“We’re On A Race To 10.”

August 10th, 2010

Former Bucs great and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp interviews Bucs rookie defensive tackle Gerald McCoy in this NFL Network video.

McCoy talks about a number of things including his roommate in training camp, what he feels his objective this year needs to be, hazing and who he looks up to for veteran leadership on the Bucs.

As for his rookie season, McCoy said the Bucs are on a “race to 10” wins.

6 Responses to ““We’re On A Race To 10.””

  1. Jim Mora Says:


  2. Honky Says:

    This is the NFL, folks. ANYTHING can happen.

  3. Joe Says:

    This is the NFL, folks. ANYTHING can happen.


    Don’t listen to Marty Mornhinweg.

  4. oar Says:

    Honky, You might be right. All it takes is an pre-school schedule, a ton of luck, and a whole lot of imagination!

  5. justin Says:

    “Play offs? Play offs?!? You talking about play offs ?!?!?!?! Were just tryin to win a game here”

  6. eric Says:

    That has to be ten wins spread out over the next three seasons.