Watch The Game on TV Sunday

September 24th, 2010

In what is an absolute stunner, the Bucs-Steelers game is officially blacked out. The Bucs dished out this bad, sad news Thursday afternoon. Joe will have more on this shocker later.

If you can’t buy a ticket to the Bucs-Steelers game on Sunday, then the next best alternative is a ticket on the Blackout Tour to Lee Roy Selmon’s in Fort Myers. The luxury bus leaves at 10:20 a.m. on Sunday from Derby Lane in St. Pete and returns about 6:45 p.m.

Click on the logo below for all the details and to get your tickets. The opening day Blackout Tour bus for the Browns game was a sold out blast. Tickets will not last long.

63 Responses to “Watch The Game on TV Sunday”

  1. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    From Florio:

    Even more surprising is the stubborn refusal of the Bucs, who have spent only $80.8 million on player compensation in 2010, to write a check for 34 cents on the dollar as to each unsold seat. Assuming 3,000 unsold tickets and an average price of $100 per seat, it would cost roughly $100,000 to ensure the local broadcast of a battle between 2-0 teams.

    Eff the Glazers….I mean that from the bottom of my formerly pewter and red blood pumping heart. This is absolutely infuriating and disgusting.

  2. pete Says:

    Gosh…I thought if they were winning that would solve all the blackout problems.

    The product on the field is 2-0 vs a “great traveling” Steeler nation.

    According to many its NOT the economy! Remember the recession is “over” .

  3. McBuc Says:

    Pete…Yep, I thought it was are typical fair weather fans, but I am starting to believe the economy part of this blackout thing. I guess the radio will be going on the porch again this week.

  4. eric Says:

    I cannot believe the Glazers would not cough up the small change to allow this game to be shown.

    Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic.

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    You can’t rely on last minute walk up sales anymore because no one has an extra $100 lying around. Even the endzone tickets now are $89 so if we can’t sell out this game then it will be a complete 2010 blackout.

  6. McBuc Says:

    Eric, you would think they would have at least asked for the 24 hour extension.

  7. Bucnjim Says:

    Not a good way to promote interest in your team!!!

  8. goodfellajay Says:

    guess ill watch it online… had all the websites you can find the game..Joe your so worry but they posted it i guess ur weak

  9. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Seriously, this is beyond the pale

    Today I stand in solidarity with my Man U brethren in their hatred for the Glazers.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Easy, creamsicle, before you pop a pastie!! We are all disappointed, but how could the Tampa bay fans not sell out a game of two undefeated teams. A sad day for Buc football.

  11. thedeej3000 Says:

    This can’t be true. I was told on this very website that the game was a definite sell out.

  12. Joe Says:

    This can’t be true. I was told on this very website that the game was a definite sell out.

    That’s exactly what Joe was told by two people at One Buc Palace.

    Otherwise, you would have seen Joe pimp the Blackout Tour long ago for this Sunday.

  13. Deputy Buc Says:

    truly sad… I will say this though.. Times are tight for me. If I could sell all four of my tickets I would take my kid on Joe’s blackout tour. I’ve got two extra tickets I’m not using and can’t sell. In this economy I kind of wish I hadn’t gotten the tickets this year. I’ve had them for a while but I’m REALLY stretched thin. I think it is more the economy than anything.

  14. eric Says:

    We all know Joe would have pimped the hell out of it if he thought this would happen!


  15. Joe Says:


    guess ill watch it online… had all the websites you can find the game..Joe your so worry but they posted it i guess ur weak.

    No, Joe just doesn’t have the budget to afford a high-priced legal team’s retainer fee like Media General.

    Of course, you are always welcome to cover Joe’s legal fees if you want Joe to be brave, thus satisfying your desires, when the Park Avenue lawyers that Goodell’s henchmen sick on Joe.

  16. TAC Says:

    Sure looks like the future of the NFL is in serious doubt. Blue collar fans have been priced out for years, except for the heavily union influenced states, and these are influenced by much Federal Government tax dollars.

