Look For More Arrelious Benn

September 27th, 2010

Look for the Bucs rookie receiver snagged in the second round this year to play more against Cincinnati in two weeks.

Asked at his noon news conference today, Raheem Morris talked about more looks for his players “on the come,” including Arrelious Benn.

“Would I like to increase Benn’s role? Yes,” Morris said. “He can certainly help us some more. He’s young. He’s powerful. He’s dynamic.”

Benn had three catches, albeit with Troy Polamalu out of the game with the outcome decided. Regardless, he’s looks to Joe like an untapped weapon Greg Olson needs to find a way utilize.

14 Responses to “Look For More Arrelious Benn”

  1. Gary Says:

    I never really understood how everyone was down on Benn in the first place. He never got many opportunities in preseason. When the ball was thrown his way, it was poorly thrown.

    He gets a chance and produces, what a surprise.

  2. McBuc Says:

    Gary, most people are with you. It is a handful of yahoos that were ripping on him…RahDom, Eric, Tampa 2, Javier etc…Those guys pretty much rip on all things Bucs. Most people thought he was moving at a typical rookie pace, and Mike Williams is ahead of the game.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    The only issue with Benn is that his posistion requires a lot more knowledge of the defense, and reading Schemes. Our offense isn’t at all similar to Illinois, so it’s taking him time to adjust. Believe me, this guy is dynamic, and will be another impressive weapon for Freeman as soon as he learns our system. Hopefully, Cincy gets a dose!

  4. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    You guys see the blocking Sammie did on one play yesterday? He chased down the corner knocked him down in a vicious manner and when they got back up he knocked him down again!! It was the most physical thing I saw yesterday sadly.

    Penn was working Harrison over on some plays too, but ehhh it was inconsistent all over.

  5. eric Says:

    Oh, so now it is because he is from Illinois. Couldn’t just be a bad pick by Dom, heavens no!

    You guys are too much.

    Where is that McCoy dispruption BTW? Wasn’t that gonna lead to a boatload of sacks?

  6. Will the Beast Says:

    Eric are your mother and father brother and sister? Do you always look at things from a negative perspective? There were some lights that went on yesterday that indicate progress you talk all about what didn’t happen ok lay out your gameplan what your winning formula

  7. eric Says:


    1. Fire Raheem and coaching staff
    2. Fire Dominik
    3. Hire Bill Cowher
    4. Hire new GM selected by Cowher
    5. New scouting department
    6. Commit to draft and RFA, FA and trade aquisitions next year, actually above the cap floor.

    Happy Days are here again! Sky above is clear again. No more blackouts!

  8. will the beast Says:

    So what your saying is that every undersized player we have on defence will have to go because Cowher doesn’t have the personel needed to run his scheme with the roster in place presently. so your talking another five years to establish what is already in the making here now. The Cowher train has came and gone he’s going to Carolina where he lives. Do you understand how coaches work in the NFL they go into realistic situations not situations where they have to rebuild. who is he bringing with him to follow through on your plan it took him thirteen years to make it happen in Pittsburg and your complaining about blackouts come on get your head out of your ass man

  9. eric Says:

    As i recall Cowher did very well his first year in Pittsburg. Unlike the Dream he will need no long term “rebuilding” plan.

    And unlike you, I do not scoff at Division Championships and winning records.

    He is miles and miles ahead of Raheem the Dream and would lend instant credibility. The team currently has very little.

    We don’t have anything “in place”.

  10. will the beast Says:

    @ Eric do you realize how many coaches The Steelers have had and the situation Cowher walked into they are the best organization in the history on the nfl not because of the chin. get it out of your mind he’s not comming to Tampa if you want to sniff his jock your going to have to do it in Carolina

  11. eric Says:

    Actually the Steelers had a losing record the year before Cowher arrived and were struggling.

    I’d like for the bucs to be the best organization in football. Isn’t that what we all want? They were once in the top five anyway, till this latest sham.

    Cowher would be a good start and he is available. He seemed to like Freeman when he visited in the offseason.

    So the question is, will the Glazers pay? Money is no object, remember?

  12. will the beast Says:

    @ Eric if I can recall Mike Tomlin a Tony Dungy diciple accomplished what cower took 13 years to accomplish. The system we have in place will work gruden left this team in shambles Morris is doing it the Dungy way you don’t have to spit in a guys face to motivate him just teach and train and he will show and prove. Gruden couldn’t train his dog how to take a dump outside. Today right here right now thats the answer listen and learn

  13. eric Says:


    Cowher and Gruden aren’t good coaches.

    Exactly the mindset that led to Raheem the Dream. 5-14 and counting.
    27th ranked offense. Still 28th against the run. Humiliated at home by first good team faced this season with fourth string QB who suddeenly became Joe Montana.

    Well, you Gruden hating losers got what you wanted, enjoy the losing.

  14. will the beast Says:

    take your boyfriend and head for carolina buttplug you two pillow biters can give cowher a back rub when he arrives