More Raheem Gushing For Blount

September 28th, 2010

Joe told you earlier that Raheem Morris is now a huge LeGarrette Blount fan, to the point where he named the rookie running back the Bucs’ No. 1 option in short yardage and goal line situations during The Raheem Morris Show on WDAE-AM on Monday.

Here’s even more detail into the Bucs’ head coach’s mindset when it comes to Blount:

“He made some really good football players miss. I can name a couple. He made [Lawrence] Timmons miss a tackle in the backfield. He made Troy Polamalu miss a tackle in the backfield. And those are really good football players of high quality. We don’t play that quality every week. If he can do that to that defense, on his terms, then hopefully he can get that the rest of the season,” Morris said.

“And that’s why it’s really exciting for me. I know everybody is gloom and doom, and everybody is in the tank, but I still have young players on the cusp and still coming. Arrelious Benn, Legarrette Blount, these young men haven’t even scratched the surface yet. And we’re 2-1. And we have a chance to get these guys ready in the bye week.”

Again, Morris referred to everybody (the media?) being “gloom and doom.” Joe’s just not getting where Morris is feeling a sky-is-falling vibe. Whatever motivates you, coach.

Co-host TJ Rives pressed Morris for more on Blount. “Enlighten us. Is [his knowledge of the playbook] at 25 percent, 50 percent?” Rives asked.

“That’s being generous. You know, the young man’s been here for two weeks. And he’s really been running scout team running back for us,” Morris said. “We go into a game and say, ‘hey, these are the five runs we want him to know. These are the couple of things we want him to be able to do.’ And he’s able to go out there and execute.

“Now you just got to keep adding to that gradually and slowly. He knows probably more than we give him credit for right now, but you’ve got to be smart when you’ve got young players like that, especially with a young football team.”

“Being a head coach and a defensive coordinator, and I’m watching this big young man running through the holes in practice, and I’m going, ‘Coach Olson, we’ve gotta find a role for this guy.'”

Kareem who?

20 Responses to “More Raheem Gushing For Blount”

  1. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    I’m glad that Blount will be getting the ball more. I think he can be the power back that the Bucs have been missing for a while.

  2. eric Says:

    The new driving force!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Spirit of '76 Says:

    Could he be the “thunder” we’ve been looking for since the days of #40? I don’t know but I’m excited to watch how this season unfolds for him and us.

  4. tampa2 Says:

    Well, Head coach/defensive coordinator, Would Blount be running through those holes while playing for the scout team like Mendenhall did on Sunday? That isn’t saying too much for your Dline! While I think Blount will be a force to reakon with, what are your plans to prop the defense up? Even your favorite cab beater Talib sucked last Sunday. Is it the defense, or is it the coach? Cincy will tell us more, that’s for sure!

  5. nick Says:

    tampa 2 gimme a break u played the number one team in football with a bunch of rookies stop ur hating and the kids hung tough for a while

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Eric – Good one. This link’s for you.

  7. Jlinc Says:

    I wouldn’t call out Talib for the loss on Sunday. By all means he couldve played better, but with an interception and passes defended, I’d say that Ronde and Talib were some bright spots on a gloomy day.

  8. eric Says:

    Go Rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Patrick Says:

    I think it’s good that Blount will be getting the ball more.

    And don’t give up on Caddy guys. He only got 3 carries on Sunday!

    Speaking of Huggins, why hasn’t he gotten a carry yet this season?

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Damn Rah chances his player infatuation more and quicker than Radiomushmouth changed user handles!

    Anyone want to take a bet on how long before Raheem gushes for Ernest Graham?

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tampa2- again, as previously determined, you are A penis! I am happy Blount and Benn are both gonna get more playing time. More exciting young players to give Freeman more weapons!

  12. paul Says:

    You don’t get where everyone is gloom and doom, Joe?? Every home game has been blacked out!! That’s a first for Raymond James Stadium. There’s a little hint.

  13. BamBamBuc Says:

    Not everyone is gloom and doom. There is a good portion though. We see eric and tampa2 being gloom and doom regularly, along with a few that are banned for posting links to unethical websites broadcasting NFL feeds without the express written consent of the NFL.

    The good news though (at least for you Joe’s) is that it’s pretty obvious the team staff is reading JoeBucFan, and not that other formerly colorful magazine turned pay web site. They’d think everyone was just giddy about the team if they were reading that.

  14. JDouble Says:


    Maybe Rah thinks everyone is doom and gloom because we don’t even sell 50% of the seats at home games? The general sports media takes cheap shots any chance they get? Most “experts” predicted us winning 2-5 games all year? So called fans on Buccaneer fansites do nothing but post hateful nonsense all day?

    There is nothing but doom and gloom. Why would he not feel it?

  15. admin Says:

    JOe here,

    JDouble – Good question. The somewhat bizarre thing here is the timing. 24 hours after the loss, Raheem is on the air talking about “doom and gloom” and “everybody is in the tank.” Well, where did he pick up all that in just 24 hours after being 2-0. That just doesn’t fit. …Joe doesn’t recall any columnists calling the Bucs a joke because they were 2-1. The sports radio chatter was pretty divided, and Joe would even say most fans are willing to chalk the loss up to the Bucs being overmatched but not toast for the whole season.

  16. JDouble Says:

    I wish I could agree. Most “fans” I see posting on here and other sites talk about how stupid Rah is, how cheap the Glazers are, and how we will suck untill we get a new coach and spend money on free agents.

  17. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I wonder if this video will embed here ?

  18. JDouble Says:

    It was a radio interview.

  19. McBuc Says:

    Most of the fans here have not been doom and gloom, but like BamBam pointed out, there are a few. Maybe he is using it as fuel for his team…”us against the world” kind of thing. I have seen allot of post about the offensive line, in fact TBO had one of their “ask the os called experts” stories that was pretty much all about the O line. Joe has been saying that it is more the backs than the o line for a long time now, and I for one have agreed with him. Let’s see what the new young guys can do.

    Tampa2…Everyone knew we would have bad days with our young defensive line, Steve White has told us to expect it on many occasions. The Steelers game was bad timing to have one, with a back up QB and all. The Steelers also needed to prove that they are the team the experts thought they were…and they did. I cannot believe you would rag on Talib for a bad play, he played pretty well for most of the game.

  20. booty traps Says:

    The only doom and gloom i see are the empty seats and i will be the first to tell you i cant afford them.

    I dont see gloom and doom with the team; i see a young team growing and a coach thats growing with them [good/bad] and time will tell if the coaching staff meets/exceeds expectations.

    Im excited for our team of young guys. im sure they are all wanting to prove something to the other teams and themselves. I expect not to have a great season, but im optimistic for the team to perform above average.

    I like our team as is. Cinci will be another test for us. We played pretty well against the Steelers. The mistakes killed us…Rah will work it out.

    GO BUCS!! 🙂