    I think it is overall sickening, besides just the Glazers, that the local corporate big wigs in Tampa wouldn’t step up and purchase the remaining tickets for the benefit of their local workforce, some very much underpaid compared to the union Markets.
    And yes, for all the doubters, this happens in NFL cities everywhere, so don’t go by which game is blacked out.

    Downfall of a great sport…greed. Just my rant from an area not in Tampa anymore.

    Those on the blackout tour, have fun, at least Lee Roy is benefiting some.

  17. Paul Says:

    You sold out the bus for the Cleveland game, but the Bucs can’t even sell out the stadium!?

    I thought this game would’ve been sold out for sure. Maybe all the Steelers fans here knows they are going to get beat with no Rothlisberger!

  18. Joe Says:


    The bus only seated 29, hardly enough to keep a Bucs game from selling out.

  19. oar Says:

    Come on Joe you know the stadium only holds 30 people! LOL!

  20. Mike Says:

    Intelligent fans have better things to do with their money besides paying off ManU’s debt. The Bucs are a business. We are their customers. When you treat your customers like crap, they take their business elsewhere.

    I find it amusing some fans think it is our civic obligation to blindly support this team by paying their outrageous ticket prices. You are suckers and the Glazers and the NFL are laughing all the way to the bank with your paychecks. $300 for 2 people to watch a team with the lowest payroll in the league? That’s crazy. Do yourself a favor and put that money into a savings account for your kids education. It’s a better use of cash than making 1/4 of Joel’s Mercedes payment.

  21. Bucked up Says:

    Joe, have you considered starting
    Since our owners cant figure out that lower ticket prices in this economy are appropriate and with their games dominating the Tampa television market, we may need to keep up with that organization.
    Lots of steamy pics of JLO, the owner down there, would be a nice welcome addition to my daily web surfing.

    and oh yeah, The Glazers can suck it as far as I am concerned.

  22. Joe Says:

    Lots of steamy pics of JLO, the owner down there, would be a nice welcome addition to my daily web surfing.


  23. Pete Says:

    Joe sources are not reliable!!!!! looked like a fool!!!

  24. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Mike said: The Bucs are a business. We are their customers. When you treat your customers like crap, they take their business elsewhere.

    I completely agree…..I wouldn’t be so upset if we didn’t have the lowest payroll in the league. But this is just an absolute joke…..

    I love this team…..I really do. Started going to Bucs games when I was 2 yrs old with my Pops and didn’t miss a home game until I left for college. Real sentimental feelings for this team and franchise. But this is just really upsetting…..I’m sick of this ownership group. I get the feeling that if Poppa Glazer were still calling the shots the Bucs would be on TV this week.

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me. How much would it cost a business for a 4 hr long advertisement of their product in the middle of the day on Sunday? Heckuva lot more than $100K. So why in God’s name don’t the Glazers want us to see this team? There are hundreds of thousands of potential customers in this area and a good showing (not even a win, just a good showing) against the Steelers would certainly help this area get excited. It’s not just that I can’t watch my beloved team this weekend (truthfully I’ll probably end up in the stadium anyway)…’s that the Glazers just don’t seem to give to spits about the franchise anymore.

  25. pete Says:

    The pete above is not me, the real Pete! That pete is a troll who busts on Joe.

    I only bust on the Buccaneers ticket prices!

  26. eric Says:

    Way to build on the good will of the 2-0 start Glazer boys you pansy ass limp wristed soccer lovin cheap ass jerks.

    Great fan loyalty you collassal POS’s.

  27. McBuc Says:

    The funny thing is, the Bucs are one of four teams that lowered prices this year. That being said the went down less than 3%, so whooooooopy! You guys bash the Glazers, but all of the owners need to lower prices as well. I do not have an issue with their payroll being low, as long as they win, that is just smart business. The Cowboys and Red Skins are not the teams I want to model the Bucs after.Gene and Dave will keep you posted, and they do a great job.

  28. pete Says:

    They did not lower ticket prices across the board.

