Bucs Now In Third Place

October 3rd, 2010

Somewhat surprising events in the NFC South today. The top teams looked very mediocre.

The Saints squeeked out a victory at home against winless Carolina, 16-14, likely thanks to the Panthers’ putting themselves out of field goal range after a five-yard loss on third down late. Carolina played an extremely physical game.

Atlanta had to mount a comeback at home against winless San Francisco. They also were victorious 16-14.

Both the Saints and Falcons sit at 3-1, with the Bucs at 2-1 and waiting to head to Cincinnati next week. The Bengals’ passing game was back in full force Sunday, but they fell to 2-2 in what was a darn good game in Cleveland.

Of course, all this means a whole lot of nothing. In Carson Palmer, the Bucs will see the best quarterback they’ve faced to date this season, and they’re going to have to re-establish a pass rush.

After watching the Bengals today, Joe would have to say Sunday is a winnable game, although the Bucs must manufacture a running game.

23 Responses to “Bucs Now In Third Place”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’ll wait till the game is closer before I make any predictions, but I sure hope we win it! That would be awesome!!

  2. Patrick Says:

    Seeing that picture of Cadillac above, I really hope he gets it going on Sunday.

  3. Snook Says:

    Is it just me or are the Falcons not very impressive?

    If Nate Clements had a brain and New Orleans had a kicker, they’d be 1-3.

  4. Jim Says:

    LaGarrette anybody? that’s my thought about the running game.

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    Many teams aren’t looking as “All Powerful” as the preseason predictions declared them to be. Even Green Bay just squeaked out a win over Detroit. The Bengals, Steelers and Titans all lose close games. All that says to me is that any team, any week in the NFL. We have a chance at any game we play this year, including the Saints games.

    Although it would be nice to see a run game next weekend, what matters most is points on the scoreboard. If we rush for 35 yards, but score 35 points and hold the Bengals to less, all that matters is the points, not the rushing yards. Would a run game help? Sure, it would allow us to put the game away if we get a lead. As usual, I’ll stick to my “We need to win the turnover battle”. I think that affects the game much more than how many rushing yards a team has.

  6. Pete Dutcher Says:

    My new pastor wore a Saints jersey today…so I guess I need to keep looking for a new church

  7. MVPFreeman Says:

    God knows I would.

  8. Patrick Says:

    True BamBamBuc, we capable of winning any game. But F.Y.I Terrell Owens had a 222 yard performance today. We better hope Grimm is ready for him and Ocho Cinco next week.

  9. mike56wesley Says:

    yes these games give us hope .beat the teams we are suposed to and steal a few we are not.

  10. TJ Says:

    @ Patrick I think we better put talib and barber on there P’s and Q’s too also joe saw a derrick ward sighting 12 carries I do beleive for 80 yards

  11. eric Says:

    Ward for 6.7 average, 80 yards and broke a 33 yarder?

    Maybe it is our line……………

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    …or maybe it’s because they played against the Raiders. He still had the lowest yards per carry of their 3 running backs, even with the 33 yard gain. Raiders gave up 250 on the ground today. I wish we could play them in order to get our running game going!

  13. Patrick Says:

    Yup I live in Texas, so I watched the entire Texans game today and saw Derrick Ward. He had a good game. I’m not surprised, considering that the Texans do have better players around him than what he had in Tampa. Not bashing the Bucs, but it is true. I knew Ward still had some talent in him when we cut him. Is he anything great?? No, I’m

    And we had to cut him after a couple of PRE-SEASON games?? Has that really helped us? We didn’t save any extra money or anything, so why couldn’t we just let him a play a few games into the season?? Then, if he’s not producing we could’ve cut his ass. Everybody went a little crazy on Derrick Ward I think.

    If some of you guys owned the Bucs, you’d probably cut Cadillac today too. I wouldn’t because we’ve seen Cadillac be great before and it’s only been three games. His first game was actually okay. His second game, not good. In the 3rd game, we were playing a dominating Steelers defense and no team has been able to move the ball on them this year. NO ONE. Also, Cadillac only got 3 carries. Not much of a chance. I know Cadillac may not be a #1 back anymore, but I think he’s fine as our #2 back.

