if they let Shockey and Colston hurt them over the middle, the game will be over quickly.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs playing more Nickel with Biggers in the game, even when the Saints are in 2 WR sets. Play their zone coverages, use some zone blitzes and CB blitzes with Biggers or Barber and keep Brees guessing. Most teams have not been blitzing the Saints, dropping the coverage and rushing 4. It’s not about the sack with Brees (which is hard to do, he gets the ball out too quickly), it’s about making him move and throw to areas he can’t see clearly. Use GMC and Price to drive right up the middle and make Brees move, don’t give him lanes in the middle to see the field.