Wake Up, Vacation Man!

August 16th, 2010

In 2008, Joe gave Pat Yasinskas, NFC South beat writer for BSPN.com, the nickname “Vacation Man.”

There was a simple reason: Yasinskas was a scheduled guest on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show to talk all things Bucs a couple of days after the Bucs-Cowboys game that season. And Yasinskas proceeded to get on the air and say he didn’t watch the game.

Joe was stunned, and Joe was even more stunned that he agreed to be interviewed as a Bucs expert after missing a game.

Today, Joe has reached a new level of amazement with Vacation Man. In his assessment of Saturday night’s Bucs-Dolphins preseason game, Vacation Man wrote that Derrick Ward looked pretty good after 12 carries for 20 yards and two fumbles.

Speaking of Ward, who’s fighting to earn more carries, he looked good at times. He even was having a nice run on a third-down draw play, until he fumbled. Turning the ball over probably will wipe out the rest of the good stuff he did Saturday. The Bucs aren’t going to be a team with a big margin for error, so they’re not going to give a lot of carries to a guy who puts the ball on the ground.

Nice job, Vacation Man. Apparently this is yet another game you didn’t watch before you offered your expert opinion. Even a novice Bucs observer could see that Ward was horrendous and visibly frustrated and down on himself on the field. 

Vacation Man should be ashamed.

It gets worse.

Today, lending his expert opinion again, Vacation Man writes a story about Michael Clayton being on the bubble to make the Bucs’ roster. And Vacation Man goes on to tell us how Clayton can contribute on special teams and is a Maurice Stovall clone.  Huh?

Draft picks Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn are going to make the roster. So is Sammie Stroughter. Reggie Brown is a guy the Bucs traded for, and he’s got a roster spot as well. After that, there’s Maurice Stovall and a bunch of young guys.

That’s where it gets down to numbers. Stovall and Clayton are basically the same guy, and either one can help you on special teams. The Buccaneers likely will keep five or six receivers, and that begs one question: Do you keep Clayton as a No. 4, No. 5 or No. 6 receiver?

Since when is Clayton the same special teams player as Stovall, or any kind of special teams player?

All this latest Vacation Man genius comes on the heels of him and his Communist comrades at BSPN deleting part of his column last week that revealed Doug Williams to be very bitter at the Bucs organization.

Vacation Man is losing it. … Joe recommends a long vacation.

14 Responses to “Wake Up, Vacation Man!”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    The guy is a totally clueless idiot! I think he should quit his job- since he sucks at it, and move to Tampa. Once here, he could begin posting on JoeBucFan as a member of the ” Slow Squad”! There, his lack of knowledge and plan ignorance would not only be overlooked- it would be embraced as a great attribute! The Slow squad would welcome him as their smartest member, and I would have someone new to Fight With!! Speaking of which,where are you at ,JimBuc? We miss you!

  2. eric Says:

    Stovall is a memeber of the very, very large universe of players who are way better than Clayton. (Plant High and Jesuit included).

    RB needs to show a little something though.

    Also would be nice to see Benn snag a few against the Chiefies.

  3. big papa power Says:

    When god was handing out brains vacation man thought he said trains and asked for a slow one

  4. Joe Says:

    The guy is a totally clueless idiot! I think he should quit his job- since he sucks at it, and move to Tampa.


    Pat Yaz lives in Tampa.

    Full disclosure: Joe has met Pat Yaz twice, the last time as recently as January, both times in professional work environs. He seemed a very likable, pleasant fellow. Anyone who likes to talk Penn State football is Joe’s kinda guy.

    Then, we hear through a trusted second party, that Pat Yaz has stated he can’t wait for Joe to fold and go out of business.

    We’ve tried to reach out to him via email (he gave Joe his personal email addy the last time Joe spoke with him) to try to understand why he has such venom against Joe. If Joe wronged him, Joe’s man enough to right a wrong.