    The West side of the stadium is still exactly priced as before. The lower bowl is still exactly priced as before.

    Some East side upper deck corners were reduced in price but not that many. The rest of the East side is the same as before.

    The $35 (which are actually $40 unless purchased in a season ticket package) are very few in numbers and are sun tan specials. in the sun all day.

    So I agree McBuc whoopdedo they lowered ticket prices!

    Youth tickets are a good deal though but if your youth or another youth can’t go then what? Pay the difference?

  29. AriToldMeTo Says:

    I have been informed to let you know that you can still go to the game and buy tickets.

    Enjoy the game folks.

    The Glazers are doing nothing more than staying with the plan. That plan is to divert as much revenue as possible to pay off their other debt. This is good business mentality on their parts. That is why they are excellent business men.

    Would you rather have owners who are on the fringe of bankruptcy spending every dime the team generates on free agents venturing down the dark path of evil or savvy owners who throttle back the spending, stear clear of evil dark places and divert the monies made towards their other debt that ultimately helps their strength as owners to be able to own?

    I choose the latter. The Glazers know exactly what they are doing and they will continue to stick with their well, thought out plan.

    If I were you, I would go buy some tickets to the game.

  30. eric Says:

    Admit it Joe, your giving the Glazer’s 25% arent you?

  31. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    So we are winning, we have a good product on the field, go to the game like the rest of us. Quit trying to let somone else like the Glazers, or a corporation to take care of the problem for you. The Glazers have been buying up tickets for years. In fact even this website made fun of them for doing so last year. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Get off the couch and go to the game and watch some football. It shouldnt be that hot, its 50% chance of thunderstorms Sunday. Nice and cool……..

  32. Pete Dutcher Says:

    AriToldMeTo, don’t pretend you have the inside scoop 😉

    Seriously though, as a business owner and marketing specialist, I can understand the refusal to buy out the tickets.

    It’s not about lining their pockets…it’s about the future:

    1) By refusing to buyout the tickets in the home opener, ticket sales have increased, even if it IS the steelers.

    2) The chances of the Bucs winning this game are about 50-50 realistically. Yes, the steelers MIGHT have offensive issues this game, but their defense will still be top-of-the-line. Keeping that in mind, why risk decreasing sales by airing a game we might lose, especially after Tanard’s embarrassing suspension?

    As an owner, that’s how I would view it.

    NOW, I have a quiestion for all of you. If you had a chance to be a “Buccaneer For A Week” by purchasing tickets and attending the home games, would you do it?

    Say, for instance, at the games, at half time, ticket numbers were drawn, and the winning ticket won a week as a Bu, complete with hotel and transportation, would that entice you to attend the games?

    I’m asking from a marketing perspective, wondering if it would generate interest.

  33. AriToldMeTo Says:

    Has anyone ever stopped to think that just maybe the Glazer’s are doing this on purpose to prove a point in the upcoming labor negotiations?

    By having the backing evidence that they have suffered blackouts, then their case is just reinforced that much further to help drive down the player’s salaries. When the new labor agreement is agreed upon by the stingy players union wanting more and more salary cap, once the cap is lowered to a managable level, or no cap at all, as in no minimum, for good, then will the Glazers have a clearer picture on which way to go.

    And if there is not minimum, then the Glazers will probably stick with that plan. Afterall, we are 2-0, and proving that you can have the lowest salary cap in the league, even lower than the previous cap minimum, all the while the Cowboys 0-2 and the highest nearly double our 81 million.

    Who nees to spend money?

  34. Abe Froman Says:

    The glazers can suck my ****

  35. Ash Says:

    Why wouldnt WTSP pick up the tab? Hasnt the local tv station picked up that many before? They only get a couple games a year, you would figure they would.

  36. Ash Says:

    Also I’m pissed at TBO for posting that story of our beloved website. Us internet savvy fans dont need TBO drawing attention to that site. Especially from more then likely the only blackout market this week.

