TV Blackout All But A Done Deal For Sunday

September 6th, 2010

Twittering madly today, St. Pete Times beat writer Rick Stroud is saying the Bucs’ front office expects a television blackout for Sunday’s home opener against the Browns.

Bucs expect Sunday’s season opener at RJS vs. the Browns to be blacked out.

Anwar Richardson, of The Tampa Tribune, is delivering the same bad news.

As host of The Blackout Tour, Joe surely isn’t surprised. However, Joe has heard legions of sports radio callers doubting that an opening day blackout would really happen, and Joe’s read those same comments here.

Joe feels bad for the scores of fans, especially kids, who can’t attend a game but love to watch their beloved Bucs on television. They’re screwed. But they’ll survive, just as Joe did growing up on blacked out games and listening to the radio and making the occasional trip to the stadium.

For those who can’t get to Sunday’s opener, Joe’s still got tickets left on The Blackout Tour buses heading for Lee Roy Selmon’s in Fort Myers, where the game will be shown live. Check it out.

12 Responses to “TV Blackout All But A Done Deal For Sunday”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    That figures . . .

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Still have till Thursday. right?

    The Glazers are crazy letting hte first home game of the season be blacked out.

    Question: Will the game still be aired the following day at 11am?

  3. justin f Says:

    watched the past 2 blackouts live and will continue to do so, its 2010 you can watch anything live online

  4. Mark Says:

    I’m not buying it… yet.

  5. Tye Says:

    A bony, frail little man doesn’t put butts in the seats at a heavy weight fight.
    People don’t line up for hours to get into a concert of a band that is just OK.
    People don’t spend an entire day to get in to watch a movie that isn’t likely to be exciting and entertaining.
    In fact most people would say that any of these is a total waist of time and money and I would agree.
    At the root of it all It is a business and the people who are responsible for building this team and selling their product as worth the time and money have so far failed from my perspective! (UGH!)

    In the same way, even though some may feel this team has a legitimate chance to win and do well this season, it seems most people do not and I tend to agree with them…….. I hate it and I for one can’t wait for the organization to get past this and become talented and worth watching again. I have been a fan of the Bucs for almost 2 decades and another team is not an option. I will follow the Bucs progress throughout the season BUT as far as spending time and money on what they are doing with the team now, I just don’t agree and I will not financially support it!

    For those who have self appointed themselves as judge over who is a “REAL” Fan or isn’t, God bless you but you are NO BETTER than anyone else!!!

  6. goodfellajay Says:

    im going to the game..but if i wasnt i just watch it online no big deal

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I said the same thing for the 3rd preseason game…and the lag was so bad I ended up waiting until the following day to watch it.

    We can’t count on quality feeds on Sunday at all…especially of the Bucs games.

    Question asked again since I got no answer:
    Will the game still be aired the following day at 11am?

  8. BigMacAttack Says:


    On Monday, one day after claiming running back Kregg Lumpkin off waivers from the Green Bay Packers, the Buccaneers did the same with rookie LaGarrette Blount, who was released by Tennessee on Sunday. To make room for Blount on the 53-man roster, Tampa Bay released wide receiver Reggie Brown.

    Punter swap too.

  9. pete Says:

    “Will the game still be aired the following day at 11am?”

    That would be on Monday? Why would they? FOX and CBS have better things to show on Monday at 11AM.

    That being said I really don’t know but I doubt it will be shown the next day.

    Who is planning to buy all the dozens of full priced tickets on ebay, stubhub, stubpass etc…?

  10. Patrick Says:

    It’s really just inexcusable how we have to go this far down to rock bottom and be the armpit of the league just to be a contender again. Lousy way to treat the fans. Yeah, we have an exciting young team indeed. Oh, but we can’t see it!!! Nice!

  11. Patrick Says:

    Lucky for me, I live over 1,000 miles away from the blackout area in Texas, and I’ll be at a restaurant, watching the game on Sunday Ticket with chips and queso in front of me!!

  12. Radio Mushmouth ( Mr. Credibility ) Says:

    .net here i come !!

    And there you go Radio Mushmouth. You specifically know Joe has stated numerous times not to post URLs of pirated video streams.

    Just for that, you get a time out. Maybe Joe will let you back in next week.

    Word to the wise: Post a URL of a source for a pirated video stream, you will be banned. Joe is the guy who has to deal with the NFL lawyers, not you.

    Radio Mushmouth is getting a timeout only because he’s a longtime commenter. Joe won’t be as kind to others.