    Pat Yaz has never replied to any of Joe’s missives.

    Joe would think that someone with high character, if he felt he was wronged, would email Joe asking for an explanation. That has not happened. As always to any party, if someone believes Joe has wronged them, or been unfair, Joe not only offers an unedited forum for said party to reply, Joe will correct the wrong if Joe is actually inaccurate or unfair.

    Rather than reach out to Joe, Pat Yaz tells people how he can’t wait for Joe to go out of business, which means the many thousands of Bucs fans who visit this site daily have one less outlet for them to express their thoughts and gain information.

    Joe just finds it difficult to believe that a guy in such a cushy gig working for an 800-pound gorilla would be that terribly insecure and/or thin-skinned.

    Joe guesses the aforementioned information speaks volumes about the guy.

    It’s quite sad and Joe is bummed out that a person that appears to be such a cool guy in person, maybe isn’t.

    Joe has absolutely nothing against Pat Yaz personally. Zero. Joe would love to talk football with him over a long pouring session deep into the night. Apparently, Pat Yaz had a lot of personal venom toward Joe.

  5. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Joe, he also said Clayton could provide insurance. LOL

  6. goodfellajay Says:

    he high on some good stuff

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah Joe that is both strange and sad. Wishing someone as benevolent as Joe to go outta business , without at least addressing you personally, seems really hateful. And it’s apparent by the articles you mentioned,that he isn’t on top of his job. World full of strange characters!

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I myself have had nothing but friendly exchanged with Pat, however, Joe, I would not worry much about it. Gossip is a powerful deceptor. It’s entirely possible that he never even said those things, but even if he did, you shouldn’t fret over it.

    Likely, Pat has some sort of relationship with PR or such, whom you are in competition with.

    You have a very solid site here, and I enjoy it 1000% more than I ever did any other Bucs-based website. And although we may not always agree, you are respectful in nearly all cases…and you are more like the common fan…which I love.

    As to Clayton and Stovall, I’d be happy if both were cut from the team. Clayton is an embarrassment, and Stovall may play well on ST, but so does half the roster. Each year, he makes a few key grabs late in the season and it seems to buy him another year.

    The way I see it, if everyone thinks we’ll lose anyway, lets go with fresh faces whever possible so long as it’s a potential step up.

    And frankly, although I like Styles, he’s 30 years old now. We need someone a couple years younger.

  9. Snook Says:


    Do you by any chance know how Pat landed that job with BSPN?

    I’d love to know because it seems there’s plenty of other people who are more qualified than him.

  10. Joe Says:


    Joe’s just disappointed in Pat Yaz. Again, the two times Joe has met him Pat Yaz was very kind to him. Then, Joe learns he’s going around saying he hopes Joe goes out of business. WTF? Then when Joe tries to reach out with an olive branch — again, he gave Joe his personal email addy — no response. WTF II?

    Joe has nothing personal against the guy.


    Do you by any chance know how Pat landed that job with BSPN?

    Pat Yaz has solid credentials. He once was a Bucs beat writer with the Tampa Tribune. Then, he left to cover the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer. So as far as knowing the NFC South landscape, he’s as qualified as any. Not too many guys worked covering the beats of two different division foes.

  11. Rican Says:

    Ward good? lol I’d like to think in fairly optimistic but there is no way anyone could have seen any good in his play. Joe is it possible you think that Spurlock gets that last WR slot and both Clayton and Mo get cut?

  12. Joe Says:


    Mo would keep his job before Spurlock. Spurlock just a return guy. Stovall plays many positions on special teams and is an OK, not great, receiver.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Ward did actually have one good run for about 10 yards I think, but then he blew it and fumbled.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I don’t really hate Stovall. He’s been a disappointment since 2006 when he came into the league, but him and Freeman seemed to connect with each other a good amount of times last season. He showed some promise and he is very good on special teams. I believe we have the best ST in the league right??? Or one of the best? We need to keep it that way.