Vincent “Will Start Against The Browns”

August 12th, 2010

This information didn’t appear on Rick Stroud’s Twitter account, and it wasn’t mysteriously deleted from his Twitter account after appearing in another publication, so it might be true.

During a live chat on yesterday, Stroud, the St. Pete Times Bucs beat writer, was asked why new left guard Keydrick Vincent wasn’t listed as a starter for the preason opener in Miami on Saturday.

Stroud told the questioner that he’s been told Vincent is already the starter against Cleveland on opening day.

The Bucs went with the returning starters on the chart for this first preseason game. Sabby was listed as the starting safety, but I don’t know if that’s going to be the case, either. He’s benefitted from the competition with Sean Jones. But Zuttah is the returning. My sources tell me Vincent will start against the Browns. He’s way more physical and fits what they want to do in the running game this year.

Joe’s not buying that Vincent is the starter already and, therefore that the preseason is a mere charade for Jeremy Zuttah.

Joe has written previously that Zuttah should be starting if he and Vincent perform similarly in preseason.

Bill Cowher, however, speaking on Sirius NFL Radio yesterday, likes what Vincent, his former player in Pittsburgh brings to the table.

“Keydrick Vincent will bring a mentality,” Cowher said. “This is a very young football team trying to implement some veterans in certain parts. You have Earnest Graham [at fullback]. Now on the offensive line, a guy like Keydrick Vincent gives them a veteran, a guy who’s been on winnng football teams.

“He brings a toughness in the running game from Carolina, Baltimore, and we had him in Pittsburgh. He gives them experience, toughness and a little bit of depth. These are three teams that really ran the football.”

56 Responses to “Vincent “Will Start Against The Browns””

  1. Jdouble Says:

    Zuttah can contribute much more to the team as a floater than a starter. He isn’t great at any spot, but he is decent at every spot, including center. His versatility makes him a better back up IMO.

  2. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Vincent starting is a minor nit.

    As a matter of fact, if he really is better, than this is a good thing. This story really has no merit for debate if you ask Javy.

    I am more concerned about the ‘other’ old guy. Barber.

    It’s too bad Dommy traded a 5th round draft pick to slide up a few picks for Benn.?.?.? Maybe that pick could have given us another CB.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry, but they signed Vincent to start at LG. He is very similar to Sears,whose absence really hurt the team last year. But I’m sure Zuttah will prove to be very valuable to the team. He is an intelligent and versatile young man!

  4. DRB Says:

    Joe, you keep saying Zuttah should start “if their play is even close during camp”…… that’s the thing, IT’S NOT CLOSE by most people’s accounts.

    Since Vincent arrived, we have heard nothing but praise in regards to his size, phyicality, demeanor, attitude,ect. Nothing about Zuttah.

    It seems clear to me that Vincent has already taken the job from Zuttah.

    So the whole ” if it’s close” thing in my opinion has already been determined by the coaching staff.


    I was also surprised that Huggins was behind Smith on the first depth chart.

    Perhaps the coaching staff is looking to name the winners of position battles after some live action during preseason, rather than making the decision based on early camp performance.

  6. eric Says:

    Using an experienced player for tougness, experience and depth?

    What a concept!

    Obviously, nobody has explained the plan to Mr. Cowher. Perhaps a Glazer boy can take him aside and explain that FA’s are “Fools Gold”.

    Next he will be saying something like bringing in a proven and experienced wideout for a young QB is a good idea!

    Somebody stop this man from embarrassing himself.

  7. McBuc Says:

    Cohwer built through the draft. And we do have Vincent, so I am not sure what you are trying to say. I know you want to shout from the mountain tops that we need more FAs in Tampa, well…here one is.

  8. Louie the HATER! Says:

    Again, if Vincent is so great, how come he was still available in July? This just seems too good to be true. Maybe it is?


    Good point Louie

  10. McBuc Says:

    He claims to have turned other teams down, but than again, he is the one saying that.

  11. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Eric, I’m gonna take you to task on this one.

    -We signed Jones at safety.
    -We traded for Brown at WR (although this could have been wasteful, but Dommy likes to trade draft picks… even though you’d think he’d be hoarding them since that is the grand plan)
    -We signed Vincent

    All those may become starters.

    So, what other positions do you want for free agency? BM would have costed many draft picks btw.

    But as far as free agents, who else did you want?

    I for one, think we could have done a little better at addressing the linebacker spot, maybe add a big name to challenge Geno, smallish, tackle missing Hayes. Give Ruud back up and competition. I love Black.

