Bucs Made The Right Turn

October 24th, 2010

Look, if Joe could tell the future, he’d be wealthy beyond his imagination, lounging with cold cocktails on  his private Cayman beach with Rachel Watson hanging all over him.

Alas, Joe has a modest, land-locked condo with standard-def TVs and no Rachel in sight.

But what Joe can tell is that the Bucs made the correct turn this afternoon, pulling out an ugly win against the St. Louis Rams.

This game, the Bucs were at a T-intersection. A wrong turn and this season very easily could have spiraled into a dismal depth. But the Bucs turned right and, for a few days at least, all is well. Four more wins in the next 10 games and the Bucs could be flirting with a playoff berth.

The Bucs won despite a makeshift offensive line, due to injuries. The Bucs have a backfield largely consisting of rejects, thanks to injuries. The Bucs best receivers and starting quarterback still get carded on a regular basis at Tampa’s hottest nightspots. The Bucs defensive line struggles to stop a cool breeze.

Yet the Bucs fought. They hung tight. They battled through injuries. They won.

Now the season could still turn out to be terrible. The Bucs could still finish with a subpar record. But who among us could have guessed the Bucs would be 4-2 with the aforementioned issues?

Playoffs aren’t such a crazy visision from this standing point.

“Hey, Rachel, over here!”

4 Responses to “Bucs Made The Right Turn”

  1. Chargedcbh Says:

    Joe you don’t have HD? Now I understand why you kept on saying Bust in Wainting. You couldn’t see Freeman’s potential.
    Race to 10!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pete 422 Says:

    The first half was horrible, but they showed a lot of character coming back and winning. It’s much better to learn from this getting an ugly win, than making the wrong turn.

    I was listening to this and it sounded like the Bucs also didn’t get any calls while the Rams got most of them (i.e. Trueblood push in the back).

  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    To all those who said all that mattered last year was the #3 in the win column… that it didn’t matter if they showed improvement, or who they beat, because all that mattered was that 3 (or maybe the 13 in the L column)….

    We’re 4-2… that’s right, in 6 games, we’ve won 4. Doesn’t matter who we beat. Doesn’t matter what the stats line says. All that matters is that 4 in the W column. Are we world beaters? Nah, but can you really argue with 4-2?

  4. Dave W. Says:

    SD televisions? Is Joe on welfare?