“I Am Thrilled To Eat Crow…”

September 20th, 2010

It seems Bucs fans were jumping up and down about Peter King’s confession that he misjudged the Bucs more than Joe would the morning after consumating a lengthy,  intimate, sweaty, heavy-breathing late night encounter with Rachel Watson

So Joe can only imagine how Bucs fans will react after reading the words of Sirius NFL Radio’s Adam Schein who, like King, is admitting he may have been offbase in his expectations the Bucs would be abysmal.

In his opening monologue on “The Blitz” today, alongside co-host Rich Gannon, Schein all but begged forgiveness from Bucs fans.

“I am thrilled to eat crow when it comes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,” Schein said. “I honestly predicted this team to be wretched.

“How about Josh Freeman growing up before our eyes? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rich, are 2-0.”

Like Schein, Gannon gave much credit to Freeman.

“I like the way Josh Freeman is playing, but it was the defense that won. I am really impressed with Josh Freeman, his ability to improvise, his ability to move around and make plays for as big as he is, he is really athletic.

“How about your guy Mike Williams making plays after the catch?”

As Joe has stated many times before: Want your team to get rave reviews from national talking heads? Then have your team win games. It’s that simple.

17 Responses to ““I Am Thrilled To Eat Crow…””

  1. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Not shocking at all.

    Key takeway from this:

    Adam Schien is still a tool, doesn’t like the Bucs (listen to him talk about the Jets and Texans) and in the end will not be remembered for trashing our team all summer long. Just the way it goes in the media.

    I hope he eats crow all season long – that’s entertainment to this fan.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    HaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a schmuck! Glad he and Gannon have finally seen that the calendar says 2010, NOT 2009!!! This is a different team. Maybe not the best in the league, but better than last year regardless.

  3. d-money Says:

    Nice to hear him admit his mistake.

    He is still a douche.

  4. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Couldn’t agree more d-money.A douche and a a$$wipe.

  5. ac3 Says:

    Wow…hell really does freeze over, schein and king in one day?

  6. architek79 Says:

    I don’t care for their apologies and they should be held accountable for the BS that they report annually. Screw them and I wish they could lose their jobs too like normal people.

    I am confident that we will have some ups and downs but we will rally with our defense and QB. Which is more than some teams have right now. Hey Schein, how about them Cows…Ass-Hole

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    It takes a man to apologize, especially in front of thousands of people. Good job guys.speaking strictly for me-apology accepted. That couldn’t have been easy! Never thought we’d hear that!

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    “Want your team to get rave reviews from national talking heads?”
    They don’t know what they’re talking about anyway. I would much rather hear the opinion of former players that are objective – and their aren’t many.
    We know we have a yound talented team, albeit inexperienced. It doesn’t take any more than the average fan to see we are light years ahead of last year. The “taking heads” can’t even get that right.

  9. nick Says:

    I’m not satisfied

  10. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    I only hope we end Adam Schein’s career the way we ended Rich Gannon’s…

  11. jaytek74 Says:

    Well at least he admitted that he mat be wrong about the Bucs unlike our Soccer loving neighbour in Wimauma who does not have a clue about North American Football…sorry if that was a cheap shot.

  12. Armando Says:

    Has there even anything as lovely as a Rachel Watson?

  13. nick Says:

    the biggest crow out there is still on the loose. Florio better step his game up. two wins in 3 years? thats a big bird

  14. Joe Says:


    Has there even anything as lovely as a Rachel Watson?

    If you know of someone, please point her out to Joe!

  15. Joe Says:


    Adam Schein Twittered Joe earlier enjoying this post as much as you. 🙂

  16. Hawaiianbuc Says:

    I agree with Tim, it takes a real man to admit he’s an idiot. Now where are all the haters on this site that were so active in the offseason? If you really are a fan of this team as you claim, you should be happily eating crow, but I guess that’s asking too much. I have a funny feeling they will be coming out of hibernation as soon as we lose our first game. Pitiful!!!

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    HawaiianBuc- yea, it takes a man to admit he was wrong. The national media is admitting it across the boards. But the haters on JoeBucFan won’t! Even the ones that are already back on board still haven’t worked up the manhood to say they were wrong. All summer long I was getting hammered as a “homer”, a “Glazer Flunky”, or just stupid for supporting this team. Turns out I was right( along with others). ! I am waiting to see if any of those people can admit they were (totally) wrong. But I don’t expect it. Like I said, it takes aan to admit he was wrong