Bucs Have 64.1 Percent Chance Of Playoffs

September 20th, 2010

quincy black 091910Now Joe knows it’s outrageous if not irresponsible to talk playoffs after just two weeks, but Joe came across a little nugget thanks to Cork Gaines, the master of JoeRaysFan.com and Jason Floyd, engineer at WDAE-AM 620.

Both gentlemen posted this little nugget, unearthed by Kevin Seifert of BSPN.com:

Teams that have started 2-0 have made the playoffs 64.1 percent of the time (107 of 167).

That stunned Joe so much as he was drinking a beer and watching NFL Network last night (as usual, monitoring Twitter on his Blackberry) that Joe had to put the beer down.

Who on earth dreamed the Bucs would be in the same sentence as the word “playoffs” in late-September, other than to suggest no chance?

Caution: Last year Denver won its first six games and missed the playoffs.

13 Responses to “Bucs Have 64.1 Percent Chance Of Playoffs”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    JimBuc predicted that playoffs might be a possibility- and everyone trashed him back in June. Looks like he knows his football better than most of these hater morons!! I stick with my 8-8. The team is so young, it will fade in the last four weeks, as many of these guys have never played a 16 game schedule. But good times til then, and next year should be great!

  2. NegativeExpectations Says:

    The Bucs haven’t even played anyone yet.

    I am still negative abour Raheem, not sold on the clown AT ALL.

    Raheem still has to go.

  3. joetarded Says:

    After two games a post like this? Joe Dumb Ass.

  4. LaughingCat Says:

    Everryone take it easy. I’m glad we have the team we have. We dont expect the playoffs. One week at a time. Pound the rock.

    NEgative, you’ll cut off your nose to spite your face. If Raheem delivers consistent development over the season and next few years, then delivers a dominant Super Bowl victory, you’d still have a reason to say it wasn’t becasue of him.

    The jury is officially still out on Raheem and Dominik. Until we know definitively that the Bucs suck or the Bucs rule, keep an open mind.

    Posts like this story shouldn’t bother us. The media changes their tune each week depending on game results. We might be one of 8 teams with a 2-0 record, but we can still finish 2-14. So let’s just stay focused and enjoy everything a well-deserved vicotry has to offer.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Neg- no one listens to your pathetic attempts to get attention. There is a reason we ignore people like you. To be that desperate to be noticed implies certain genetic abnormalities. Human beings instinctively withdraw from people with mental inadequacies of that extreme severity. It is nature and societies way of isolating, then subsequently removing sever defects from the normal bio group. Sooo, while your isolation is bitterly lonely for you,Neg, take comfort in the fact that it’s a normal part of ” survival of the fittest”. We ignore you, because you are severly defective, and we all want you to be eliminated from the social group! Perfectly normal! Doesn’t that make you feel better? 🙂

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    And Joe, if I were you, I think “joetard” might be reason enough ta ban that idiot

  7. Joe Says:


    Joe is not into thought control, he is not a censorist. Now if someone is trying to stir things up, different story.

    Joe is not that shallow to only allow those who are like-minded to comment. Only lame, two-bit sites do that.

    People are welcome to hammer Joe so long as they are not on an agenda.

  8. McBuc Says:

    Joe, great story, let’s hope we fall on the right side of this stat. Negative, no matter who the team is it is difficult to beat a division rival in their house. The Pnathers have a great run game, and a pretty good defense. You are living by the double standard Jumbuc posted about yesterday…The bucs were a 5 1/2 point underdog coming into this game too. Both of the teams the Bucs beat had better records than the Bucs last year. The play calling was sound, and the team played very hard to the bitter end. These are signs of good coaching, regardless of what you think of the other teams. It is hard to win in the NFL, even more so on the road against a division rival. Buck up and admit the Bucs are looking better, or shut up and go away.

  9. Matt Says:

    I’m a huge Bucs homer, but let’s not get carried away, we’re still a loooong way from a winning season.

  10. jaytek74 Says:

    I predicted 8-8 and will stick with that outlook. If we had a running game I would say 10-6 or 11-5 but since we can not run the football like an NFL caliber football team then 8-8 is about a good as I think it will get which is a great improvement. Hopefully they will figure out how to run the ball eventually and then maybe they will surprise people but It is just too early to say playoffs and the Bucs in the same sentence even though that would be sweet!!! We are 2-0 but the teams we beat are 0-2 so keep that in mind however the Browns and Panthers are NFL teams and are not that bad and it is still too early to know who will be there at the end.

  11. Jim Mora Says:

    yay 64% chance of making the playoffs and we can talk about the playoffs

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    ABout the running game. Everyone is either kicking our running backs or our OL about our lack of a running game. It’s not either of their faults. It’s our WR- do to no fault of their own. None of them command any respect from the defenses yet. The defenses are playing them one on one, and putting 8 men in the box to stop the run. It’s challenging Freeman and the WR to beat them. So far, we have. Only way to open up space for Caddy Is a) start running 3 or 4 WR spreds, which will force the safety out of the Box. Or B) continue winning by Freeman throwing TD’s and scrambling when he must. If we keep beating teams that shut down our Running game, then it becomes obvious that we will beat you with our passing game. If Freeman plays like he did yesterday a few more times, expect the running game to open up, as teams try to shut down Freeman. Should be fun!

  13. Paul Says:

    I guess its time to put the Blackout tour bus in the garage!