“Insurance Graham” To Save The Day

September 1st, 2010

Twice, as he was peppered with questions yesterday about releasing Derrick Ward, the Bucs head coach said the presence of “Insurance Graham” was among the reasons the Bucs cut Ward.

The head coach emphasized the nickname for his starting fullback, and praised his versatility. 

But Joe doesn’t fully comprehend what Graham is really insuring?

If Graham fills in for an injured Cadillac Williams, that leaves a hole at fullback. And if the Bucs sideline braintrust thought Graham was so valuable, why was he all but buried last season with just 14 carries and 14 receptions?

21 Responses to ““Insurance Graham” To Save The Day”

  1. CharlieB Says:

    To me, that indicates they’re keeping Taylor or Pressley on the roster.

  2. sensiblefan Says:

    Pressley definitely sticks and Graham becomes the proven veteran backup that Ward was supposed to be. No biggie.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    I believe it means if we have to use him, we can. Expect “Cool Runnings” (Huggins) to get the #2 work.

  4. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    why was he all but buried last season with just 14 carries and 14 receptions?


    Is this really a question Joe?

    Well he only got 14 carries because they just signed Ward to a big FA Contract (you know, what all the haters keep bitching about the Glazers NOT DOING)

    Pair that fact with the Offense’s inability to run the ball and you’ve got your answer.

  5. Joe Says:

    Fire Greg Olson!:

    Joe is very conflicted about this issue because he thinks the absolute world of Earnest Graham. Two things:

    1) Part of the reason Graham had so few carries is that he was hurt at the end of the year.

    2) Joe has gone on record as writing that he believes Graham has seen his best days. He’s 30, an old man by running back standards. Yes, so is Thomas Jones that isn’t a fair argument. Some dude somewhere is sleeping with Rachel Watson. To use the Thomas Jones premise, then Joe should be sleeping with Rachel Watson too.

    Just because Player-A can do something doesn’t mean Player-B should also.

    Father Time makes very few exceptions for people in the NFL, specifically running backs.

    Sometimes, the unvarnished truth is a very, very ugly thing.

    No one wishes he would be more wrong about this than Joe.

  6. Spirit of '76 Says:

    30 years old is old for a starting NFL tailback. But EG has not started that many seasons, let alone games. Huggins will be the change of pace back behind Caddy with EG playing in jumbo packages and some goal line work. EG plays hard, always makes positive yardage, catches the ball well and doesn’t put it on the ground often. He will be very serviceable as the “insurance” back.

    There will also be some other backs available after Saturday’s cuts and they may find a gem in that scrap pile. I predict we will add another back this way as I don’t think that Carlos Brown will stick.

  7. d-money Says:

    “No one wishes he would be more wrong about this than Joe.”

    Well you’re in luck. You are wrong.

  8. sunrisejeff Says:

    IMO Pressley makes the roster and Taylor is on the PS at the start of the season.

  9. Spirit of '76 Says:

    Pressley will stick now as the primary fullback. I’m not too sure if Taylor will make it to the practice squad or not. I was under the impression that he was a monster but he sure doesn’t play like one. We may grab a backup fullback on Sunday after all the teams cut down to 53.

  10. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Williams, Graham and Huggins at RB

    Pressley at FB

    Taylor on PS

    Decent… not world beaters, but Decent.

    That’s my guess, anyway.

  11. joey88 Says:

    @JOEBUC………….And if the Bucs sideline braintrust thought Graham was so valuable, why was he all but buried last season with just 14 carries and 14 receptions?….


  12. Tommy Boy Says:

    I just read on PFT that Kevin Smith may be cut by the Lions because they have Jahvid Best and waiting for Smith to be 100% may not be in their best interest. I say scoop Kevin Smith, let him heal, and then let him compete for some carries. He is still young, smart, and a team guy. Low risk, high reward.

  13. JimBuc Says:

    Joe said:

    “And if the Bucs sideline braintrust thought Graham was so valuable, why was he all but buried last season with just 14 carries and 14 receptions?”

    Uh . . . well . . . because he is “Insurance Graham”, not “Starter Graham.” You may recall that Caddy performed well last year, which was a year with limited running opportunities due to playing from behind and generally getting their a_ _ kicked every game.

  14. justin Says:

    I aggree with spirit of 76 graham he was undrafted out of college and took him two seasons just to make a football roster trough hard work… So I think because of the delayed start he should be good for another two years or so. I hope I’m right he is only player I have muktible jerseys for

  15. eric Says:

    I think the sequence is that Graham had the big year in 07 (comparatively speaking), really helped the team reach the playoffs.

    Then in 08 he hurt his foot I think. Hasn’t been a big part of the offense since.

    OC Olson overlaps some of that time, so you got Gruden, Olson, and Rah choosing not to feature the guy.

    A reliable back up and special teams player is what he is at this point. “insurance” is a good descriptive term.

  16. Joe Says:

    Well you’re in luck. You are wrong.

    You mean the 2010 has already come to a close and Graham has run for 1,200 yards?

    Strange. Joe thought the season didn’t start until a week from Sunday?

  17. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    He’s never lasted a full season playing fullback . He’s undersized , and usually gets injured playing the position….so how exactly is he going to provide insurance when he is all beat up from busting heads with 255 pound LB’s all day ???

    Once again…proof our staff is clueless

  18. Tommy Boy Says:

    For a mere $300k I will play RB for the Bucs.

  19. Joe Says:

    He’s never lasted a full season playing fullback

    Last two seasons he has suffered season-ending injuries playing fullback.

    Yup. He’s 30, just like Thomas Jones! Injuries, smijuries. He’ll gain 1,200 yards!

  20. Patrick Says:

    Yeah he’s just getting closer and closer to retirement because he’s having to be stuck playing fullback!! Why doesn’t Raheem just go out and get an actual fullback!!?? Yeah, maybe Graham does ok at fullback, but is he really the VERY BEST guy we can have at the position??

    Joe says: “Last two seasons he has suffered season-ending injuries playing fullback.”

    Yeah, because he’s not a fullback! Only Raheem can’t realize that. Graham is not injury prone. His injuries are a result of playing a position he shouldn’t be playing, and the result of being undersized by so much.

    What a complete waste of a talented runner.

    With Derrick Ward gone now, they’d be stupid not to give Earnest the ball. And yes, Kareem did a good job this preseason and I think he has a CHANCE to be a good running back, but I’m not putting all my hope into him like many people are doing. The guy hasn’t proven anything yet in the regular season, and was a practice squad guy up until this preseason!! Don’t get me wrong, I want him to succeed. But be realistic people.

    I’m also not defending Derrick Ward’s performance this preseason. It was bad. But after 3 damn PRESEASON games, yes preseason games, we cut him??? A thing worth mentioning….The second string line was playing a lot when he was running the ball. And what good does it do cutting him right now? Why couldn’t we just see how he did in the regular season for at least a couple of games when it actually counts. Put him in the basement at 3rd string RB and let him prove he’s still got it. Then if he’s not producing, cut him then. Really, he’s that bad to where he can’t even make the 75 player roster?? I mean come on, we’re talking about the Buccaneers here.

  21. eric Says:

    Ward was signed when there was a salary floor.

    No floor for 2010.

    If there was a floor would the bucs be above or below? Wayyyyyyyyy below.

    Coincidental that the new fangled “plan” happens to coincide with that?

    Sorry, not a believer in coincidences.