Outraged By Tanard Jackson

September 23rd, 2010

If Bucs fans were unnerved to learn that Bucs safety Tanard Jackson was popped for another failed drug test and suspended indefinitely, said fans should read Steve White’s reaction on his blog, “Passing on the Game.”

White, a former Bucs defensive end, reacted angrily to the news.

I will never understand guys who pull this kind of sh*t. At least with performance enhancing drugs while you know its wrong and illegal you can kind of get that guys were looking for a physical edge so they could perform better. Maybe for a new contract or maybe to help the team win, either way that kind of cheating is centered around a guy trying to make himself better.

But by all outward appearances Jackson was popped for some form of recreational drug. And this would have to be at least his third time getting caught. I sincerely thought that after he lost four games last year to start off the season that he would have learned his lesson. Not only did he embarrass himself and his family, he also put his teammates in a helluva jam. For whatever reason I thought his pride wouldn’t allow him to make the same mistake again.

Boy was I wrong.

And while its obvious that he was popped for this infraction sometime ago and is just now being punished, the timing couldn’t be any worse. Right at the point where folks are starting to believe in the Bucs again he just ruined ALL of that.

Bingo! Just when things were starting to roll for the Bucs, a major pothole pops up. “Sad” isn’t the appropriate word.

Joe strongly encourages you to read Steve’s full article on this subject. Please click the link above.

17 Responses to “Outraged By Tanard Jackson”

  1. Chargedcbh Says:

    Yes he is a complete fool, I don’t think the year is over by any means. I believed in this team and Raheem last year and I still believe. One man can not and will not end our season. This reminds me of Ricky Williams, he has a serious problem. I hope he gets the help he needs however there is a game on Sunday that can turn this franchise around. Would we feel the year is over if he got injured? Just a couple of weeks ago everybody was moaning about Freemans thumb, how about we just wait and see what happens on Sunday.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    After giving it some thought…I think starting Sabby is the smart move.

    First, it’s obvious he is more developed than either Lynch or Grimm.

    Second, the way this team turns on players, it’s better to make Sabby the bad guy until one of the o…thers are ready.

    Third, I don’t think it is wise to just hand on of the young guys a starting job…make them earn it so they appreciate it more.

  3. AriToldMeTo Says:

    This is when he needs our support the most from the fans. He has an addiction and needs our support.

    Now lets rally around him and stay with him until he is ready for next season. Afterall, we all know that he is a Pro Bowl type safety.

    This is just a minor hiccup.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Frankly, support is something he must now earn back. The best thing for him would be for the fans of Tampa to turn their backs on him and for him to be cut. Sometimes a hard slap in the face with a dose of reality is in order and the only thing that works.

    Although the Bucs lose nothing by keeping him here, I think he’s probably done.

  5. d-money Says:


    Thats a nice thought and all but he didn’t learn his lesson the previous two times this happened what makes you think he will learn from this.

    The first two chances were minor hiccups. This i’m afraid needs to be the end of the road with the Bucs. Let some other team take the risk with him. If he turns out to be a HOF player for that team then so be it. The Bucs have taken enough chances with this clown and this is how he repays them.

    I have no patience for million dollar athletes who would risk their career to get high.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    Once is an accident, twice is a pattern, three times is an addiction. He needs to get his life in check, but don’t expect him to be a Buccaneer.

  7. TAC Says:

    The NFL has been supporting him with this issue since he entered the ranks as a NFL player. He has been in a program of “help”, but apparently his version was not being helped, but being kept away from his dope infested lifestyle.

    Hate to see someone dig themselves into such a hole, reminds me of Ricky Williams who finally saw the light, and got the real help he needed from himself.

    I don’t think the bucs can cut him while he is suspended for this(possible junkie), could be wrong, but I remember hearing that in the past. He will remain in the program unless he himself drops out of it, if he does his rights still belong to the bucs, and all deals for his talent go through them.

    He is under some immense pressure right now, but damn he put some people that counted on him in the same boat.

    I hope Sabby is onboard with Morris, he turned around the play of Phillips when he returned from that College job. If Sabby is smart(just don’t know), he will clean the victim mentality out of his brain, and pay attention to someone who can Coach the position. Maybe that would be Jimmy Lake now though. But he has a HC who knows also.

  8. eric Says:

    One day when he is working the day labor pool with Leon Spinks he may realize what he threw away.

  9. oar Says:

    Eric, Maybe? Not so sure.

  10. AriToldMeTo Says:

    Eric, Tanard is a model citizen of this community. He has been mentored by one of the top coaches in the National Football League in Raheem Morris. When you see Tanard, you really are seeing a direct product of Raheem’s mentorship. Raheem has made Tanard the man he is today. And Raheem will stand by his player come hell or high water. Raheem will ensure that this minor bump in the road will get Tanard to focus on football and put him on his way to a full recovery.

    Tanard represents this community, supports this community and with your help and Raheems help, Tanard will be back on the big stage laying hits on running backs, making Pro Bowls and signing a big contract to reward him for his talents and good behavior, and all the credit should go to Raheem, his captain.

    Go Bucs, beat the Steelers!

  11. d-money Says:

    @AriToldMeTo ,

    I’m sorry but Tanard is not a mocdel citizen. He has failed a drug test 3 times. He chose to smoke a product that is illegal and against the rules of his chosen profession. He did this all while knowing full well that it could cost him his job,millions of dollars and the respect of everyone that knows him.

    You know how many drug tests Ive failed in my life? Zero. Not because I am against it because lord knows when Iwas younger I did my share of partying. But you know what? As soon as I got a job I made a descision that I was going to grow up and be a man and stop putting partying and fun before my responsibilities as a man.

    Tanard is a selfish punk and a pothead. Plain and simple. He’s had second chances and he threw them in the face of The Glazers, Mark Dominik, Raheem and every fan that supported him since he got here.

  12. Nick2 Says:

    Joe any reason that Dom won’t take some of that $41 million under that cap and trade for ANYBODY that can play safety? There must be some team willing to let go of a starter or quality backup. Nobody would have dreamed we would be 2-0 now but since we are wouldn’t the time be now to look for someone to fill the void???? That is if the Glazers will let him.

  13. Joe Says:


    1) There is no cap this year.

    2) You assume another team would want to trade away a decent safety. Why?

    3) This year was all about rebuilding. Hence, the Bucs aren’t going to make a panic move like that.

  14. oar Says:

    Ari, I have to agree with others. The first two times were more “hiccups”, but this THIRD time is a monsterous bletch! BTW a hiccup is an involuntary function, so not sure if that should be used as a comparison to the VOLUNTARY actions by Tard Jackson!

  15. d-money Says:

    Damn! We should have drafted Eric Berry.

  16. Kfc Says:

    Im 18 and i had to stop smoking cause of my $10 and hour job,and this idiot cant quit when he is getting paid millions?? STUPID!!!

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Tanard must be getting his $h!t from AriToldMeTo. Too bad he’ll be broke soon.