  37. Cannon Says:


    I was looking forward to this game :O(

  38. Bucked up Says:

    Thanks for the pic Joe.
    Fabiola is fabulous, but lets face it she aint no Rachel Watson.
    I’ll stay a buc fan.

    Does it make sense to anyone why they wouldn’t buy out the few remaining tickets, as that cost must surely be less than what the television
    revenue would have drawn in.
    Additionally, once purchased by the team, what prevents them from still being resold between now and game time?
    In that respect, and only in that respect, I must agree with Ari.
    Darker forces seem to be at work here as alternatives do exist.

    As far as marketing is concerned, this is a big gamble on the Glazers part as well, simply because they run the risk of creating some serious fan apathy when they had just created some positive momentum, as is clearly evidenced in the mood on the blogs today.
    A loss on Sunday and another week to think about it with the bye, could get peoples attention turned to other teams and other easily available sports (Go RAYS).

    This really isn’t completely the Glazers handiwork, because as a whole the NFL is really in the process of pushing out the mainstream fan base and basically seems to have suceeded in overpricing their product league wide.
    Jerry Jones and the Dallas ticket prices are a clear example of that. Even though they made a few minor price adjustments my bucs tickets aint exactly cheap.

    Go Bucs. Tear down that steel curtain Sunday and well use it to clean up the mess at the cits.

  39. Joe Says:


    Why wouldnt WTSP pick up the tab? Hasnt the local tv station picked up that many before? They only get a couple games a year, you would figure they would.

    Joe’s guess is the beancounters figured it wasn’t cost effective for them to shell out six figures to buy the tickets.

  40. Joe Says:

    Admit it Joe, your giving the Glazer’s 25% arent you?


    Honestly, Joe’s not making a red cent off of this. Just good will for readers and our sponsors.

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    You would think Publix would step up because the grocery stores have so much to lose when the games are not televised.

  42. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Hey, bud, could you email me that website? sports @ 2ndpeter . com

  43. Ash Says:

    Tried emailing to the address given minus the spaces and it bounced back.

  44. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Joe said: “Joe’s guess is the beancounters figured it wasn’t cost effective for them to shell out six figures to buy the tickets.”

    It’ll be interesting to see what the final attendance number really is….really, that 3k number is based on speculation from profootballtalk. If there’s 10k left, I’d be more understanding….but 3k? I really didn’t think of it until a poster above said it, but they could have bought the tix and continued selling them up until gameday.

    And to not even file for an extension? Seriously, why wouldn’t they let the fans know? “Hey bucs fans, 5,000 tix away from a sellout with 72 hrs left!” They’re either using BP’s PR team or something fishy’s going on…..

  45. Cannon Says:

    The sad part is that even if you wanna bust out the cash to go to the game, there’s only bad tickets left.

    So, watch the game from a bad angle, or don’t watch it at all. Nice.

  46. AriToldMeTo Says:

    Well, all you have to do is go buy tickets to see the game.

    You are gonna miss a big one come Sunday. Two undefeated NFL teams face off, for a huge matchup among some big boys.

    Expect the Raheem Morris led Tampa Bay Bucs to blow out the Steelers by 30. You guys are gonna miss a big one.

    Gooooooooo Raheem!

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    If I didn’t have Season tickets I’d go with Joe.

    If I had to buy cheap seats, I’d watch the game from the Pirate ship Deck.

    Good move Joe. Stick to your guns and protect your business.

    I have great seats and don’t care where my money goes or who it supports. I’m happy, I love the Bucs, win or lose. No such thing as a bad day at the game. I don’t care what anybody says about it or me.

    I miss Chucky, but Damn son, Raheem is doing one hell of a job right now. The product on the field thus far has been very very good.

  48. Pete Says:

    Hey pete you are the troll cause I got tickets to the game you don’t. So you will be the troll in your cave.!!!!!