  14. Pete 422 Says:

    We need to manufacture a pass rush and get to the QB. I agree with Jim that LaGarrette Blount needs to see some action, especially in short yardage and in the red zone. Freeman of course is getting better especially if supported by a decent run game. Pound the rock with high percentage passing. Scoring points of course will also take pressure of the defense.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of the transplants who “aren’t Buccaneer fans” (or simply Tampa Bay fans) even after living here for many years. I’m originally from Buffalo and the Bills to me are now just another team (as are the Sabres) and I was DIE HARD. I have been here 15 years, The Buccaneers, Rays and Lightning are my teams.

  15. Patrick Says:

    Error: “Is he anything great? No I’m not saying that. Just saying he still had talent.”

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I think we cut Ward just as much for his attitude as his play. He, by many accounts, was a bit of a cancer in the locker room (which is really bad for a really young team without a true outspoken leader to put him in his place). He didn’t like being in Tampa (I have him as my facebook friend, and he let that be known on several occasions), wasn’t a hard worker, came into training camp out of shape, and played like doo doo in the preseason. Not to mention the fact that he stopped talking to the media last year, so of course they are going to rip him any chance they get. He was not going to make us any better, and we probably would have had to cut Kareem Huggins had we kept him. He is a much better fit on a better team like Houston, but it just wasn’t working in Tampa and they would have been foolish to keep him.

    As for Caddy, totally different story. He’s given this organization years of service, battled through horrific injuries, been a model citizen, always work hard, and has been a pretty good player when healthy. He does look pretty bad so far, which is a shock to me because he supposedly looked really good in the offseason. I hope it’s not the end of the road for him, but he deserves more than 3 games before we get all “Tampa fan” on him.

  17. BamBamBuc Says:


    There is no doubt our RBs aren’t the greatest, but the line is a huge part as well. And they affect our passing game too.

    As for Ward, he has more to play for again. He doesn’t have the big FA contract he had here. That’s often the problem with high priced FAs, they get the big payday and lose incentive to perform.


    Yes, TO had a big day, but obviously not big enough. Again, I don’t care about yardage stats, it’s the final score that counts. Win the turnover battle, win the game. They can move the ball 70 yards between the 20s, so long as we don’t give up the score.

  18. Eric S Says:

    I thought the Falcons would win this division before the season. I still feel that way. The Saints haven’t played a good game all season. Their offense looks very ordinary. Sean Payton is a bit of a smug prick, so it is kinda fun seeing them struggle. I think all the people saying he was a genius last year (even though the Colts were ready for the onside kick and their 4th down play near the goal line was horrible) got into Payton’s head. They are going to miss Reggie Bush.

    It is not saying much that Palmer is the best QB have faced. They have faced Delhomme, Moore and Batch with Clausen coming in late. Not the most stellar of groups. I wonder how Palmer looked today. He hasn’t the same since his injury a few years ago. Many people including myself think he is washed up. I could see the Bucs stealing the game against the Bungles.

  19. eric Says:

    Did TO have 200 yards today. Didn’t he burn the bucs when he played for the Bills last year.

    Should learn a lot about the team in the next three weeks with Bengals, saints and the up and coming Rams.

    Cinci has their backs to the wall, if Rah beats them i will be mighty impressed.

  20. sunrisejeff Says:

    Actually agree with you there Eric. If the Bucs can manage to go to Cinci and take a W home with them against a desperate Cincy team it will speak volumes to our progression. Biggest thing will be to have some LONG sustained drives that end in TD’s not FG’s to avoid letting their offense get into a rhythm. If we can dial up some pressure we can make Carson turn the ball over.

  21. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I agree with eric as well.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Watching a lot of that game confirmed something else. Cleveland isn’t that bad of a football team.

  23. Tampa2 Says:

    I agree with you Eric. But I think Ocho & Terrell are pissed and looking to take it out on the next team at home. So I doubt we’ll be impressed.
    @tugboat Watching the Ravens & Steelers game confirmed to me that there wasn’t 22 Supermen that beat down the Bucs. The Ravens proved that!