Bengals Keep Blackout-Free Streak Alive

October 8th, 2010

Joe’s got a feel good blackout story today.

It seems the Bengals front office rallied their community partners to buy up remaining tickets to the Bucs-Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday. And that will get the game on local television in Cincinnati and surrounding areas, so reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Channel 19, which will air the game, Kroger, Fifth Third Bank, Bud Light, AT&T and Gold Star Chili helped ensure the sellout, and the Bengals purchased tickets for distribution to local military families.

Per the Enquirer, that makes 55 consecutive sellouts (term used loosely) in Cincinnati and there are some promotions in place to put some heavily discounted tickets in fans’ hands.

While Team Glazer apparently ate tens of thousands of tickets last year to ensure home sellouts (term again used loosely) , it seems that’s just not going to happen in 2010. One would think the near sellout against Pittsburgh last week, 61,000+ announced attendance, would have been the easiest game to make it happen.

2 Responses to “Bengals Keep Blackout-Free Streak Alive”

  1. booty traps Says:

    Does this mean we get to see the game?

  2. TheAngryDJ Says:

    We are away. Of course we will be able to see it. I’m guessing though with the name Booty Traps you are bating someone into replying. The fact that the Glazers don’t even offer the tickets last day for “cost” really speaks volumes of the care for this team and its fans.

    This is not a prosperous town anymore. 13% unemployment and it doesn’t count the people not collecting benefits and lowlifes and losers without jobs. Maybe that number is actually around 20% if you consider all of that. So for all of you english majors, that means 1 in 5 persons is probably broke. And after paying all that upfront money to watch the Rays flounder the first two games isn’t going to help Buc ticket sales either.