    I’m not sure who else we could have signed though.


  12. McBuc Says:

    Uh oh Javier…With the exception of the linebackers, and it is a small exception becasue I would not have been against the idea, We agree twice in one day! I gues the Snoop talk worked on me! LOL.

  13. Rican Says:

    Eric weren’t you just calling for Cowher as HC??? Lol you are truly unbelievable and comical lol

  14. bucsfan593 Says:

    I could do without eric on this web site. all i have to say Jaiver… is brandon marshel. if we wanted to devolope freeman without being cheap we would have gone and got that guy. i think we are putting too much stock into the projects and late round draft picks that we hope will turnout to be somebody. its rare. sometimes you just have to go out and get some big names thats what fans want to see, thats how you sell tickets. I would have even been happy with T.O. for a season just for someone for the defence to account for besides Winslow.

  15. eric Says:


    Well if you watched hardnocks last night, you would have seen Holmes make three sepctacular catches. Only fifth rounder for him.

    I disagree that two seconds for BM was too high. Having him in the lineup would ahve helped tremendously.

    Boldin would have also helped bring vet leadership to the wideouts.

    There’s some RFA’s.

    As for FA’s Dansby, Brown, Kaufman, and probably an experienced backup like Bulger or Garcia.

    Plus, draft a DE in round two, not another DT.

    Lastly, since I have GM responsibilities, can Rah and have Mr. Cowher coaching.

    Mix it all together, we have a Division Title within our grasp rather than praying for 6 wins.

  16. Javier n Wimauma Says:


    That sounded like your dream moves for the Buccaneers through your PS3 Madden franchise mode.

    In order for the Bucs to acquire those guys they would have had to overpay. Any of those free agents would have just used the Buccaneers as leverage against other teams so to increase their asking price. The Bucs would have to had engaged in bidding wars and hence over paying for those guys.

    Trading 2 second round picks for BM is equal to trading Brian Price, A. Benn and a 5th round draft (Dommy!) pick for BM . And I actually like Brian Price right about now for our poor run defense.

    But I hear you though, you wanted them to bolster the depth at the very least.

    I tend to understand the reason they are letting rookies and young guys fill out the depth. The Bucs are literally establishing low expectations for a few years to try to build a young foundation. It makes sense, if it works.

    BUT, what i don’t like, are the people claiming it is a raging success when we haven’t even played a game yet. I mean what if we turn into an expansion franchise? Or what the Lions were over the last 20 years?

    And my thought, is so long as we have inexperience running the show, then we are far more likely to end up like the Lions.

    This is not the time to have a Raheem Morris type coach. We need a real coach.

    Another way to look at it is, what if the youth movement works, but we only end up as good as the Houston Texans, and although, finally and eventually solid, they are basically, just solid.

    What if Freeman ends up like a lot of the other deadbeat 1st round QBs?

    Too many question marks.

    Bill Cowher would make me re-new my season tickets however!

  17. Jdouble Says:

    Marshall is still recovering from hip surgery and is a bit of a question mark, plus he hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble yet…he’s been arrested atleast once every year since being drafted. Why on Earth are there still people saying we should have gone after him? Ii cost the Dolphins two 2nd round picks. In what world is an injured player with majot character issues, worth Brian Price and Arrelious Benn?

  18. eric Says:


    According to Dolphins sports talk radio in Miami, Mr. Marshall has been tearing it up down there in training camp. Hip is not an issue. Attitude has been exemplary.

    And, the deal was for a two this year, then one next year.

    So, one could have Brandon Marshal and Brian Price at the same time. I would prefer a DE, but Price could still be on the roster.

    Having a guy with proven 100+ catch 1000+ yards capabilities, and only 26, was too good to pass up IMO, with all due respect to Mr. Benn.

  19. oar Says:

    CaptTim and Eric, Off this subject: I noticed you guys had a bet this year from a earlier post this week. Winner/loser outcome being some sort of t-shirt deal? T-shirts? Very temporary! Why not make it last with tattoos?

  20. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    But Eric. The draft was so good that CaptTim decided to make a self-made you tube of how well the Bucs did with their draft picks.

    CapTim, come on man, the Shaky Heisman Pose?

  21. JimBuc Says:

    Aaron Sears was the type of guard the Bucs want, not Zuttah, even though he filled in reasonably well last year. If you look at most objetcive sources, Zuttah did not play well last year. That is, he played well for what he was asked to do, but not well overall for a starting guard on a team that wants to run. Just ask yourself if Zuttah compares favorably to a healthy Sears.

