Why Can’t Fans Buy Sunscreen At The CITS?

August 4th, 2010

The recent passing of Kaye Cowher — wife of Bill Cowher who many Bucs fans pine for as the next Bucs coach — who succumbed to skin cancer, the news struck a nerve with Joe and not for the obvious reasons.

As all fellow Floridians know, we are constantly reminded at virtually ever turn to use sunscreen of some sort when outside. After all, we live in the Sunshine State which makes for a pretty good market for dermatologists.

At Joe’s real job, it is a requirement that he sometimes has to work outside. When Joe was first hired it was made crystal clear to him that when he did work outside, he must use no less than 16 SPF sunscreen.

This was not a suggestion. Joe had to sign a form agreeing to this edict.

Given that protection against the sun is such a significant issue in Florida, Joe wonders why fans cannot buy sunscreen at the CITS? Joe has tried before, to no avail. Hey, when Joe goes to Bucs games, he has his pregame priorities in order: multiple beers while tailgating and significant time budgeted for preening at scantily-clad babes. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that from time to time Joe forgets to bring his sunscreen.

Sadly, Joe has never found any sunscreen for sale inside the CITS. This is not uncommon. Joe has tried to buy sunscreen at other NFL stadiums in the past. No dice.

Joe hasn’t been to too many college football games in the state of Florida. However, Joe does know that one can buy sunscreen at Doak Campbell Stadium, home of Florida State.

Now Joe knows this really isn’t a Bucs issue nor is it likely an issue for the Tampa Sports Authority, which oversees operations at the CITS. Rather, it’s a concessionaire issue.

One would think that a team, or the NFL itself, that expects fans to sit outside under the sun for three hours, specifically in Florida, that fans’ protection and health would be a concern. Why not require stadiums to sell suncreen — and make a profit in the process?

It just seems like such a no-brainer, especially in Florida, not to sell sunscreen at stadiums. It almost borders on irresponsibility. Imagine not selling bottled water or not having a police presence at games?

We always hope something good can come out of something bad. Let’s hope that the sad circumstances that have befallen the Cowher family will spur the NFL to require stadium concessionaires to sell sunscreen at games.

11 Responses to “Why Can’t Fans Buy Sunscreen At The CITS?”

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    No cops at the stadium is not irresponsibility(I have never seen a riot at a bucs game nor should my tax paid police force to be used instead of private security). No water at the stadium is not irresponsibility(so long as the stadiums don’t ban bringing in your own water, which they do, there for it is their responsibility to provide free water ie water fountains which they do). No sunscreen at the stadium is not irresponsibility(Last time I checked it is not against Raymond James’ rules to bring your own sunscreen). It is the peoples responsibility to be responsible for themselves. It would be a nice touch and I might buy if I forgot to bring my own, but it is certainly not irresponsible for them not to buy and sell that product.

  2. CalicoJack Says:

    Same reason you can’t get an asprin on an airline applies to sunscreen at stadiums…

  3. d-money Says:

    As soon as the people who run the concessions realize they can sell it at a 400% mark up it will be there.

  4. McBuc Says:

    Mauha Deeb…There are cops there, but that kind of duty is paid for by the organization not the tax payers. The officers love to do these type of activites becasue they get paid outside their usual salary to protect. This is the same as a church that hires a policeman to direct traffic on Sunday morning…that does not come out of the tax payers money either. I have never been to a game where I did not see a cop.

  5. Joe Says:

    As soon as the people who run the concessions realize they can sell it at a 400% mark up it will be there.


  6. blackmagic00 Says:

    Any camp reports today?

  7. Pete Says:

    Uh OK, I’ll be dumb. Why are you calling the Ray Jay CITS? =:o/

  8. dum Says:

    Maybe they should sell deordorant and toothpaste as well, for those poor souls who don’t know any better.

  9. Joe Says:


    The CITS.

  10. nukepineisland Says:

    Joe, Using sunscreen can actually cause cancer.
    most sunscreens only block UVB rays which cause sunburn and in the longterm , some skin cancer. but they do very little to filter out the longer UVA rays , which also trigger skin cancer ( in fact UVA is probably more likely to do so). In other words while you are prevented from being fried like a lobster, other rays that cause serious long term health problems are pounding your skin unabated.
    Often, wearing sunscreen only makes things worse, because people tend to stay outside longer when they think they’re protected by coconut scented body armor. Thus they drink up more of the killer UVA.
    And lets not forget that it’s absolutely crucial for us to get vitamin D, which is formed when our bods are exposed to UVB, the very wavelength being stopped in its tracks by sunscreen. Among other things, D protects against some cancers, including breast and colon.
    To drive another nail into sunscreen’s coffin, be aware that when you use it, you’re smearing loads of chemicals, some toxic, onto the skin, which drinks them up like soda and pipes them right into your body.
    So what’s a sun worshipper to do? Ditch the lotions altogether. Spend small amounts of time in the sun until your skin aclimates and you’re able to stay exposed longer.(not hard to get up to in FL) an hour a day- without turning red. If you have to be outside longer, use clothing and things like beach umbrellas or large hats to keep excess rays of the skin.
    Dr. Joseph Mercola boils it down: ” The key is to never burn.”

  11. topdoggie Says:

    I actually considered trying to pursue selling small tubes of sunscreen that can be hung around the neck. At Nascar, football, OzzFest etc. there was never any available. I have heard quite a few people inquire about buying some. In the excitement to get to the events there are hundreds if not thousands who forget to bring some. I am always kind enough to share. Maybe a media type, hint hint, can suggest this to the Bucs.