All Things Micheal Spurlock

September 18th, 2010

Among other topics, Micheal Spurlock talked about cursing Italians and what it's like to personally rack up 11 touchdowns in one game and still lose.

Sitting down last night for an hour with the Buccaneers Radio Network was speedster wide receiver/returner Micheal Spurlock. And Joe can definitely say Spurlock turned in one of the more interesting Total Access shows in recent memory.

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Some highlights:

Spurlock shared a story from his high school days when he threw for a nine touchdowns and ran for two more in one game. Now immediately Joe was thinking, ‘Big deal. His team ran it up against some patsy.’ But Spurlock then revealed that his team LOST the game. Amazing!

Spurlock on why he doesn’t trash talk: “It’s one thing to talk noise to another guy, but when you’re whoopin’ his head and you don’t say anything, that really hurts.”

Spurlock on people commenting on him gaining weight since his 2007 stint with the Bucs: “Honestly, I’m lighter. I think I’ve just done a better job, I’d say my wife has helped me do a better job staying away from sweets because I love sweets. … She’s a vegetarian, so we eat healthier now than we did in the past. In 2007, I was probably 210 or 212 (pounds); I’m 205 now. Everybody tells me, even my mother tells me I look heavier. I’m just leaner, and it’s pretty much more muscle. That’s all.”

Spurlock on a returner’s mentality: “I think the key to any return is no fear.” He went on to explain that during his NFL regular season debut he was ” hit as hard as I ever want to think about getting hit.” After that play, he realized he got through it and belonged in the NFL.

Spurlock said baseball is his favorite sport, even ahead of football. “Honestly, I never wanted to play football. Eighth grade was my first time playing football.” He explained that he played in eighth grade and then quit, but later caved in to relentless pressure from football coaches. 

Spurlock talked about how Bucs special teams coach Rich Bissaccia recruited him to Ole Miss in 2001, and Spurlock went on to explain how Bissaccia is a raging maniac on the field but immediately turns into a loving, caring leader off the field.  “We had another Italian [coach], and they were the only people I ever been around that could curse so well that they made a whole sentence with nothing but curse words and it sounded good.”  Then we’d got off the field and it was “‘How you doin’?’ How’s school?’ And I was like, you just cursed me out for two hours?”

Spurlock talked about the key to winning a roster spot is about having a daily mentality of competing against not just the receivers in your own training camp, but understanding that every day you’re battling against every wide receiver on every NFL team.

12 Responses to “All Things Micheal Spurlock”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Santa Maria!

  2. OB Says:

    I happen to be a firm believer in walk softly but carry a big stick. He sounds like he does also and that is the best way, they will forget about him until he is in the endzone. Just think, he catches the ball also. Who da thought!!

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like “Walk Softly & Carry an Armored Tank Division”

    “Freeman drops back, let’s it go….Run Michael Run Spurlock in the Endzone…. Fire the Cannons! Touchdown!! Tampa Bay!!!”

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Really glad to see Spurlock getting to play. It was obvious in training camp that he had earned it! Keep at , Michael! Here’s your chance , make the most of it!

  5. TrueBlue Says:

    I like our receivers top to bottom.

  6. will the beast Says:

    This Guy is a true soldier Him Sgt Winslow and Mike Williams are going to make a ton of noise this year not with the lips but with stats. Gruden cut this guy and drafted Dexter Jackson. He is the ideal size wideout 205lbs five foot eleven strong as a bull,quick as a cat, and quiet as a mouse.

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with Spurlock. I am 1/2 Italian, and cursing is a way of life for many Italians.
    I am from Detroit originally. My grandfather was pure Sicilian, 5 ft 8 and 210 pounds of solid muscle from being a brick mason. One day one of my friends forgot to take his shoes off in Grandpa’s house! Grandpa cussed him out, and scared him to death. My friend said “Your grandpa dont like me”. I told him that if grandpa took time to yell at him, he liked him. Thanks for a good story Joe, I got a kick out of it.

  8. topdoggie Says:

    I listened to most of the interveiw going to get my meds. It seems like Run Micheal Run has his head on straight. It was a good listen. Loved the story about tossing all those TDS and losing.

  9. Ash Says:

    I’m glad the best guys are playing and our depth chart reflects that. Sometimes on the old regime it seemed like the underdog type guys earned their spot in training camp and preseason only to disappear in the regular season. It took 2 injuries to get “Mr August” a shot a few years ago.

  10. Patrick Says:


    Yeah, and unfortunately “Mr.August” will always be stuck at fullback

  11. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Mr August coughed it up on the goal line last week.Grahm”s more valuable catching little screen passes in the open field where he can build up a head of steam.

  12. ash Says:

    At the time Graham was the hot back and performed well. That was also a few years ago with Caddy hurt most of the time. I don think they are making a mistake having him at fullback. You want him on the field don’t you?