Freeman Throwing Well From Shotgun Snaps

September 2nd, 2010

Those watching Josh Freeman’s pregame, street-clothes tosses in Houston tonight came away impressed.

John Lynch talked about it during the Bucs-Texans game broadcast, and Woody Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, penned a story for

His work Thursday was an indication he’s right on target. In addition to making nearly 50 throws, most of which seemed crisp and on target, Freeman took several simulated shotgun snaps.

Joe’s happy to hear the great news, but Joe also knows Freeman has to be able to take forceful snaps under center in order to be successful against the Browns on opening day.

Still, Joe wouldn’t bet Freeman is out there. If he was really a sure thing to return, Joe suspects Josh Johnson would have gotten more playing time tonight.

Speaking on 1010 AM this morning, former Bucs quarterback Shaun King talked about how important this game would be to a backup like Johnson unless, King said, the Bucs were uncertain of Freeman’s status and would keep Johnson off the field for much of the game.

It turns out Johnson didn’t play at all.

8 Responses to “Freeman Throwing Well From Shotgun Snaps”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    yeah it was good seeing him throe…But why not play JJ if Freemen will be ready for the Browns…idk dude

  2. goodfellajay Says:


  3. LaMarcus Guiton Says:

    OHHHH yeah, Free is back! I dont see it at all that the Bucs realistically be a 2-6 win team. I see the Bucs 9-11 win team unbiasally. The other 31 teams dont look that great either. Or 8 wins will be great. But 2-6 wins are pretty steep. If free gets hurt, were 0-fer……..

  4. Rican Says:

    Free starts in Cleveland, its never been in question lol

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    JJ got robbed of a chance to play for what? Rudy?

    Come on man!!!

  6. MOBucs Says:

    After reading Jeff Carlson’s article predicting Freeman’s week one return and now reading that he is throwing the ball (50+ times no less), I’d be willing to bet a nickel he’ll be starting week 1.

  7. BucsNBeer Says:

    They may have been wondering whether to keep Rudy at all..

  8. TrueBlue Says:

    I say they need to keep Rudy. The guy’s a field general. Look at the way he plays. He’s not intimidated in the least. He may not have the greatest arm but he has nice a touch and throws catchable balls. I think he has a knack for playing the game. Needs some more time in the league to develop, but he’s a keeper.