“He Saved Me Two Or Three Times”

September 19th, 2010

The folks at the Charlotte Observer seem to be a bit smitten with Josh Freeman.

They even penned a postgame story about his scrambling prowess, checking in with Donald Penn and others to get their take.

“We have to improve on that, but he’s a big guy and I think people were just having trouble bringing him down,” [Panthers linebacker Dan] Connor said.

Penn said Freeman “saved me two or three times” in the Bucs win at Carolina.

Joe recommends your read the story. Joe always enjoys seeing how Bucs’ reputations grow – positively and negatively – around the NFL.

19 Responses to ““He Saved Me Two Or Three Times””

  1. Patrick Says:

    I’m really getting pissed at ESPN and NFL Network! They completely ignore the Bucs!!! It’s taking forever for them to show the highlights! Right now, they’re 2-0, playing some good football, and they do this.

  2. Dew Says:

    We need to draft offensive line heavy next year IMO.

  3. goodfellajay Says:

    freeman,very impressive indeed! and ol’ ronde with another pick! steeler’s next week,let’s just see(another win)

  4. Aldo Says:

    calm down patrick, underdogs are a better fit for us, we are for real, let the other gets the cameras, we just play and win 😉

  5. Dew Says:

    Hey Patrick. It’s about the Boys and the Jets. They play to the audience. Period.

  6. bob Says:

    patrick – exactly what i was thinking earlier. i was trying to see the highlights as well. while i waited i never once saw the chiefs browns game or obviously the bucs game. guess how many times i saw the cowboys-bears and pats-jets games? 4 times each, and then had about a five minute discussion about each one.

    when nfln came out they were much better about this. i guess their just gonna do there best to keep up with the four letter network. SAD!!!

  7. Jim Mora Says:

    Lets talk about the playoffs!

  8. jaytek74 Says:

    Flying under the radar will keep us focused, and too much kudos from the national media is not necessary right now. I know it is frustrating to not be getting any love but they have not figured out yet that there are 7 undefeated teams right now and the Bucs are one of them.

  9. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Flying under the radar sounds good to me. Who cares if people don’t wanna talk about us.

  10. bob Says:

    i wanna see my team’s highlights. im not asking for a parade (yet)

  11. clint Says:

    Trust me we will not be flying under the radar. The national media coverage has nothing to do with the teams prepairing for us. They will be ready. We need to continuie to play hard.

  12. passthebuc Says:

    Freeman looked very good after the first pass attempt. The defense up front was much better today than last week, and that is good. They will continue to improve. Wait until week 8-10. The outside linebackers are also getting better every week and the deep 4 looked great. Ruud had a better game, but that said, a stout middle LB needs to be a priority next year. The offensive line needs to be redone as it still is our week spot with not much in the way of week to week improvement on the horizon. I still say that the bottom is 6 wins and the top is 10. probably an 8 and 8 season, which given the circumstances, is fantastic.

  13. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Keep the faith guys…..our Bucs are growing every game.

  14. Jdouble Says:

    Haters are gonna hate, but stop and think for a minute if you weren’t a Bucs fan and your team was facing Freeman. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t be worried?

    He’s young. He’ll have horrible games this year. Next week against the Steelers might very well be one of them, but he brings alot to the table. He oddly calm and collected for such a young kid, he;s making decisions like a 5th year pro, he’s got a cannon, and when he takes off and runs he is a terror considering he is bigger than most linebackers. I wouldn’t want to face him.

  15. nick Says:

    its just nice to see the bucs playing hard and with such a chance to develop into a really good team, they are playing hard and seem to be focused I hope next week against the steelers we play hard win lose or draw if we can match their intensity and work ethic we are on the right road my friends by next year we will be nasty.

  16. McBuc Says:

    You guys are wrong about the O-line, they are playing fine. We need new running backs. I love Williams as much as the next guy, but he does not make things happen like he used to. Once Blount learns the play book, I think we will see an improvement.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cadi needs to quit looking at the ground and run with his head up so he can find the holes. He is fine when he runs around the end but in between, he always has his head down for contact. Kareem should aleviate this problem when he returns. The team, nevertheless is improving, and next week should be better yet when they shut out the Steelers.

  18. BamBamBuc Says:

    Caddy and Graham are getting hit or rerouted in the backfield. I don’t see how that can be their fault. The O-line isn’t getting push at the line. How many times in the first two weeks has Caddy had to fight just to get back to the line of scrimmage? That means the opponent was in our backfield, which means the O-line didn’t do their job.

    Beyond that, how many times did Freeman pull the ball down and run? Sure, some of those were reading the man coverage and seeing the open middle of the field. But some were due to pressure (breaking tackles by two D-linemen on one play). We didn’t give up any sacks, but that is also due to Freeman’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly or take off and move.

    This O-line needs seriously upgraded. Immediate upgrades would be RT and LG, but I could see LT and C as well. We will survive games this year because of Freeman’s mobility and guys like K2, Williams and Stroughter.

  19. Paul Says:

    I liked Penn getting in Greg Hardy’s face after the late hit on Freeman. He was the only one that went after him.

    Maybe if Blount had suited up, he’d have punched Hardy in the face!