    The reason they did not draft a guard this year is because you can only draft so many players in a single draft. Guard is not a place where you spend premium picks and they had Zuttah, so the Bucs went with Zuttah hoping that he might bulk up (he did not) or work out (he does not appear to be) and full well knowing that they could pick up anther lineman or two (I bet they pick up another lineman as players start to drop off rosters) if needed. Zuttah has value because he is a good multi-position player, not a starting guard.

    Zuttah is no different that Sabby. The Bucs hope both work out, but because they might not, they have brought in veteran depth. If the veteran plays is it not “hypocritical” or “inconsistent,” it is a sign that the Bucs don’t think that much of the younger player. Not sure why everyone so readily accepts that with Sabby but not with Zuttah? I guess maybe because flawed safety play is more apparent than flawed guard play.

  22. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Please, “if you look at most objective sources, Zuttah did not play well last year.”

    You didn’t think you’d slip that past Joe.

    Please, find me someone who says Zuttah didn’t play well last year, and find me someone who said he did, in fact, play well. I don’t think you’ll find either.

    And you’ll get bonus points for anyone actually saying either of those during last season.

  23. JimBuc Says:

    Eric = king of fantasy football.

    The Bucs downward fall from the 2002 season was the net result of doing exactly what Eric repeatedly advocates: trading away premium picks. Worse yet, if you look at the model the Bucs followed to have their longest period of competitiveness, they not only placed a premium on draft picks they also placed a premium on character. How silly is it that on the day Brooks announces his retirement, Eric is advocating not only for trading away premium picks (used to get a guy like Brooks) but to do so to acquire hoodlums and thugs? Ridiculous.

    Given that the history is right there for all to see — a decade or more of competitiveness built through the drafting of character guys — how can anyone, even some one as biased and angry as Gruden-loving Eric — suggest that the Bucs erred by not giving up picks for Marshall, Holmes and Boldin. Yeesh.

  24. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, not trying to slip anythign by you, already posted this, but since you asked:

    Only one guard – out of 84 players – gave up more pressures than Zuttah last year, and he was ranked 79th overall.

    Bottom ten guards

    Name Team PBP
    Ben Hamilton Denver Broncos 6.07
    Mike Williams Washington Redskins 5.9
    Daryn Colledge Green Bay Packers 5.31
    Floyd Womack Cleveland Browns 5.19
    Mike Goff Kansas City Chiefs 5.14
    Manuel Ramirez Detroit Lions 5.11
    Chris Morris Oakland Raiders 4.89
    Eric Steinbach Cleveland Browns 4.68
    Todd Herremans Philadelphia Eagles 4.66
    Jeremy Zuttah Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4.65

    Joe, Zuttah, who is more suited to be a center, did OK filling in for the Bucs at guard, but he is not a starting guard in the NFL. As I said before, just ask yourself whether Zuttah on his best day is equal to a health Aaron Sears? No way, right?

  25. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – This is one stat, unofficial. You can spin the stats anyway you like. The folks at STATS, used by ESPN and other outfits, have Vincent giving up a much higher percentage of sacks than Zuttah.

    Again, you won’t find anyone saying Zuttah sucks, or that he played great last year.

    The Sears question is not relevant

  26. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, you said:

    “Please, find me someone who says Zuttah didn’t play well last year, and find me someone who said he did, in fact, play well. I don’t think you’ll find either”

    I just did and it is credible source. Pro Football Focus uses the same metric to evaluate all players at the same position over an entire season. Zuttah scored very low, in fact one of the worst guards in the league in 2008. Not just on pressures either, overall.

    By the way, I did not say Zuttah sucked. PFF says that, but I did not. I said he was out of position and, in the NFL, only a backup guard.

    Strange Joe that you seem to have lost all your objectivity on this issue. Think about it, you have posted numerous articles critcizing the Bucs for possibly playing Vincent over Zuttah. The PREMISE of each of those articles is that Zuttah should play if he performs near as well as Vincent. Well, DUH. That is an OBVIOUS premise. So, why is it that you seem unwilling to accept the alternative to the very theory you espouse? Even when I provide you with an objective source. (Its not like they applied a different formula to Zuttah then avery other guard)

    You seem unwilling to even accept for a moment that Zuttah might not be that good. Why is that? In any event Joe, but pretty sure the Bucs are in a better position than you or I to determine if Zuttah is good or bad. If Zuttah beats hom out, he plays. In fact, as you suggest, if he even plays CLOSE, Zuttah plays, right? Well, we all know you think Zuttah is great, but what does it tell us that Vincent appears to be in the lead?

