Who Are The Surprising Bucs Players Thus Far?

August 7th, 2010
Just by reading the comments on this very site, Joe knows who fans believe are the surprises in training camp and who may be the disappointments.

But let’s hear and see the perspective of a couple of guys who are paid to be there and give inside knowledge. They would be Anwar Richardson and Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, who spell it out in the latest TBO Bucs vlog.

In this agreeable and entertaining video, the Tribune duo isn’t exactly agreeing on who has surprised and who has disappointed.

Bucs fans won’t be disappointed in the content of the vlog.

12 Responses to “Who Are The Surprising Bucs Players Thus Far?”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Well Joe that VBlog has been their best so far this young season. It approached a minimum level necessary to fit with the other quality Bucs news here at JBF.com.

    It kinda made me think: would that be something like JimBuc and Eric talking about the Bucs on the blackout tour?

  2. Patrick Says:

    I live in Texas so I’m way far away from all the Bucs action. Has Earnest Graham been getting a good or at least a fair amount of carries in practice??

  3. Hunter Says:

    Hey why do you have a picture of Benn when the caption reads Mike Williams?

  4. Joe Says:


    Graham is currently penciled in as the Bucs starting fullback.

  5. Not A Rocket Surgeon :P Says:

    Roy Cummings is a visionary… who knew?… lol

    Benn has picked it up in camp and bet he’s on the next video blog…

  6. Patrick Says:


    I know that but isn’t he supposed to get some carries this year?? And I’m thinking that he has to at least be the # 3 RB behind Ward right? Considering how talented of a runner he has proven to be, they’d be nuts not to let him have a role in the running game.

  7. Bucman22 Says:

    @Patrick…Graham has been doin well at camp but don’t expect to see to many carries from him this yr..Huggins and peanut r fightin for the third back spot and Kareem is ahead as of nowbe int to see if Huggins can make the final roster..do expect to see Graham catch the ball alot from the fullback position they seam to like that matchup w him in space from the fullback position….while this prob sounds a little crazy I’m actually quit surprised w the play of Cody Grimm, dude is a 7th rounder and iv seen him make multiple splash plays since camp started..just lookin at the kid u would prob laugh if u though the kid was on an NFL team..

  8. CharlieB Says:

    This vlog is horrible. There is virtually no substance to it. Old School’s breakdowns touch on all the players, including Benn, and these guys seem to have only read the highlights of camp. Kareem is a surprise because he was from Hofstra? Anyone who paid the slightest amount of attention to camp last year knew that Kareem stood out. Hell, Raheem said to the media that Kareem was the heart of the team. How would he be a surprise then? And Mike Williams was always going to be a boom or bust guy. Absolutely terrible. I can get more depth from the TBT.

  9. Hunter Says:

    Anwar Richardson is an idiot. Tampa needs better writers covering the team.

  10. DRB Says:

    Agreed. That was terrible. Those guys are both dorks.

  11. JimBuc Says:

    Mr. Lucky — the seat next to Eric is reserved for his Gruden blow up doll.

  12. jarrett Says:

    jimbuc ill look for the mark dominic and glazerboy blowup dolls to find you