  49. Ash Says:

    I go to 2 games a year and usually toward the end of the season. I’m definitely of the mind that my home experience triumphs the stadium experience. I’m in multiple high stakes fantasy football leagues, season long pick against the spread groups, and usually have a few short term investments going each Sunday. My living room has 2 LCD’s permanently setup with Redzone on one and the Bucs or another game on the other, along with my laptop. Its hard to leave my couch on Sunday and I know there are many other people that feel similar.

  50. dmj Says:

    U can always buy a cheap $25 ticket if u wanna see the game that bad. The bucs are 2-0 and its well worth the $$. So stop crying & get off ur couch and go to the game.

  51. Ash Says:

    I’m not crying at all, I’ll watch the game regardless. Just when being highly involved in fantasy and wagering, having the ability to watch multiple screens and internet is very appealing. I’m still in person 2 games a year but as HD TV and Fantasy has taken off over the last decade its very satisfied at the home setup.

  52. Ash Says:

    Satisfying at the home setup* sorry had a couple

  53. dmj Says:

    I wasn’t referring to u ash, I’m the same way with my 62in plasma. I’m talking about all the people whining about the glaziers not picking up the tab when they can get a cheap ticket if they wanna see the bucs.

  54. Ash Says:

    My bad dmj. Again had a couple , haha

  55. pete Says:

    Hey Pete… no you are the troll, I too have tickets to the game and a parking pass…so there too!!!

  56. pete I Says:


    The myth of the $25 tickets, at the Cleveland game it took two hours to find $50 seats, there were not the numbers of scalpers normally at the game.

    I no longer will risk trying to see what’s walking around, to much exercise.

  57. bucterry Says:

    Why can Lee Roy Selmon’s show the game (143 miles away) and a sports bar in Daytona Beach (148 miles away) can’t? I understand the game is on CBS, it’s a Jax market and CBS doesn’t have the double header this weekend but the sports bars can’t broadcast the BUCS game that exceeds the 75 mile radius while Ft Myers can???????

  58. Bucnjim Says:

    There will be no $25 scalpers for the Steelers game. You can still get a $40 for 3rd level corner seats and $25 for parking. I guess thats not bad! The 40,000 season ticket holders are die hard fans and actually go to every single game. The blocks of tickets that company’s used to buy up and hand out not longer exist. Too bad Tampa does not have the large corporations needed to step up. Small businesses just can’t do it anymore.

  59. McBuc Says:

    Bucterry…If the bar in Daytona has the NFL Ticket they can show the game. You should be able to find it somewhere over there. It may not be broadcast since they will be showing the AFC game, but the ticket will have it.

  60. Mark Says:

    We have a conspiracy on our hands. Earlier this week ticketmaster had no 2 tickets together available for the game. I was told there was a “reserved” set of tickets that could not be sold. Today I called the Buccaneer ticket office and they informed me that they had sold out of tickets several days ago but that ticketmaster had “new cancellations” and that tickets were now available. Whaaaaaaat??? Sure enough ticketmaster now has 100 level $120 tickets available. Joe…what is going on here man? Can we have some justice here?

  61. Joe Says:


    To be fair, the Bucs just may do what the Rays and the Lightning do. They hold back seats for connected folks, celebrities, family members, et al. If those people decide not to use those seats, Ticketmaster may put those seats back up for sale.

  62. Mark Says:

    Totally understand but that doesn’t change the fact that we could not buy tickets prior to the blackout deadline. So how are we supposed to sell out a game we can’t buy tickets for. Am I the only one who is perplexed here. By the way, great website Joe!

  63. pete I Says:

    You can go to ticket master and get 2, 4, or 6 tickets together.

    All in the 200 Section’s (non Club).

    Also what is the deal with these many ticket broker (high priced) tickets that still litter Ebay, StubHub, StubPass et al…?

    I understand that these are already “sold” so count for a sell out but what happens to these tickets if no one buys them? do they just go unused? Or do these ticket brokers have “reservations” so to speak to buy these tickets?

    620 had a few callers suggesting that they could not buy tickets this week as the game was sold out or tickets were held. Not sure this is much of a story or conspiracy theory.