  27. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – You’ve lost your mind. Joe has not “lost objectivity.” Please don’t make stuff up.

    ProFootballFocus? Please. Don’t insult the readers here.

    OK. You think these ProFootBall Focus stats say that Zuttah sucks. That’s very nice. But you can’t find any football man who has said it. And you surely can’t compare Vincent and Zuttah playing in two different systems.

    Joe thinks the offensive line was poor last year, outside of Penn. Lots of reasons/excuses.

    All Joe has ever done is point out that Zuttah’s alleged poor play is very exaggerated, almost feels fabricated, and Zuttah should play if he’s close to Vincent because that fits “the plan.”

  28. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, not going to clog up your wesbite, but here is another source. Now this is as a unit, but look at the Bucs guard play compared to the rest of the league. (You could even compare CAR guard play to TPA giard play if you wnat a direct comparison:

    Again, not saying Zuttah is bad, just saying that he did not perform well. Not sure why that is even controversial. The Bucs were one of the worst running teams on the planet. (Oh, and Vincent comes from one of the best)

  29. JimBuc Says:

    Joe said:

    “All Joe has ever done is point out that Zuttah’s alleged poor play is very exaggerated, almost feels fabricated, and Zuttah should play if he’s close to Vincent because that fits “the plan.”

    JOE — why would the Bucs want anyhting other than for Zuttah to excel? “Exagerrated” and “fabricated” are you kidding? The Bucs want Zuttah to beat Vincent.

  30. JimBuc Says:

    “alleged poor play” — Joe, is Zuttah your little brother? What’s with the conspiracy theory? Look, it’s simple. As evidenced by Aaaron Sears (and now Vincent) the Bucs want a “road grader” type guard. Zuttah is not that and he did not bulk up over the offseason. That does not mean that Zuttah is bad, just different from what they want long-term.

    Joe, you are off the deep end on this one. I’ll leave you alone.

  31. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    {head banging against wall sound} Forgetting about all the other nonsense, Sears never played for this regime and the Bucs surely could have grabbed someone like him before last season, if they wanted this “road grader” type as you claim.

  32. McBuc Says:

    @Jimbuc…Joe is not a stat guy when it comes to football, he leaves that up to the baseball guys…At least one of the joes have said that before. I think he want you to find a TV, radio, newspaper, etc pro that has stated in either direction. I think the saying goes that if you aqre on O linemen and no one is talking about you, you are doing your job. Just sayin, you have to go after Joe with pro opinions, he is not an Excel fan and please do not convince him to be one…

  33. BamBamBuc Says:

    What I find interesting is that Zuttah was presumed to be the best suited to run the zone blocking scheme last year. He is built for it, he has the agility for it, he’s athletic enough for it. That’s what I heard during the offseason last year. He was supposed to step up and be one of our “best” linemen last year with the blocking change.

    Fact is, he did not get much mention at all (positive or negative) last year. He was pretty much invisible. The run game was non-existent (due to multiple factors), but it’s a sign that things didn’t work out as a unit. If he played the way most figured, his name would have been mentioned in a positive light very often, instead he was just 1/5 of a bad line.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ooo! Pick me! Pick me! I found a guy who said Zuttah didn’t play well last year! Me! The only really reliable source I know ! He didn’t play well, and to anyone who begs to differ, I can only inquire- weren’t you watching? It wasn’t a mystery. It was pretty obvious that Mr. Zuttah struggled at the LG position. But, he did play well at RG previously. He also has a lovely singing Voice! Just a wonderful, wonderful human being!! But a so -so left guard!

  35. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Joe, why do you stoop to JimmyBuks level?

    He is deliberately trying to bait you into a flame fest. He thinks that by arguing with you and pretending he is winning the arguement, that he is gaining a sense of empowerment over the editor in cheif.

    Come on, just ignore him, it’s actually sad that a commentator is trying his hardest to call you out.

    Get a life Jimmy and just talk about football. Stop trying to play mother hen of JBF.

  36. McBuc Says:

    No way, keep your posts comign JimBuc, I may not always agree, but it makes the site more entertaining…same goes for Capt Tim, BamBam, Eric, Javier, and everyone else on here…well maybe not that dude Joe slammed the door on this morning. Anyway, for all the great articles there was not much discusion today.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    McBuc- ahem brother, ahem!

