BSPN Looks At Cardinals-Bucs

October 29th, 2010

Trey Wingo, Kordell Stewart and Mark Schlereth break down the Cardinals-Bucs game in this BSPN video. Joe believes the last time he saw Stewart, Derrick Brooks made him cry.

3 Responses to “BSPN Looks At Cardinals-Bucs”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Kordell says, “the defense is sound” – Uh, what team have you been watching? Less than inspiring, yet opportunistic – yes. We have found a way to win and that’s all that matters, but sound? No.
    Again, if we don’t get pressure – we will make rookie Max Hall look like Kurt Warner. Raheem, make him uncomfortable with BLITZES.

  2. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Hey Joe- I hear they cut Vincent. Why?

  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    I think Kordell has only seen the second half of games we won. The D has been pretty sound in the second half of those games.