  38. eric Says:


    I think they need you mediating the CBA problems.

    Either that, or you are a Fifth Grade School teacher.

    Always the voice of reason!


  39. JimBuc Says:

    First, not trying to convince Joe of anything. Just pointing out that his argument, which is, essentially, if Zuttah is close he should play, is not even an argument (yet many knuckleheads on here continue to debate it) because OF COURSE if Zuttah is “close” he will play.

    Second, you guys sure don’t hold Joe to a very high standard because no one here has commented on this statement by Joe:

    “All Joe has ever done is point out that Zuttah’s alleged poor play is very exaggerated, almost feels fabricated, and Zuttah should play if he’s close to Vincent because that fits “the plan.”

    Not a single person noticed that comment? OK, let’s me spell it out for the slow set. Why in the ever loving world would the Bucs want to “exagerate” of “fabricate” Zuttah’s “alleged” poor play so as to put Vincent on the field???? Someone . . . anyone . . . even crazy Javier(RahDom) . . . explain to me why the Bucs would want to “exagerate” of “fabricate” Zuttah’s “alleged” poor play so as to put Vincent on the field???? C’mon now people, even the “slow set” and maybe even the conspiracy freaks should be able to see how dumb that comment is (sorry Joe).

    Do we all understand that the Bucs WANT Zuttah to be the guy, rather than Vincent. Why in the world would the Bucs want 30+ Vincent to be the guy and Zuttah to be a failure? Geez . . . anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    If Zuttah does not play it will be because he SUCKS (sorry Joe) and cannot beat out Vincent and, guess what, the Bucs will NOT be happy about that because they will have to spend another pick, develop a new guy etc.

    Man . . .

  40. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – You are assuming that Joe was referring to the “Bucs” exaggerating Zuttah’s alleged poor play. …This was not the case. Joe was referring to the Pewter fellows and several commenters here. …As far as “fabricated,” I wrote feels fabricated. That’s just how it feels, it’s so extreme.

    You’re going wild for no apparent reason.

  41. JimBuc Says:

    Not trying to pile on you Joe or any of you other dorks that are clearly struggling to think for themselves, but this comes from a report (by another outlet) on TODAY’S TRAINING CAMP:

    “With Faine out, Jeremy Zuttah got some action at center with the first-team offense. Zuttah looks much better at center where he can use his quickness and athleticism to double team tackles to open holes. Long-term a move to center looks like the best place for Zuttah in the NFL. While Zuttah was at center, Keydrick Vincent played at left guard.”

    In the words of the great scholar Homer Simpson: D. . . O . . . H!

  42. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, you are writing to counter the reporting of a “now-defunct print magazine?” Really? You think the “now-defunct print magazine” has an impact on the Bucs?

  43. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Joe’s bowing out because Joe has no time to finish this discussion, which makes no sense to begin with. Joe has little idea of what you’re talking about.

    This all started last week. Joe, as he wrote initially, simply thinks Vincent was a great signing as a backup who has played both sides of the line. Zuttah should be the starter if he’s nearly as good as Vincent, because that fits the Bucs’ plan.

    The Bucs’ brass, which dished out public criticism of many players last year, including Sabby The Goat, has not been critical of Zuttah. Yet fans and some media have basically blamed him for all that is wrong with the O-line, and even questioned his work ethic (Pewter Report and may commenters).

    Joe doesn’t buy that because there is no evidence from the Bucs.

    The Bucs learned their lesson last year with the Sean Mayhem debacle when it comes to center. The cerebral Zuttah was the preferred backup center but they had nobody to fill in at guard.

    Now Zuttah can fill in at center if necessary, thanks to getting Vincent.

    What happens next, we’ll all have to see.

  44. Jonny Says:

    You need someone that thinks Zuttah did not play well last year? ME!

  45. McBuc Says:

    Eric…LOL, not always, sometimes I start it, just ask Javier.

    Hey Capt, I gave you props in there. I am sipping on a Capt and diet as I right this. ARRR

  46. McBuc Says:

    I am pretty sure Joe has mastered the art if getting to respond and talk amungst our selves. All he has to do is add one sentence at the end of an article and we all start cirling like sharks. I bet the two Joe’s kick back with some Kay Brew and get a good chuckle at times. That is what makes this site so much fun.

  47. Spirit of '76 Says:

    I also stated weeks ago that Zuttah was not a starting quality weakside guard. His best position may very well be center and unless/until something happens to Faine, he can be our 6th man for the O-line.
    Vincent will start and Zuttah be our super-sub. And we will draft O-line next year. I’m good with this.

  48. JimBuc Says:

    Faor enough Joe. Last comment on the subject.

    JOE : “The Bucs’ brass, which dished out public criticism of many players last year, including Sabby The Goat, has not been critical of Zuttah.”

    JIM: Not true, if you believe the reporting of at least one other outlet. You do not. Fair enough.

    JOE: Joe doesn’t buy that because there is no evidence from the Bucs.

    JIM: What do you call Vincent? (That’s what I don’t get? You don’t accept Vincent as evidence, you will only accept a public statement? Joe, why is Vincent being here not evidence? )

  49. admin Says:

    Joe here –

    JimBuc – The Bucs have not been publicly critical of Zuttah, as they have been with Sabby, and many other players have received both positive and negative public critique last season, but not Zuttah.

    Vincent being here is not evidence against Zuttah. The Bucs, in their minds, had no depth on O-line. Vincent is here for depth. … Xavier Fulton is completely out the picture now, a fifth round pick from last year. He’s not even No. 2 on the depth chart. ….They brought in Mahan last year off the scrap heap rather than use Jonathan Compas, who was on the roster at center and is still here. When Vincent was signed, Donald Penn was in question, which thinned things out even more. Vincent like Zuttah can play both sides.

  50. JimBuc Says:

    “Vincent being here is not evidence against Zuttah.” ????????

    Joe, when you go to the office one day and see that the other Joe has brought in a new employee “for depth” and then you notice that the new employee happens to be a journalist, call me because we might want to talk about what you are missing. 🙂

    Vincent is a guard Joe. He did not come here to compete with Davin Joseph. I am pretty sure that Zuttah see Vincent as evidence of the Bucs displeasure with him. LOL. In fact, he probably thinks about that every time he sits waiting for Vincent to finish reps with the 1st team.

    You’re a funny guy Joe.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    McBuc- exchanges like this make it all worthwhile, lol! Ya can’t beat it! Thanks for the props 🙂

  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    I was watching Carolgina play the Ravens a little while ago and I think they miss Vincent already.

  53. JimBuc Says:

    Yesterday no had ever said anything negative about Zuttah. Today Joes posts an article with Anwar Richardson reporting the opposite?

    David: Tell us about the left guard battle?

    Richardson: It’s a close battle. Coaches were not that happy with [Jeremy] Zuttah’s performance last year. That’s not a surprise. Keydrick Vincent brings a dimension to this team, mean, nasty, “We will run it on you,” throw the middle fingers up, we don’t care. He has that swagger and if he inserts his will and gets bullish, that caught the coaches’ eyes.

    Zuttah has stepped up. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Very close battle right now.

    Joe, remember to call me when the other Joe brings in a new guy for “depth.” 🙂

  54. Joe Says:


    Not sure what you are talking about. There was no “article.” This was a conversation Anwar Richardson had on WQYK-AM radio that Joe transcribed, which Joe clearly detailed for all to read.

    Maybe you should e-mail Mike Pepper and have him instruct his staff what not to ask Bucs reporters so your sensibilities are not offended.

    Richardson was asked a question by the host about the left guard position and Richardson answered.

    So now reporters are to text you to get your stamp of approval about how to answer questions, seriously?

  55. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — don’t run and hide, yesterday you dismissed the notion that the Bucs were unhappy with Zuttah as an “exagerration” and said it “feels fabricated”. You also said there was “no evidence” that the Bucs were unhappy with Zuttah. Now Richardson states the opposite and your response to me is to take issue with my use of the word ‘article’? Joe, Joe, Joe . . . weak.

    By the way, know Mike (you call him “Pepper”), but no reason for me to call him. He has not done anything so not even sure what you are talking about, other than more deflection. Weak Joe, weak.

    How did Richardson answer Joe? By saying the opposite of what you said yesterday, right? That was the point, but I am guessing you know that.

    Hey, why isnt this discussion going on on the more recent post instead of back here?

  56. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – (The other Joe wrote to you last time and wasn’t up to speed on this thread) Richardson saying this does not qualify as it doesn’t come from the Bucs. He hasn’t written about it with a source, and we haven’t seen it coming from the Bucs in any kind of news conference. Joe’s closing the comment on this now because Joe doesn’t have the energy to deal with you insults.